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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts – A wedding anniversary is an annual moment for married couples to celebrate the date of their wedding. However, it’s a special day for the couple. Moreover, it’s a day that brings back memories of the happiest day of their lives. Therefore, wedding anniversary gifts are one form of love expression to celebrate and cherish the marriage years together.

There is a tradition and belief that you choose your wedding anniversary gifts based on this tradition. For example, 25 years of marriage is called a silver wedding anniversary, so you choose a wedding anniversary gift made from silver. Although, there are certain items and names for how long your marriage is. For instance, 50 years is a golden time, 60 years diamond anniversary and 75 years is a platinum anniversary. The name of some anniversaries provides guidance for wedding anniversary gifts in western culture.


For modern wedding anniversaries, gifts are usually clocked for the first anniversary, silver jewelry for the 25th anniversary, or gold jewelry for the 50th wedding anniversary. For an easy and modern wedding anniversary gift, perhaps giving a card with something personal can be a solution. Here are some tips to have a personal anniversary card:

For your friends

“Happy anniversary, you old man!”
“Always knew you two have something personal”
“I hope your next decade will be even happier than your first”
“Another year, another great journey. Congratulation!”
“You’re stories are cool!”

For your own wedding

“Happy wedding soulmate. Thank you for your support and love.”
“Love you dear pumpkin. Every day I love you.”
“Really grateful that God gives you as my lovely husband.”
“Being your wife is the greatest thing that happens in life.”
“Thank you for being my best friend in life and-hopefully- life after death.”

For your parents

“You both are teaching me how love should work. Thus, happy anniversary, parents!”
“Each of you is so special, and together, you’re just extravaganza.”
“Just thinking how blessed life is to have parents like you. Therefore, congratulations!”
“Your loving commitment to taking care of us, showing me how parents should do. Love you both till the end of time!”
“Thank you for teaching me how love should work!”

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