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Why Sunscreen is important for Skin Care

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Sunscreen for the body should have a wide spectrum of action, helping to avoid redness, allergic reactions, pigmentation, and early aging of the skin. However, good products are enriched with organic and mineral components that prevent tightness, dryness, and irritation.



Sunscreen protects our bodies from UV rays. Additionally, it protects us from tanning and freckles. It prevents premature aging.
Perhaps like any cosmetic product that needs to be applied to the skin, sunscreen comes in several varieties. Therefore, depending on the characteristics of the dermis, comfort, and personal preferences. However, you can choose the most suitable one for each family member.

Types of Sunscreen

A sunscreen is based on two types: chemical protection and physical protection.


The active components of the chemical type penetrate the upper layers of the dermis and absorb ultraviolet light, releasing heat. But preventing it from penetrating deep into the cells. Therefore, sunscreen forms a layer on our body then no dust particles and harmful rays affect our skin. However, by using sunscreen you can easily take a sunbath.


Physical substances are not absorbed into the skin and form a film on the surface that reflects sunlight. Therefore, products with physical substances are quite dense and remain on the skin, which can cause discomfort. However, filters of this type (most often zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) are considered safer and non-toxic. Above all, sunscreen plays an important role as a skincare product.  It can lower the risk of skin cancer.

Which rays affect Skin

There are two types of rays that affect the skin.
1. UVA penetrates the skin relatively deeply, forms aggressive molecules (free radicals), damages the skin, and disrupts the normal functioning of its cells. However, according to some reports, type A rays can cause skin cancer. Also, they are equally dangerous for people with different skin colors.

2. UVB penetrates to a shallow depth but can damage the DNA of cells, causing mutations, and oncological diseases (primarily melanoma). However, these rays cause a burn on the epidermis. Therefore, the lighter the skin, the more dangerous such rays are for it.

SPF level

SPF is a sun protection factor. Moreover, a wide range of SPF is present in Sunscreen. Therefore, sunscreen is helpful and prevents our skin from different harmful radiations. Because, for a more reliable level of ray filtration, you need to purchase creams with SPF 30 or SPF 50 indicated on the package – these are the highest levels. However, for delicate children’s skin, many manufacturers “by default” choose only them and for those people who have darker skin tone, protection may be lower. For example, its standard level is SPF 15 or SPF 20. Therefore, SPF  is used to protect your skin and make your skin smooth.

Texture of Sunscreen

Sunscreen formats include lotions, creams, gels, sticks, and sprays.
1. Creams are best suited for dry skin on the body and the face in general.
2. Gels are good for areas with hair, such as the scalp or male chest.
3. Hard sticks are good to use around the eyes and lips.
4. Sprays are sometimes preferred by parents as they are easy to apply to children’s skin.

How to use face Sunscreen

When choosing the right product, you need to take into account age, skin condition, life activity, and the level of ultraviolet radiation in the place of residence. Above all, this type of skin gives a hint when choosing the ideal protection option. However, dry skin requires moisturizing – a cream is suitable for it. For normal skin, a balanced product in the form of milk or emulsion is sufficient. Sunscreen gels will not clog problem skin. Therefore, the spray is well suited for adults and children, but such a remedy is contraindicated for allergy sufferers.

Before using the drug, you need to study the rules. However, natural extracts that make up citrus fruits, and honey, can provoke an allergic reaction. Also, Cheaper options on the market have oily substances, which is unacceptable for problem skin. Because Aloe vera and glycerin are included in formulas that provide extra hydration. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen daily because it prevents your skin from different harmful effects. Additionally, sunscreen is also helpful in skin care conditions, especially in acne-prone skin.

Tips for correct application

1. Sunscreens are applied exclusively to clean the dermis. When applying makeup, this rule is preserved.
2. Cosmetologists do not recommend using self-prepared creams. They do not allow you to determine the level of protection.
3. A drug that has two protective factors – short and long rays, is more effective in use.
4. Update the tool every 1-2 hours. After contact with water, the sun protection layer should be renewed.


5. Problematic skin is not suitable for waterproof preparations. They clog pores and cause inflammation.
6. Children’s faces need constant protection from the sun. But you need to use products with a lightweight texture.
7. The need for mature skin for intense hydration is provided by special sunscreens with nourishing, rejuvenating components.

How to remove sunscreen

When you use sunscreen to prevent your skin from ultraviolet rays it makes the skin oily. You can wash off the sunscreen with chemical filters like any moisturizer – with water.  The first is oil &  balm and the second is a foaming cleanser that is used to remove sunscreen. You can easily wash off your sunscreen by using any cleanser that contains surfactants.

Top 10 Best Sunscreen

The top 10 best sunscreens that are present the given below:

1. Biore UV Aqua Rich

This facial essence is perfect for mature skin.  This Japanese cream has been in demand for quite a long time. It contains hyaluronic acid, citruses, and royal jelly. The combination of substances that best affects aging skin, moisturizing it and making it healthier. It is better for our skincare.


2. Anne Moller

The Spanish brand has presented fans with an ultra-light facial fluid with a double effect. The product protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation while providing a healthy and beautiful tan. It contains vitamin E and minerals that activate the natural defenses of the epidermis and delay the aging process.

Anne Moller

3. Belita

The product of the Belarusian manufacturer has a high protective factor and is suitable for prolonged exposure to the sun. It is also worth buying for people with very fair skin and those who burn quickly.
Light texture, composed of organic and mineral filters, protects against UVB and UVA radiation. Of the additives – vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba. The product perfectly moisturizes and protects against photoaging.

4. Australian Gold Sunscreen Tattoo Stick

As you know, ultraviolet not only provokes burns, dryness, and photoaging but also contributes to fading of ink. With the help of novelty, it is easy to avoid this problem and preserve the brightness of tattoo colors. The pencil contains a mixture of sunscreen ingredients and shea butter. This Australian sunscreen helps in removing wrinkles on your face.


5. Bioderma Photoderm Apres-Soleil

This cream not only protects from the sun but also makes the skin more beautiful due to the tonal effect. Great for sensitive types with capillary vascularity or redness tendencies. As part of a patented formula that relieves inflammation and redness. After applying the product, the face looks well-groomed and smooth, small irregularities are hidden. In texture, it is more like a fluid, and the universal shade will adapt to any tone. The tool masks small imperfections quite well but leaves behind a slightly greasy finish.

Despite the tonal effect, the product will not remove too noticeable imperfections, because its main purpose is sun protection and not the correction of pimples and redness. And with the function of protection against photoaging, he copes with 100%.

6. Maybelline Dream BB Fresh

It copes with several tasks at once: it evens out the tone of the face, moisturizes the skin throughout the day, masks redness, and also controls oily sheen while giving the skin a light and delicate glow. Do you know this product protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays? It gives a fresh look to our faces and removes all the dark circles around our eyes.


7. Sunscreen SPF 50

Sunscreen promises protection for up to 12 hours, including against UVA rays, with a high degree of RA +++. Suitable for all skin types.
Moreover, the product has a caring effect. Arbutin and adenosine in the composition have anti-aging properties. The cream whitens, brightens the skin, and moisturizes. Has a waterproof effect. Alternatively, it can be used under makeup.

Users like the light, pleasant texture of the cream. It lays down on the skin without white traces and does not leave a feeling of tightness and stickiness. Girls praise its sunscreen properties, after application, the skin is soft and moisturized. The volume is 70 ml, subject to use for the body is not large.

8. Eveline Sun Cream

It is a high-quality cosmetic, developed based on natural ingredients and natural oils. However, the Eveline Sun series of tanning products include foams, lotions, and gels that allow you to achieve a bronze skin tone. Also, it helps safely and carefully, neutralize the negative effects of the sun’s rays.


Eveline Sun Cream is a hypoallergenic waterproof cream containing a complex of vitamins and other salts that soften and moisturize the skin. However, the product is based on natural thermal water, vitamins C, E, and B5, which have a caring effect. Therefore, the cream prevents sunburn, aging, and acne has a sufficiently high level of protection and does not cause skin reactions.

9. Vichy Sunscreen

A must-have for those who go on vacation to hot countries! However, this remains wet throughout the day. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Also invisible and soft on the face. However, it absorbs very quickly. Therefore, it is water and photo resistant.
It uses filters Mexoryl SX and XL, which form protection against UV radiation. However, unlike creams, this product from Vichy does not make the skin oily or cause discomfort.


10. Sun Bum 30 Sunscreen

The product contains UVA and UVB filters, effectively protecting against burns and photoaging of the skin.
However, the milk has a delicate, liquid texture, and is conveniently good with a spray. And becomes part of the skin. Therefore, it is easily absorbed into the skin. And the makers show that the product has a waterproof effect.


According to users, milk spray does a good job of protecting against burns, comfortable to use. Some note an unreliable atomizer. In the horizontal position of the bottle, the product is difficult to apply to the body.

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