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Why Serum is Best for Skin Care

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The facial serum format is not new, but many are still not sure that they are using this product correctly. However, we offer to fill gaps in knowledge. Also, face serum can be used twice a day. Therefore, apply a serum after washing your face and pat drying. If you are applying the serum at night, make sure not to layer too much. Because night cream or moisturizer forms a heavy layer. So it is important to apply either a serum or a moisturizer.

What are Serums

Serums are light, easily absorbed oil or water-based liquids that you spread on your skin. However, serums are antioxidants in their action, regenerating, regulating sebum, whitening, and vitamins, to fight acne. Therefore, it is a product that you can apply to your face after cleansing.


Features of Serum

The biggest advantage of serum is that it acts as a catalyst for the effectiveness of creams. Also by complementing the care with serum, you will increase the intensity of other products and, accordingly, see results first. However, some serums prepare the skin for cosmetic procedures, prolong its effect, and speed up the healing process. Therefore, the serum works well in joints – for example, antioxidant and moisturizing. Moreover, Serum cosmetic products are briefly targeted to solve a specific problem. Serum always has a very light texture and they are absorbed quickly. In most cases, serums are not thicker than water. Because of their lightness, they are often confused with fluids, but they are completely different products.


Types of Serum

Moisturizing face serum

Moisturizing is one of the most sought-after effects of concentrates. Here, a facial product with hyaluronic acid is excellent, it, like other hydro fixators, increases the level of moisture in the epidermis.


Serums with collagen stimulate its synthesis, as well as elastin in the skin, providing a lifting effect. Also, they fight wrinkles, “pushing out” them from the inside due to the same hyaluronic product.




In this case, the facial serum solves the main goal – an even distribution of melanin and a renewing effect. It increases the brightness of a skin tone.


The acids included in the serums act on the effects of acne and photoaging.

Free radical protection

This serum also protects us from different rays. However, it prevents you from harmful ultraviolet radiations and protects your skin from dust particles.

How to Use Face Serum

A great way to use a face serum is as a base layer used under your high products like moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup.

when using serum may help prevent discoloration, oxidative harm, dehydration, and premature skin aging and wrinkles. You could use a face serum a few times a day after cleansing and toning your skin. think of it because the step when you easy. How often you observe a serum on your pores and skin depends on your dreams. The palm indicates the guidelines to help you decide whilst to use face serum on your skin.


If you want to remove pigmentation then serums work best when applied in the morning. This helps protect your skin against environmental assaults and free radical production produced by light, including UV and high visible light.
If you want to remove aging then serums are best suited for nighttime. This allows the ingredients to work with your body’s circular rhythm for skin repair and turnover.
Serums for drier skin can be applied twice daily to help keep your skin moisturized.

Common Mistakes

The serum acts as an auxiliary agent that is applied before the cream, enhancing its effect. It acts as a conductor, carrying the beneficial ingredients of the cream into the deeper layers of the skin. 

Benefits of Serum

This product is easily absorbed into your skin due to its liquid form. It removes the appearance of mostly fine lines and wrinkles. This protects your skin from different harmful radiations like ultraviolet rays. It also increases the glows of your skin, gives you more accurate results as compared to other products, and increases the sensitivity of your skin.

How to Choose a Serum

You should choose a product to understand your skin type. If you have an oily skin type then you should select a product of salicylic acid and retinol. It is also helpful for acne skin types.
If you have a dry skin type then you should select a serum of hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. It is helpful to moisturize your skin. Normally glycolic acid is used to moisturize your skin tone and keep your skin fresh and charming. Ingredients are the main component in choosing a good product. The best product is helpful to protect you from harmful radiations and increase the glow of your skin.

If the skin is sensitive, then it needs moisturizers that will prevent moisture loss, as well as soothing serums. For example, these can be products based on thermal water, green tea, and olive oil.

Why Serums are needed in Care

The serum is a boost to moisturize your skin. It helps to protect your skin from free radicals. Serum can be applied daily to remove the signs of aging. Serums have different textures and it is in three form gel, oily, and watery. Serums nourish your skin and clear all the problems related to skin. This product is very helpful to remove wrinkles, dull skin, and pigments.

8 Best Facial Serums

1. Rejuvenating

A highly concentrated serum for anti-age care is ideal not only for those with fading but also for young skin to slow down the aging process. This product removes the age spots, smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, and reduces sagging. This product is made up of different ingredients.

Rejuvenating serum

By using this product your face looks rested and well-groomed. It is used for aging treatment. This product delays the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines on your skin tone. It is easily absorbed on your skin in 2 minutes. It reduces skin damage and early signs of aging. This product calms and soothes the skin. It keeps skin healthy with plant stem cells. This product is free of synthetic dyes and fragrances.

2. Ultra-moisturizing

It contains hyaluronic spheres capable of intensively and lastingly moisturizing any skin type. Serum compensates for the lack of moisture in the cells, replenishes lost volumes, slightly tightens the contours of the face oval, and corrects wrinkles. The serum helps reduce skin reactivity and increase resistance to negative environmental factors.

It prevents you from UV rays and increases the brightness of your skin. This product reduces wrinkles and increases the tightness of the skin. It also reduces the look of dark lines.

3. Regenerating face

The tool consists mainly of natural ingredients that penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis and solve problems locally. Serum fights discomfort stimulates regeneration processes and accelerates the healing of microdamage. It restores the optimal balance of moisture in cells and helps to reduce reactivity. Therefore, the product has a light texture and has a fairly economical consumption.

This product is free of fragrances. This product smoothly works over your face and neck.

4. Vitamin C

The serum reduces the number and severity of wrinkles, helps to lighten age spots, improves skin texture, improves firmness and elasticity, and evens out the microrelief. Also, a handy dropper dispenser allows you to accurately measure the right amount of product, so you won’t overload your skin. Therefore, this product is present in the form of a gel.

     Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C increases collagen production, which keeps your skin young and supple. However, the way vitamin C serum brightens the skin. Moreover, this product works hard to reach the top layer of the skin tone. Therefore, it helps remove the dark circles and wrinkles. Because it helps to protect us from different harmful radiations like UV rays.

5. Super Lift

The area around the eyes is very thin, sensitive, and ages the fastest. Skincare should be as gentle and gentle as possible, not every remedy is suitable. However, the formula contains highly effective natural ingredients that help solve several common problems. Therefore, the look returns to youth, former radiance, and a rested look.

This product smoothes the appearance of fine lines and removes the dark shades, and wrinkles on your skin tone. This product helps nourish your skin.

6. Triple Lift face 

The drug is ideal for aging skin with signs of aging, as well as the prevention of age-related changes. However, the product deeply moisturizes the skin and improves complexion. Therefore, it smoothes unevenness, returns a healthy glow, and starts regeneration processes. Because this tightens the oval of the face, restores the hydrolipidic balance, and improves firmness, and elasticity.


This product can be used in facial therapy. It can resolve all the skin issues like acne, wrinkles, and dark circles. This product gives you more hydrated skin and improves the visibility of your natural skin.

7. Moisturizing Face

The serum restores the hydro-lipid balance, reduces sensitivity, evens out the microrelief, tightens and strengthens the skin, smoothes mimicking wrinkles, and relieves peeling and feeling of tightness. The natural moisturizing factor included in the composition prevents moisture loss and maintains an optimal water balance. The skin becomes incredibly soft, smooth, and tender.

This product deeply nourishes your skin. It gives you a fresh look and improves your dry skin.

8. Face tightening

The concentrate consists mainly of natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the shape and condition of the skin. Serum strengthens the oval of the face, smoothes wrinkles, stimulates natural regeneration processes, increases its protection, and evens out skin tone. Also, this product contains soluble or insoluble fibers.


Face tightening serum

It increases the brightness of skin and visibly tightens your face.

What should not be in the Serum

We like cosmetics that look good and smell good, but in the case of a facial serum, dyes and fragrances will not only be useless but can even interfere with the absorption of the product. Therefore, choose only natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or colors!

How to store face Serum

For maximum effect, store products in a cool, dry place. If there are vitamins in the formula, then keep the serum in a dark place, direct sunlight is detrimental to its formula. And in this case, it will last longer.



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