Why Hair Masks Are Good for Hair

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To maintain the beauty and healthy shine of hair, as well as prevent hair loss, you need to regularly do cosmetic procedures. One of the most effective is applying a hair mask as well as preparing masks yourself from available natural ingredients.

hair mask

Hair Mask

Hair mask s a cosmetic product that is designed to moisturize, nourish, and saturate the hair with useful components. A professional mask can restore brittle, weakened hair to a healthy look, shine and softness, activate growth, and prevent premature hair loss.

Types of hair mask

Masks for damaged hair

The task of masks for damaged curls is to influence the structure from the inside, helping to restore, moisturize and smooth. It is great if such products contain tea tree oils, neroli, silk proteins, wheat extract, vitamins A and E. Such ingredients will give strength to the hair and fill it with life.

Hair masks

Masks for dry hair

Their composition often contain moisture retaining components, glycolic and hyaluronic acids, sorbitol, urea, chitosan. They also help relieve irritation on the scalp. Dry hair needs to be not only moisturize but also restore. Therefore, the composition must contain a complex of vitamins A, B5, E, trace elements, proteins and oils.

Masks for thin hair

Thin hair does not give enough volume to the hairstyle. It is good if the masks for this type of curls include special polymers that thicken the hair by enveloping the cuticle. Among the ingredients, substances that make up for the lack of proteins are welcome namely, various proteins and keratin.

Masks for colored and bleached hair

There are two types of masks for color hair that is tinted and colorless and supporting the shade. The composition of the latter includes, oils and antioxidants that soften, nourish, and restore curls. Such products also protect against UV rays and fading. If your hair is dyed, you can combine 2 types of masks. Tinting once a week and nourishing 2 times a week.

Hair masks

Masks against hair loss

Masks against hair loss will help stabilize the condition of the curls. It support them during a difficult period. Great ingredients in such products will be strengthening oils, burdock, calamus, thyme, spruce, cedar, or pine, as well as zinc, amino acids, provitamins, biotins, caffeine, and keratin.

Masks for oily hair and anti-dandruff

For this type of curls, masks with an antiseptic and components that reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands and increase the barrier functions of the epidermis are intended. For example, propolis, algae extract, clay, sea salt, zinc, activated carbon.

Hair growth masks

Ginger, mustard, pepper are present in masks for hair growth. It is also beneficial to increase the rate of hair regrowth extracts of blueberries, calendula, nettles, lingonberries, burdock, essential oils of basil, laurel, carrots, and patchouli, vitamins C, and group B.

Hair masks

How to Choose

When buying a care product, you should need first look at the composition. It should not contain components that can cause allergic reactions. Ingredients affect the rules of application. Oil base masks must be apply before shampooing and kept for about 40 minutes. The remaining products should be apply strictly after washing your hair. When choosing a product, it is important to choose a composition that is suitable for a particular type of hair.

How to use

  1. You have to choose the right shampoo for your hair type. Then apply and rinse it correctly.
  2. You should simply blot your hair with a soft towel to remove excess water. In no case rub it, so as not to damage it.
  3. Separate your hair into 3-4 layers before applying a mask.
  4. Apply the mask correctly. This will help the nourishing ingredients to better penetrate the cuticles and seal them for smoothness and shine. Allow about 30 seconds to apply the mask.
  5. The effect of using a mask will be maximize if you wrap your head in a towel.
  6. Let the mask soak in 2-3 minutes.
  7. It is very important to thoroughly wash off all the remnants of the product from the hair. So that their accumulation does not lead to excessive oiliness and does not make the hair dull and greasy.

Hair masks


  1. All ingredients use are of high quality and have a good shelf life.
  2. You need to be careful with masks that contain aggressive substances.
  3. It is better to apply a mask on wet hair. The ideal solution is to apply water from a spray bottle. It is best to wash the mask without using shampoo or similar products.
  4. You cannot use the same mask over and over again. As the body quickly becomes accustomed to the same ingredients.
  5. You should follow strictly the procedure of time. After a time, it can irritate or will be difficult to wash off.
  6. Before using a mask for thin hair, it is recommended to check it for possible allergic reactions.

Hair masks

Top 10 Best Hair Mask

1. Garnier Fructis Superfood Aloe

A thick creamy mask with a sweetish cosmetic aroma is easily distribute through the hair. It is easily absorbed by the porous structure. Superfood contains soybean, sunflower, coconut oils, aloe, and grapefruit extracts. This formula intensively moisturizes and softens curls, giving them smoothness, obedience, elasticity, and dazzling shine. A multifunctional product is apply to damp hair for 3 minutes and rinse off, or apply in small quantities as a leave in treatment. Due to the increase content of natural ingredients and the absence of silicones, Superfood Aloe will be appreciated by lovers of organics.

hair mask

2. Sunatoria Mask

It solves several problems. The main problem which is severe damage to the strands after constant exposure to chemical compositions of paints, styling devices, and UV rays. The multi component composition penetrates all layers of the hair, strengthening it from the inside. It creates a powerful barrier against damage. The main active ingredients are extracts of wheat and bamboo germs. They fill voids, thicken the keratin layer, and facilitate care after washing. Wheat germ oil provides all the necessary elements. The mask does not affect the color of dyed curls. It does not contribute to its accelerated washing out.

3. Kera Solutions

The Vichy brand has a solution for active and busy people who want to look great. A two minute restoring mask of Kera Solutions. A Light but nourishing gourmand scented treatment thickens, smoothes, fills, and softens dry and brittle curls in just 2 minutes. The product giving them strength to the very ends. The express restorer formula contains a high concentration of keratin and panthenol. It is  fill in damage areas and restore the hair cuticle. The tool does not weigh down the curls at all. So it is suitable even for caring a thin fluffy structure.

Hair masks

4. GARNIER Fructis SuperFood

The product oil has valuable properties that help eliminate several problems. It penetrates the deep layers, provides nutrition and hydration,. It smoothes the structure and gives radiance. A definite plus of the tool is the application in several ways. It can be applied as a mask, kept for 3 minutes, and rinsed like a balm. After shampooing distributing the composition on the tips of dry hair. However, they do not look dirty and do not stick together.

5. Elvive Dream

A thick cream with a captivating sweet aroma detangles and softens the curls already during distribution, turning them into a silken cloth. The active components of the composition are vegetable keratin, castor oil, proteins, and panthenol. It fill, tighten, smooth, nourish and moisturize the structure. Silicones in the formula protect fragile hair while combing and styling, giving it a dazzling shine. The mask perfectly restores damage and brittle strands.

6. Redken Diamond

It deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry, dehydrated hair. It eliminates split ends and restores the structure. The product gives a healthy, well-groomed look. After applying, they are easy to comb, do not electrify, become obedient, and fit well. The composition include differ oils.  They are smooth, give a mirror shine and saturate with nutrients. It compact  with thin hair and make it elastic. It protects against mechanical, chemical, and high temperature influences. Dyed hair retains the brightness of the color. The pigment is not washed out by water and does not fade in the sun. It is suitable for sensitive scalp.

7. Aroma Coffee

The product will prevent seasonal hair loss, give shine and silkiness to them. It contains extract of coffee and silk, vitamin E, as well as argan oils, Inca inchi, and keratin. They strengthen the hair follicles. It moisturize and nourish the scalp and hair, giving them density, smoothness, and silkiness. A thick creamy texture with invigorating coffee notes spreads over the scalp and length. The exposure time is 5 minutes. The mask is good for preventing hair loss and maintaining the health of the length, while not weighing down the curls at all.

8. BC Color Freeze Treatment

The masks give a brilliant shine, restores damaged hair after dyeing, smoothes give softness. A balanced composition that does not contain sulfates and other aggressive substances, acts gently and is suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergies. The product protects against chemical, mechanical and thermal effects, prevents color fading, significantly prolongs its brightness and saturation. It intensively fights brittleness and fluffiness, reduces the risk of a static effect. According to reviews, after use, the hair is not tangled, easy to comb, well-styled. For one application, a small amount is enough. The creamy texture envelops each hair without leaving a greasy effect.

9. Argan Oil

This mask will give a feeling of absolute cleanliness and freshness of hair and scalp. It contains charcoal, white clay, panthenol, minerals, coconut oil, and keratin, which have a detoxifying, renewing, absorbing, soothing, refreshing, moisturizing, and firming effect. As a result of using the mask, the activity of the sebaceous glands is regulated. The problems of dandruff, rashes, and itching of the scalp disappear. The keratin in the formula smoothes strengthens, and conditions the length. Apply argan mask on the scalp and length for 2-3 minutes a week. After a month you will get rid of the problem of oily hair.

10. Coconut Oil

It eliminates oiliness at the roots and dryness at the ends, softens coarse hair that has been permed and dyed with aggressive compounds. Hydrolyzed keratin, or cashmere extract, glues the cuticle scales and prevents delamination under the influence of thermal devices. It is the most valuable beauty component, which has a therapeutic effect due to the high content of amino acids. The tool has a high conditioning effect, disciplines fluffy and naughty strands. It additionally nourishes, prevents moisture loss, and neutralizes oxidative processes.

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