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Why Concealers are important for Face

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What are Concealers

Concealers area corrective tonal remedy for local use. However, it can be used to mask small aesthetic skin defects like dark circles under the eyes, acne, dark spots, spider veins, redness, and freckles. Also, they are used for contouring, eyebrow make-up, visual-lip augmentation, and lip primers. Therefore, the concealer can be used to correct makeup flaws.

How to Choose Concealers

Four factors are required in choosing a concealer.


Manufacturers offer a variety of concealer options. However, these are palettes with dry or cream products, sticks, and pencils. Although the choice of texture should be based primarily on ease of use. Because some people are more accustomed to applying the product in the form of a powder, others prefer to use a denser stick. Therefore, it also matters on which skin and for what purpose it is planned to apply the concealer.


It is not easy to determine at a glance which shade will look most natural on your skin. Therefore, many people prefer to purchase palettes in which several tones are combined at once. However, many manufacturers have a wide range of shades, so you can choose lighter or darker.


Skin type

The choice of concealer to a large extent depends on what type of skin it is intended for. Therefore, for dry skin, cream and solid varieties are more suitable, while oily skin should prefer dry concealers.


Concealers are composed of denser mediums. However, most products also contain care components. Therefore, these include salicylic acid, plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and minerals.

Types of Concealers


Liquid concealers are very popular because they are easy to apply and most importantly distribute evenly over the problem area. However, this is a good option to mask redness, age spots, and circles under the eyes. Therefore, owners of dry skin should be careful with liquid products, as they dry the skin, can emphasize wrinkles, and increase flaking.


Cream concealers are the most popular option. Also, they are easy to apply, and they lie well and evenly on the skin, allowing you to hide both points and larger defects equally well. Therefore, this creamy product can be applied in a thicker layer on a post-acne or pimple, or blended, for example, masking dark circles under the eyes.


Dry concealer in the form of a stick is best for correcting blemishes. But it is not suitable for masking spots, since it is difficult to shade them. However, this variety is most suitable for owners of dry and normal skin, and for those who have an oily or combination type, you should choose a more suitable option.

The pencils

A pencil can be called an analog of a stick but is designed for even more jewelry work. However, with the help of a concealer in the form of a pencil, point defects are masked, for example, single acne or spider veins. Because they are also indispensable if you need to correct the mistakes made when applying makeup.


Some manufacturers offer cushion-shaped concealers. These concealers are used to hide dark spots on our faces. At the end of the tube is a sponge in the form of a round cap. To apply the product, you need to press on the tube. According to users, a cushion is an ambiguous option.

How to select Color Concealers

Yellow Concealers

Means of yellow and orange shade perfectly neutralize the blue. Therefore, yellow concealer is indispensable to hide dark circles under the eyes, spider veins, hematomas, and purple spots left after injuries or skin diseases. However, another use for a yellow or apricot concealer is to freshen up dull skin with grayish undertones.

Purple Concealers

This is used to remove the yellow tones on your face. It can also help in glowing your skin tone.

Green Concealers

Green color, as you know, neutralizes all shades of red. Therefore, green concealer is indispensable for masking irritations and skin rashes. When applying this product, it is important to ensure that it does not go beyond the boundaries of redness, since it is very difficult to hide the green tint on healthy skin.

Pink Concealers

This product helps remove the red spots on your face. Pink concealer can be applied to areas where the skin color is greenish. For example, some women have exactly this shade of skin in the area under the eyes. In addition, pink can refresh the face when used as a highlighter.

Brown Concealers

For these purposes, choose a product that is a tone darker than the natural color of the skin. This product counteracts visible signs of aging. This is also helpful to remove acne or dark spots and boost your skin moisture level.

How to apply concealers?

You can apply this product with a brush, sponge, or fingers. The choice of tool depends on the texture of the tool and the preferences of the one doing the makeup. Some concealers come with an applicator or a brush, but using them is not always convenient.



Applying this product with a brush is quite convenient, the main thing is to choose the right size and shape of the tool. It can be a small flat brush with a beveled edge for small areas or a larger rounded brush for blending.


Many girls eventually become convinced that the most convenient option for applying concealer for them is with their fingers. By the way, some professionals use this method. The main thing is to distribute the product not with rubbing, but with patting movements.


Using a sponge to apply concealer is very convenient, especially when it comes to liquid and cream products. Experts recommend pre-wetting the sponge. A damp sponge absorbs less product and distributes it more evenly over the skin.

Top 10 Best Concealers

Facial concealers are an opportunity to get closer to the dream of perfect skin without flaws. Not every girl has an even skin tone without defects, and the modern rhythm of life, malnutrition, and polluted environment only exacerbate the situation. Do not despair, the beauty industry does not stand still and offers to use concealers.

1. Catrice Liquid Camouflage

The texture of the product resembles a light cream with a pleasant fresh aroma. The line includes a large number of shades that can be selected according to skin color. You should use this product on acne or dark spots and after using this product it can hide your face spots and give you a better look.


Camouflage Concealer

2. L’oreal Paris Infaillible

L’oreal Paris Infaillible is an innovative product capable of smoothing out all the unevenness of the skin in a few touches, giving it a healthy and radiant look. This product is helpful to hide your dark spots and wrinkles.


Infaillible Concealer

3. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip can be that magic tool that will allow you to create a gorgeous even skin tone at any time of the year. The product comes in a classic tube with a soft, comfortable applicator. The tool can cope with problems of any complexity, effectively correcting redness, rashes, blue circles, and other “charms” of lack of sleep and an irregular working day.


Perfection Tip Concealer

4. Artistry Exact Fit, Amway

The concealer blends wonderfully and is easy to apply. This product removes the dark spots and aging. Mostly you can use this product in makeup. This product gives you the perfect look and it matches your skin tone.


Amway Concealer

5. Art-Visage Miracle Patch

The concealer has a compact tube of transparent color and a brush for applying the composition. The quite laconic simple design resembles a beige lip gloss. Be careful, the limiter practically does not hold back the intake of funds, there is too much of it on the brush. Concealer from Art-Visage has a rich palette of shades, and choosing the perfect tone is not difficult. The tool is well in shades, and masks imperfections.

Miracle Patch Concealer

6. Essence Stay natural

The product has a liquid texture, does not flow, and keeps its shape. Therefore, the line offers us to choose one of four basic shades. However, the main advantage of the product was its completely weightless texture and the most natural shades.


Essence Stay Natural Concealer

7. Benefit

The manufacturer indicates that the product will say “No!” spots, blue circles, and redness, and will allow you to model the perfect face without flaws. Therefore, the concealer has a thick texture and is easy to apply. For application, it is better to use a special brush, it helps to achieve uniform coverage. However, the tool does not dry, does not emphasize peeling, and is slightly visible on the skin due to its dense composition.

Benefit Concealer

8. BeYu Light Reflecting

It is an effect that hides minor defects and signs of fatigue on the skin. Also, Light-reflecting particles in the composition of the corrective substance fight against skin irregularities, and mask traces of fatigue and lack of sleep, which overshadow the appearance of women.


BeYu Light Concealer

9. Instant Clarins

Instant Clarins is the magic tool that will help you become a real prom queen! Also, it adapts to skin color, is invisible on the skin, and perfectly moisturizes the area around the eyes. Therefore, this product is used to remove the signs of fatigue. It can help in restoring a natural skin tone to the undereye area. However, it is long-lasting and a fluid texture blends flawlessly and smoothes eye contours.

Instant Concealer Clarins

10. Clinique Airbrush Concealer

Clinique Airbrush is a compact concealer pencil that is always ready to help you out in difficult times. Therefore, with this amazing product, you can forget about wrinkles and darkening forever, and reflective elements scatter light on the surface of the skin.


Clinique Airbrush Concealer

Mistakes when applying Concealers

Main mistakes that are present in given below:

  1. Wrong choice of concealer shade.
  2. Applying concealer under the tonal tool.
  3. Applying a large amount of the product in a thick layer.
  4. Use concealer instead of foundation.
  5. Applying the product exclusively to the problem area and insufficiently thorough shading.



The use of concealer is an important component of high-quality makeup. Therefore, the proper application of a properly selected product allows you to visually hide existing imperfections. However make facial features more harmonious, and make-up more expressive.


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