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Which Nail Polish is best for Nails

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A beautiful girl is made not only by a hairstyle, cosmetics, or outfit but in general a complete image. And this is impossible to imagine without neat hands, decorated with a manicure. Today, there is a huge selection of varnishes to choose from. Of all the variety, you need to be able to choose only the best for yourself, so that the nails not only look spectacular but also the nail plate feels comfortable. To do this, it is worth figuring out how to choose a good nail polish.

Classification of nail polish

The general classification of nail polishes looks like this:

  1. Basic –a transparent base for leveling and nourishing the surface.
  2. Colored –decorative coating.
  3. Fixer (top) applied as a top layer for protection and stable fixation of the color layer, for quick drying.

Benefits of Nail Polish

  1. Easy to apply. You can distribute the substance over the nail with the brush included in the kit, or with any convenient brush. Gel polishes do not dry out when apply, so they can be distributed evenly.
  2. Long-wear, do not peel off, and do not break off. And the substance can be removed only with special compositions or a hardware method.
  3. Strengthen nails. They do not break but grow to the required length.
  4. Dries quickly under the influence of UV rays. On average, the polymerization process of one layer lasts 60-120 seconds, depending on the lamp power.
  5. Suitable for nails of different lengths. Gel polish can be used even on short nails, and such a coating will not look artificial, as it happens with gel extensions.
  6. It is non-toxic and does not hurt the nails. But you need to purchase gel polishes in specialized stores.

nail polish

How to Choose

  1. Pay attention to the expiration date of the product. The lack of labeling on the package should discourage the purchase since it is not known how old this bottle is.
  2. Quick-drying compounds are more likely to deteriorate than those that take longer to dry.
  3. Do not buy nail polish that is too cheap, as it may be based on acetone and other low-quality components.
  4. Choose small quantities of nail polish. It is better to buy a fresh varnish than to throw a full dried bottle in the trash.

How to Apply

Open the bottle and look at the brush. It should be neither too short nor too long so as not to touch the bottom. The villi should be adjacent to each other, be even, without bends, of different lengths, to more conveniently apply varnish. The tip of the brush should perfectly follow the shape of the cuticle. The brush should completely cover the nail and apply the varnish evenly, without streaks. It is convenient when the varnish cap is cylindrical, rough, or rubberized, so it will be easier to hold it in your hand.


Examine the vial from the outside. The shape should not be complex, but “standard”, streamlined, without strong bends and bumps in which varnish can settle. The inscriptions must be clear, readable, and without streaks. It is convenient when the bottom is wide and stable so that the varnish does not tip over.

The content must be uniform, without separation into transparent and colored parts. If there are sparkles that have settled, just turn the bottle over a couple of times and they will return to normal. The composition should not contain toluene and acetone.

Pay attention to the expiration date. For more than a year the varnish is not storing. It is especially worth being on the alert if you are going to buy varnish on sale.

If possible, buy varnishes from famous brands. They take no risks and do not add hazardous substances.

Do not take too cheap varnishes. For a low price, you should not expect good quality from them, rather, on the contrary, you can damage the nail plate.

How to Remove

At home, it is better to use the chemical method of removing gel polish. Cotton pads are moist with acetone-containing solvents and applied to all nails. Cover with foil on top and soak for 5-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the coating. After that, the old gel polish is easily separate from the nail; orange sticks can be use to facilitate the process. But the use of chemicals has disadvantages – they dry out the cuticle and skin, and make the nails weaker and more sensitive.


The old coating is removed with nail files with an abrasiveness of 100-180 grit. Such a process is lengthy, it may take up to 10 minutes to remove the gel from one nail. Moreover, this method is quite traumatic – you can injure the tissues surrounding the nail plate. You can also remove the old coating with a special device, but in this case, you must act very carefully, without pressing the cutter on the nail, otherwise, you can cut too much and injure the nails.

How to store Nail Polish

It is necessary to store the varnish in a dark, cool place where direct sunlight does not penetrate. Wipe clean with nail polish remover or regular acetone to remove excess product before closing the bottle. This will allow you to tightly close the lid and prevent the composition from oxidizing and drying out.


Top 10 Best Nail Polish

1. Kiko Power Pro Nail Polish

Highly pigmented product with optimal texture spreads easily and quickly with a wide square brush.

The Power Pro collection features a variety of pearlescent and glossy products in basic, neon, and dark shades. The product forms a bright and dense layer in one movement of the brush and dries in a few minutes. According to reviews, lacquers from Kiko are very easy to use, do not emphasize the relief of the plate, and are worn perfectly for 5-7 days.

2. FOX Gel

An attractive product has a medium density. It is considered highly pigmented. The mass fits comfortably and quickly on the nail and dries in minutes if you use a special lamp.

Customers praise the product for the perfect texture, as well as the presence in the assortment of a huge number of non-trivial tones. Moreover, a significant advantage is the possibility of combining the composition with the base of other manufacturers.

nail polish

3. Dance Legend

Luxurious velvet collection Dance Legend attracts with original shades and a “dusted” finish. Available in 30 enamel pastel colors, you can easily find an option for a festive and everyday manicure.

The highly pigmented fluid texture delivers thick, even coverage in 2 coats, while the included fine brush lets you fine-tune detail with professional results. Having painted your nails with velvet varnish, let them dry for 10 minutes and forget about manicure correction for 5 days.


4. Oxxi Professional

In the color palette of this gel polish, there are quite a few options suitable for both everyday manicures and evenings. Other advantages of the product: are optimal density, favorable cost, economical consumption, and smooth coating.

In addition, in the reviews of beauties, there are often references to the absence of a specific aroma – when you unscrew the lid, you can feel a pleasant smell that will not irritate your nose. And this is due to the absence of solvents and harmful toxins in the composition.

5. BeYu Matt Color

The product has a dense texture and high pigmentation, ideally coloring and leveling the plate even in one layer. A wide brush completely covers the nail with color in just 3 strokes.

The coating dries in 7 minutes, during which the manicure acquires a soft matte finish and is worn without chips for up to 5 days. The BeYu Matt Color collection does not impress with the size of the palette – it has only six pastel and classic bright shades, but they are universal for any looks and season of the year.

6. Grattol Mystery Cat

German gel polish is famous for its comfortable ergonomically shape brush, the combination of two decorative effects in one product, as well as durability for a month.

Moreover, the positive quality of the product can be called complete safety for the health of nails due to the amazing composition without harmful components. Attracts attention and viscous consistency. And it is allow to apply as one, so two or three layers, while the varnish will dry quickly.


7. Kinetics Solar Gel

Kinetics Gel Polish is apply together with the top coat of the same name, which guarantees the durability of the manicure for up to 10 days. The fluid, creamy texture glides on smoothly and evenly with a petal brush, no build-up required, and dries in 10 minutes. The tool does not damage the plate and visually thickens fragile nails.

When used together with the Solar Gel Up topcoat, the manicure acquires incredible durability and a brilliant shine that does not fade for up to 5 days. The Kinetics collection has a variety of basic and trendy shades with different finishes, among which even the most notorious picky will find the perfect option.

Nail Polish


8. Lechat Perfect Match

Unusual gel polish with a rich range of shades surprises with originality and excellent results. The product has a liquid consistency and moderate pigmentation, therefore it requires application in at least two layers.

Customers are especially pleased with the large volume of the bottle at a low cost and fairly high durability. Also, the advantages include the fact that when applying several layers, the nail plate does not become visually thicker.

Nail Polish


9. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Gel polishes from Sally Hansen delight with high pigmentation and two-week durability. The tool is used together with the top coat of the same name, which gives the manicure an amazing shine and prevents chips and rubbing of the tips.

The varnish has a dense, highly pigmented texture and is quickly spread over the plate with a wide spatula brush. Two coats of the product provide an even and rich coverage that masks small plate irregularities. But keep in mind that a manicure with this varnish hardens only in sunlight, forming a pronounced glossy sheen.


10. NailLook Holographic

With the collection of holographic nail polishes from NailLook, even a beginner can handle the creation of an unusual manicure. The Holographic collection includes 6 pastel chameleon holographic that play and delightfully refract light.

The tool with optimal density is easy to handle with the help of a thin brush in the kit, forming a rich, but thin coating. For a bright and iridescent glare, apply two coats of varnish and wait 3 minutes for the coating to dry. So you eliminate the risk of chipping and rubbing the tips for up to 5 days, after which the manicure problems will be remove with any liquid.

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