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What scissors are best for cutting hair in 2022?

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If you haven’t already guessed, we’re gonna be talking about scissors are best for cutting hair. I know, exciting right? Maybe not as exciting as when your beagle finds a pair of socks and it looks like the puppy found a new best friend. Nah, nothing like that. But if you’re a hairstylist or just really enjoy the process behind creating beautiful hair, then hang on to your scrunchies (or beanie) because we’re going for a ride through all things shear related.

It’s hard to imagine going through life without your trusty haircutting companion by your side. Scissors have been a part of barbershops for decades, completely revolutionizing the industry with their ability to chop, chop and chop some more. These household essential tools have also become a crucial part of the hairstyling industry.

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The Seven best hair scissors are best for cutting hair and shears to buy

1.     The Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series scissors are best for cutting hair  6.5”

You had your heart set on the Equinox Razor Edge Scissors as soon as you saw the Amazon reviews. There’s just something about their beautiful design that makes you want to run out and get them. The elegant crane design and razor-sharp bevel blade are just a few of the features that you sold. However, there is something else interesting about the razor-edge shears that you never knew about until today. It’s time to fess up, so listen up as we unveil three secrets from one of the highest-rated. These Equinox Razor Scissors are arguably the best ones for beginners, but it’s not just beginners that these scissors should appeal to. They are a high-quality, sharp shear that provides excellent results time and time again


2.    Sanguine Professional 5.5” scissors are best for cutting hair

Hairdressers and stylists choose the Sanguine line of hair shears because they need reliable, high-quality tools without spending a lot of money. You can also wear stylish headbands after hairdressing. The Sanguine shears are made from Japanese steel, which is sharpened to an exacting degree. These shears cut easily through fine and coarse hair types. The precision blades were also designed for cutting in tight spots, such as your client’s bangs, or around the ears and neck.

Your haircuts look amazing if you also wear stylish headbands. Your clients can’t stop praising your skills. You swipe your Hair Curler Style across your face and marvel at how good it looks. It is, after all, the key to that air of professionalism you try so hard to achieve. With these Sanguine Professional Hairdressing Shears, clients’ jaws will drop when they see the cut finished before their eyes.

3.    ULG Hair Thinning 6.5” scissors are best for cutting hair

It’s easy to see why these ULG hair thinning scissors are some of the highest-rated of their kind. They can cut through your client’s hair like it’s butter. It’s a good idea to test out your scissors before you use them on your clients, which is something easily done with these ULGs. These shears can complete styles in a matter of minutes, making your job easier for sure.

Hair thinning shears from ULG is great for any barber or stylist — especially those with a lot of clients. They’re made of lightweight materials to prevent fatigue and are kept together by a durable carry case.


4.    Jaguar Lane 5.5 Inch scissors are best for cutting hair

You might be wondering how long a pair of hair scissors can last? That’s a great question, and the answer is 10+ years. If taken care of properly, these high-quality shears from Jaguar can last you longer than any others on the market.

Jaguar has been making fine-quality scissors for over 25 years. You can also use the latest Flat Iron for Stylish hair. Their stainless steel blades are precision created by a patented laser technology which ensures a perfect edge and is quite easy to sharpen. They offer great control and flexibility that makes cutting easier and more comfortable. They are also ergonomically designed so they fit nicely in your hand and feel like a natural extension of it.


5.    Tweezerman Spirit 2000 scissors are best for cutting hair

A lot of people don’t understand why you would use a pair of hair-cutting scissors for eyebrow grooming. After all, eyebrows are not that hard to shave off and it only takes me a couple of minutes. But ever since I graduated from wig styling school and got my cosmetology license, I haven’t looked back. Honestly, the Tweezerman Spirit 2000 Hairdressing Shears are an amazing pair of beginner shears that have lasted me over two years now (even though some might say that this is bad and this is why I should throw them away).


6.    Cricket Shear XPressions scissors are best for cutting hair

Did you know that there’s an extra loud ‘sizzle’ sound when using metal scissors? Cricket Shear Xpression scissors are a special pair of scissors that come with a built-in silencer to eliminate this problem. The scissors also have many other features, such as stainless steel construction, ergonomic handle, and removable finger rings – all for a good price!

Don’t let the noise be your undoing. If you’re a hairstylist and are easily distracted, or have trouble focusing or hearing what your clients are saying then the Cricket Shear XPressions are for you. They reduce the sound of shearing Hair Curler Style by up to 50%! Isn’t that something you can get behind? I would like to suggest you flat iron for stylish hair.

scissors are best for cutting hair

7.    Feather Razor scissors are best for cutting hair

Feather razors are the only option for cutting Luxy Hair extensions. The blades are extremely strong and will hold up better than any other type of razor. You can use avocado oil for soft hairs before taking razor scissors. These razors also have a great grip on them making it easier to control so you don’t end up with a bunch of stray hairs that didn’t get cut properly. If you choose to use this method to cut your clip-ins, we highly recommend switching out the blade every 2-3 uses.

Feather razor for cutting hair extensions: Although I’ve never used one myself, I was recently introduced to the feather razor by a friend of mine who is a stylist. After cutting my hair extensions with shears and seeing them bow and tangle, I realized that nipping my Luxy Hair extensions with a razor would be the best option.

So you’ve just purchased some Luxy Hair clip-in hair extensions, but now you’re wondering how to cut them so that they look real. Don’t worry, the process is much simpler than you think. Below, Clayton Leighton of Luxy Hair gives his suggestions for cutting your Luxy Hair extensions to ensure the most natural and realistic look possible.

 What scissors are best for cutting hair at home

When it comes time to cut your hair, the thought of using a pair of sharp shears and attempting to follow a straight line from ear to ear on your head can be rather frightening. But here we need some Hair Serum for Perfectly and are some pointers on how to cut your hair at home. If you’ve tried cutting your hair before and it turned out more like a mullet than the layered look you were going for, relax, this is perfectly normal.

You don’t need to remove the hair from your head to have a haircut. Even if you only have a couple of inches or need only some simple maintenance, it is quick and easy to do it at home. It’s also cheaper than going through the hassle of getting someone else to do this for you. All you need is a few basic tools and some directions and here we go!

Here are some pointers for cutting hair at home:


●     To Trim Your Hair (And Get Rid Of Split Ends)

After washing and conditioning hair, let it dry completely before starting to cut. By waiting until your hair is completely dry, you’ll avoid cutting your hair when it’s too wet. This will also help prevent you from accidentally cutting your hair straight down the middle.

You’ve probably had a stylist cut your ends off at some point. But did you ever stop to wonder how you can trim them yourself? It’s not as tricky as it seems! Here is a simple method to get that raggedy split ends under control.

●     To Cut Face-Framing Layers 

Cut hair in short vertical sections, ½ – ¼ inch at a time (a point cutting technique will get you the same result). The best use of the hair curling iron is flat. Let each of these sections fall forward and align it with the part. This step is key to achieving face-framing layers that are more upright and manageable.


●     To Cut Curly And Wavy 

To cut curly and wavy hair, you should begin by letting your hair air dry completely. This will allow the curls to set. While you’re waiting for your curls to dry, style your hair into the desired shape with a curling iron or a flat iron – whichever works best for you

Before you start – let your hair air dry to a 50% dry level before you begin cutting. Letting your hair air dry will give you the best results when it comes to waves and curls.



If you decide to invest in a pair of hair-cutting scissors, be sure to consider the material of the blades. Stainless steel is popular for its reliability and because it will never rust. However, it is temperamental when it comes to hardness, and could result in issues that don’t allow for perfect cuts if the shears are not properly maintained. So, what are the best hair-cutting scissors out there? Well, we think the best pair will depend on your unique needs as a hairstylist.

These are all fantastic shears that you can count on time and time again. These will be the best kinds of shears you can buy when it comes to hair cutting, so they’re definitely worth the investment. If you aren’t willing to drop a couple hundred on hair shears, you might want to consider putting your head in a blender just to save time and money.

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