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what is a hair serum: how to use it, do’s and don’ts

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what is a hair serum

What are hair serum and hair oil? Should you replace hair oil with hair serum? In this article, we will encourage you how to pick one of them for your hair growth and needs. And how to use both oil and serum for best results. We will talk about a hair serum that what it is and how to use it properly. We will discuss serum deeply to be aware of its benefits. this article is all about how to use it, why it is important to use serums, and how to choose serum according to your requirements. You probably heard about it but are afraid of using it. And then don’t know how to pick a serum to get the desired results you are looking for.

There are some basic tips you need to know about it and what type of hair needs and what kind of serum. Introduction to the do’s and don’ts of it and how to use it to get excellent results. it is a tricky step in the hair care routine you have to make research before including it in your hair care. All the knowledge of serum you are seeking is in this article. Here is a brief introduction and its benefits. There is a different serum made for individual hair because everyone has a different hair type and texture. Every hair type has its problem which needs the serum that is made exactly for its solution. If someone uses a kind of serum do not follow them try to know what your own hair needs. Follow the golden guidelines to achieve your hair goal.

First, know what it is?

the first stair to success in getting healthy and beautiful hair is to know what the hair serum is and what the expert’s opinion about it is. it could be used for any problem like frizz, dryness, slow hair growth, split ends, and much more. There are two types of serum for hair and skin. As the name indicates skin serum is made for the skin while hair serum is made for hair. it contains active ingredients and it is deeply penetrated. it instantly controls frizz and protects hair from dryness. it protects hair from environmental changes that cause different types of hair issues. In winter hair sebum is produced in large quantities which makes hair greasy you can stop it through the use of it.

While in summer our hair gets dry easily and it is an excellent choice to keep hair moisturized. In case you have done any chemical treatment on hair choose a serum that is rich in protein to protect hair from chemical effects.

Its benefits

as I mentioned you can control frizz with the use of it. If you have rough hair, the serum is best to smooth your hair. Regular use of it will make your hair shiny. It also helps to detangle hair without breaking your hair. it protects hair from damage and repairs your hair. Environmental pollution affects our hair and we can protect them with the use of the right one. It also helps to maintain your natural hair texture if you have curly or straight hair.

When and how to use it

to get excellent results you should know how to use it and what time is best to apply it to your hair. One of the best times to apply it on hair is right after you take a shower. Apply it on damp hair when you wash it. The reason for using it on wet hair is when you take shower your hair is clean enough and the serum makes a protective layer around the hair strand. This layer protects hair from extreme environmental conditions to keep hair healthy. Take a few drops of it and apply it on your hair make sure you should not apply it on hair roots.

It is thick than hair oil, take a few drops of it on your palm and wait for a few seconds then it will start liquefying, and then apply it to your hair. Because human body temperature is high than room temperature why to take it on your palm to make it warm and then apit ply to hair.

Ideal quantity for hair

this has active ingredients unlike hair oil so use a very small amount of it. You should apply 7-8 drops of it, also overuse of it can be dangerous. It comes for all types of hair anyone can use it according to their need. Every hair problem needs a serum that is made for that specific issue. Like some hair, the serum is formulated for drying some oil hair. If you miss manage them you will not get the results you are looking for so make sure use the right one. Here are the guidelines on how to choose serum according to your hair type and texture.

dry hair

To pick serum for dry hair you have to go through the ingredients list. And check some essential ingredients which are to work on dry hair. Check the ingredients like castor, marula, and rosewood for dry hair. This formula works for dryness and provides hydration to the hair. One ingredient you will find in all hair serum is silicone. This silicone coats hair to protect against dryness and frizz. Before choosing a hair serum it is necessary to pick the accurate serum that is suitable for your kind of hair.

split ends

our hair is made up of keratin which is responsible for hair growth and maintaining hair texture. Our hair starts breaking when the deficiency of keratin arises. As a result of this split ends are produced which look very unhealthy. To get rid of split ends go for a serum that contains keratin. Keratin is a hair protein and it is very essential for hair growth. it is not responsible to disappear split ends but it will prevent hair from splitting ends. Trim your hair to instantly get rid of split ends then use it to protect hair from split ends.

what is a hair serum

chemically treated hair

we damage hair due to our unhealthy habits of living. Like we use a lot of heat tools for styling or we get chemical treatments. By the use of this, we get nothing but damage and frizz at the end. In this case, you should use a serum with oils like jojoba and lavender. These oils are lightweight and super easy to use without making your hair greasy. These oils will heal your hair and will return to its actual form.

dry hair

wavy and curly hair is naturally dry and people with this type must go for a hair serum. Some people’s hair dries out because of harsh chemical-based products cream-based hair serum is best for dry hair. Apply the serum on and leave it overnight then rinse with lukewarm water. If your hair becomes dry don’t take a hot shower this will make your hair drier even if you are using a serum. Avoid a hot shower and try to take a cold shower.

curly hair

curly hair is hard to manage because the hair is very sensitive to any mild change. Not only serum will help them but they have to choose shampoo very carefully. Curly hair people should avoid shampoo which consists of sulfate. Sulfate will make their hair more damaged. They should pick serum with almond oil, jojoba oil, marula oil, and organ oil. These oils will boost hair growth and add extra hydration to it.

color hair

color hair gets damaged and the color gets faded with time and the hair looks dull. For this reason, they should use a serum with a combination of green tea and coconut oil.

what is a hair serum

thick hair

Thick hair is very healthy hair but it gets bad by some harmful products. Moroccan oil and organ oil-based serum are excellent for thick hair.

Some questions will arise in your mind and I thought it will be great if I answer them at the end to get more information about the serum.

How to handle the situation if you overuse it?

This is not dangerous if you accidentally put too much serum in your hair. But it could be harmful if you use a high quantity on daily basis. If you overput serum in your hair then your hair will look greasy and dirty.

is it good to use it daily? 

It is not suitable for hair to use a serum on daily basis. Experts do not recommend this to use serums every single day. However, it is completely against using it every time you wash your hair. You can use an oil serum daily if you have extremely bad hair but make sure the serum is oil effective.

is there any difference between hair oil and hair serum? 

hair oil and hair serum both are different in their functions and benefits. hair oil is deeply penetrating hair follicle and make hair strong from the roots. on the other hand, the serum is reduce dryness and frizz on the outer layer and makes hair smooth and soft. also, you can not use it on the hair root. hair serum only works on hair tips and does not provide any benefits to the hair roots. while oil can also reduce dryness and also you can use it on roots to make hair strong roots. 



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