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Wedding Thank You Card

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What is Wedding Thank You Card
After all that preparation of ceremonial and honeymoon, wedding thank you cards are the last step in the wedding process. It’s a way to appreciate the guests who attended the wedding and to express gratitude for the gift the couple received. We are living in a hectic world, where people are so busy with their lives. To have guests that bought presents and traveled a long way to show in a wedding is a matter to thank them.

When is The Right Time to Send

Sooner is better. After a forgettable honeymoon, just keep a moment to relax and write them. Write the wedding thank you cards within two weeks. After the ceremony when things are still fresh in the couple’s minds. The longer the cards send the harder they should be written.

How to Write a Wedding Thank You Card

Every guest is special, so handwriting can be unique and heartbreaking for them. It is the right time to show people that they are special. Also, think about the jokes. Thank them for the gift and tell them that the gifts are really useful in daily activities. The couple can thank them for the money they gave but don’t mention about the nominal. Or thank them how the beautiful mirror they gave already hanging in the bedroom, and how the couple really enjoy the private cooking class they gave.

• We are thankful for your generosity and really excited to receive your private diving class for our honeymoon (Guests who send gifts, but are not on the list)
• We are so grateful for your lovely gift. We miss you on our big day and promise to send you lots of pictures (Guests who send gifts but weren’t able to attend the wedding)
• Our hearts are breaking with your generous gift. I will use it for my honeymoon fund for traveling to Bali, Indonesia (Guests who send cash for gifts)

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