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Wedding Table Decoration

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Wedding Table Decoration is a part of the wedding party theme. It’s a detailed touch after you decide on the concept and theme for your wedding. Therefore, you have to choose a lot of detailed personal touches for it. Also, design the table to be functional as well as decorative.

What is on the table

  • Name cards and place card holders. Wedding Table Decoration Presenting an elegant place card can be the first impression for the guest. Although, there is etiquette to place the card in a proper position and place.
  • Vases and vessels. As a centerpiece of a table nice vases can make your table decoration look stunning. Therefore, don’t make the centerpieces too high so the guest will not be able to communicate during the wedding. Also, flowers and all decorations should be below eye level.
  • Napkin decoration. A nice napkin can make your wedding table decoration look more perfect and attractive. This will make an easy sitting place for the guests.

Wedding Table Decoration

  • Table numbers. Make sure your wedding with a matching design of table numbers, table number holders, and table plans for seating your guests. However, this will help in a better understanding of guests.
  • Table confetti. Sprinkle some romance on your marriage table with glamorous wedding confetti and can add an extra touch to your table.
  • Candles and holders. A nice candle and holders can maximize the decoration of the table at your marriage.
  • Put the ceiling with lanterns based on your theme.
  • Chair backs and chair signs. Wedding Table Decoration is good if the chair backs have the same color as the ceiling.
  • Guests book and pen. However, your wedding guests’ book is really important for years to come. Moreover, choose a guest book that impressed the guests and you’ll love it until your fifty anniversary.

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