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4 of Wedding Shower Invitation Trend for Special Wedding

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Throwing a wedding shower by giving out wedding shower invitations is a must-to-do list. Wedding embarks new life of two persons to tie the knots. It can be the happiest occasion but also can be the saddest one. But it is surely the biggest event for both sides. So, before the wedding day, people tend to appreciate every single time spent. There are at least two events before welcoming the wedding day for the bride and groom-to-be. The first is the engagement party and the second is the wedding shower.

A wedding shower is well-known more like a bridal shower. Yes, it is a special event for the bride-to-be. All of the friends of the bride will gather and honor the big day with unique celebrations. As the friends of the bride-to-be, you must feel the need of planning the perfect wedding shower. Start from the ideas until the invitations, you will try to give your best.

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Your best friend is getting married, and you must also feel the happiness. The bride-to-be needs to know how happy you are to welcome and celebrate her day. So, the wedding shower event is indeed very important. You need to make it special and unforgettable. Start making it special with its invitations.

Especially, the wedding shower invitations need more attention. Nowadays, the word invitations are not limited to folded paper anymore. It has developed greatly and has many cool options.

Wedding Shower Invitations Trend

There are trends of wedding shower invitations you can follow. Maybe the idea and advice will lead you to your perfect wedding shower invitations. Here are 4 common parts of the wedding shower invitation trend you should consider.

  • Shape and Package of Invitations

As has been said before, invitations come in many shapes and packages. All of it happens because of the customer demands. So, you can also get creative and demand your wedding shower invitations. To remind you once again, it is your friend’s special event and you need to make it more special. The shape and package of invitations need to match the theme and the occasion. As for wedding shower occasions, the invitations should be shaped and packaged beautifully. If the bride-to-be has a special preference, you can use it as an idea of invitation shape. For example, your friend is a big fan of Disney princesses. Then you can get the shape of the invitation as one of a princess silhouette. Besides that, you can also match the theme, as it is the second part of wedding shower invitations you should consider.

  • Theme of Invitations

Match your wedding shower invitation with the overall theme. It will deliver the teaser of the event if it is designed to match the theme. But if it is not, then the bride-to-be and other guests will not get a glimpse of the event. What if the bride-to-be does not approve of the theme of the wedding shower? This is why you should discuss the party with the bride-to-be beforehand.

You need to style the invitation with the right decorations. Or, it will not make the receiver of the invitation get excited. Don’t forget to insert a simple story of the couple and course their photos. This will help your bride-to-be friend very much. You are indeed the best friend the bride-to-be ever has.

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  • Color of Invitations

Try to avoid dark colors. You need to go with bright and pretty colors. Maybe you also can mix and match two to three colors to portray how joyous the wedding shower will be. Make sure to match the color to the weather in the event take place. If it is in winter, may the invitation can deliver warmth. Or in summer, may the invitation can deliver freshness.


wedding shower invitations

That is how you consider your wedding shower invitations. Make it perfect for your best friend’s happy day. As you will of course bless her with a happy marriage pray. Hope for your wedding shower event to success.

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