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Wedding Photo Ideas

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Wedding Photo Ideas – The wedding day is one of the most special and important moments so we want to keep and see this moment back. And that is why most people want to capture this moment as beautiful and amazing as possible. In addition, some want different pictures from the ordinary ones or the others, thus they need some wedding photo ideas for inspiration.

Of course, if you already have a unique theme and concept for your wedding day, it is easier to get a lot of stunning wedding photo ideas. However, you can create impressive pictures no matter what your wedding theme is. These are some of our wedding photo ideas you might want to include so you can let the pictures speak of the beauty of your wedding.

Getting Ready

Although this scene is one of the most favorite ones, you can have your own getting-ready scenes and it is yours. Ask your photographer candidly shoot both sides’ preparation. For instance, when the bride is having make-up or the groom is doing his tie. Of course, you can also include moments when the bridesmaid and the groomsmen are getting ready.

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A shape of Love shot

The couple can stand in the middle of a shape of love where they are surrounded by the people they love.

The Dress

Granted, there will be lots of pictures of you wearing your wedding dress, but having a picture of the dress only will bring the memory back just like the first time you saw it.

Wedding Photo Ideas

The rings

This is another item that you want to keep as a beautiful piece that symbolizes your happy moment. You can have a picture of yours only and also the two rings together represent your love.

Three generations of women

Having a picture together in one frame with your mother and your grandmother will be very lovely.

A romantic shot of the bride with her dad.

This wedding photo idea will be so adorable and touching. You can have a picture of both of you dancing or any other poses showing the love between a dad and his daughter.

 A “from below” shot

This “from below” shot can be taken for several sessions. A shot of the couple holding hands. A shot of bridesmaid or groomsmen toasts or a shot of the bride’s family or groom’s family.

Aerial shot

A shot from above gives a unique perspective. Shots of the party, a shot of you two holding hands, shots of the family, and any other aerial shots you can have fun with are worth taking.

Fun with mirrors

You can play with mirrors for lots of scenes and shots. For example, you can pose with mirrors reflecting the bridesmaids or vice versa; the bridesmaids pose just like they admire your reflection in a mirror.

A shot of the shoes

A cropped pic of shoes looks fun and unique. You can make a shot of couple’s shoes, bridesmaids’ shoes, or groomsmen’s shoes.

 A lovely shot of the bride and the flower girl/s

Children are always adorable in a frame. Ask your photographer to take a candid shot where you are having fun with the flower girl/s.

 Jumping Shot

Jump, love, jump! Have fun while jumping with your couple, family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, or all together.

 Dramatic or Romantic Pose

Almost all couples want this. They need at least some shots showing their romantic feeling and love. Since this is your wedding and you want to keep as many beautiful moments. As you can, ask your photographer to do some more artsy shots.

 More candid

Candid laughs, candid cries, candid kisses, and more candid photos that capture your special moments

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