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Wedding Gift Etiquette

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Wedding Gift Etiquette – A wedding is a special event in everyone’s life. When you go to a friend or family marriage, you might feel which gift suits you better, over the gifts you should give because it’s not like you can give anything that comes to your mind. A wedding is supposed to be a once-lifetime event only. So, it is better if you know something about wedding gift etiquette.

Whether you want to give money or items, there is wedding gift etiquette you should take in mind. There will be questions like how much money to give, or what the good and useful items for a new couple are. All of the answers are listed in the list below. So, may this article talking about wedding gift etiquette be useful to you.

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Etiquette to Give Wedding in a form of Money

If you want to give money as a wedding gift, then this depends on your relationship with the couple. There is also consideration of whether you are invited as a single or not. This different relationship and position of every guest determine the amount of money you can give.

This is an example of how much money people usually give as a wedding gift depending on their relationship with the couple. This list is of dollar currency. You can convert it to the currency of your country inconsiderate way.

  • Your relationship with the couple is a co-worker or distant family or distant friend or distant relative. So, the amount of money usually given in this kind of relationship is about US$ 100 at maximum.
  • Your relationship with the couple is a friend or relative. So, the amount of money usually given to a friend or relative is between US$100 to US$125.
  • Your relationship with the couple is a close friend or close relative. So, the amount of money you should give with this kind of relationship is about US$150 at minimum.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

In this modern-day, couples do expect a double amount of guests. If the couple sends 100 invitation cards, they expect every guest will bring at least one other person. So, regarding wedding gift etiquette you should know if someone invites you.

Literally, there are no specific rules for this issue. But if you have enough consideration, you should take in mind that the couple is not only hosting you. So, giving a bigger amount of money as a wedding gift is customary. Or, you can give useful and memorable gifts for the couple, rather than money.

I Have Given the Bride Presents Before, Should I Give More Gifts?

The wedding day is after many pre-wedding activities. Pre-wedding activities such as bridal showers and engagement parties are other events before the wedding day. In these two events, for example, friends often already give many gifts to the couple. Moreover, what is the real deal of wedding gift etiquette in this situation?

How you should deal with this situation is you must determine your wedding gift money from the start. After that, break it down into percentages, how much you should give as a money or gift at every event. For example, you can give 20% of your budget money to an engagement party as gifts, 20% to the bridal shower as an event, and lastly 60% on the wedding day.

Wedding Gift Etiquette about Giving Presents

It is not wrong to give a present rather than money. But you should give a present according to the registry the couple has created before. They create that registry because that is what they really need. If you may find it difficult to get what is in the registry, you can give other gifts according to the couple’s interests or hobbies.

The couple who marries always gives gifts at the wedding. There is no need to give the same thing as what they gave. You can think about your relationship with the couple and determine the gift or the amount of money as stated before.

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