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Wedding Dress Styles for Body Type

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Wedding dress styles come in a variety of themes and cuts. Women too have a variety of body types. Because of that, some of them get in stressful situations trying to find the best dress for them. Maybe you are one of them who doesn’t know how to determine what kind of dress style which suits you best.

If yes, then you can keep following the discussion below. There will be a list of wedding dress styles for any body type. Find out what is your body type and choose your best-fitted dress. It will surely save your time in shopping for wedding guest dresses because many bridal shops will only give you one hour to find and try the dresses.

So are you ready to find out more about wedding dress styles in 2019 and which one will suits you better? Find your notes and pen, we will start your lesson now!

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5 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Your Body Type

For the first step, you need to know there are 5 body types of women. We will recommend one type of wedding dress for each body type. So please figured out what kind of body type you have while reading this. After that find out your wedding dress silhouettes too from the explanation.

1. A Wide Neckline Dress for Pear Shape Figure

If you are one of them who have smaller upper body parts and wider lower bodies, you can wear this style of wedding dress. The wide neckline will balance your figure and will accentuate your pretty neckline too. So opt for an off-shoulder dress also popular for this type of body shape.

2. Ballgown Cut Dress for Tall Figure

Do you have a tall figure? Then a ballgown is the right wedding dress style 2019 for you. In 2019, this ballgown cut is popular because it can embrace women of height so perfectly. If you wear flats or heels, you can still look fabulous in this ballgown dress.

3. The Mermaid Cut Dress for Hourglass Figure

Got curves in all the right parts? Go for this mermaid cut dress then. The shape of the dress will follow your body shape and portray how beautiful you are. No need to hide your curves ever again. Be confident and wear this type of wedding dress silhouette.

4. V-Neck and A-Frame Skirt Dress for Petite Figure

For you all small girls out there, you can also celebrate weddings with the right dress. Find this V-neck cut and A-frame skirt to make your body looks ideal. Your small waist and bust will be hidden by the A-frame and the V-neck will showcase your pretty neckline.

5. Voluminous Peplum Skirt Dress for Lean and Straight Figure

Woman with lean and straight figures is quite tricky to find wedding dresses. You can go for this voluminous peplum skirt then. It helps you to cover your straight figure and add shape as the wedding dress silhouettes your curves.

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Now if you are looking for the best wedding dress styles for your body type before, you may already find the answer from the explanation above. Hopefully, many of you can be helped by this explanation. No matter what your body type is, you can always look pretty and stunning with the right type of dress. So try to look for more recommendations and try as many as a possible dress. You will eventually find the best one!

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