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Steps to Have Your Wedding Decoration Ideas Come True

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When a you plan to get married, you need to think about the wedding decoration ideas. There are a lot of ideas in planning a wedding party. Wedding decoration ideas depends on what theme you choose, the budget you have, the colour you like and compromise those thing with the partner perspective.

You don’t need to manage details because you can hire a wedding organizer and handle everything. You just tell them what kind of wedding decoration ideas that you like. In the other hands, if the couple have a limited budget, they can also have a “wow” party as long as they know how to do with those creative details.

Step to Have Your Wedding Decoration Ideas
  • Write the budget in a list, so you’ll know the exact number
  • Choose your theme. A wedding invitation and a cake can representing the theme. There are rustic theme, vintage theme, glamorous wedding theme, garden theme or beach theme
  • Coordinize your theme with your partner and familly. They can give you an idea to make your theme perfect!
  • Choose your color. Find a color that match your theme
  • Drape your ceiling. After decide which theme, drape your ceiling. It’s amazing how colour can do. Use white or gold ceiling to have a formal and elegant wedding, bright colour like yellow can be nice to look fun vibe
  • Choose flowers to create the wedding decoration. Some flower can live in all season, while the other are seasonal flower. Seasonal flower are cheaper, but you really should now when they blossom. For example, tulip are blossom in April.
  • Table and decoration. Set your table match with the theme. If you choose glamorous wedding decoration ideas you can have a silver or gold table decoration
  • Photo. Don’t forget to have a professional photographer or student from photography class if you have a limited budget. A nice photo booth based on theme will become unforgettable wedding for the guest
  • Music and entertainment. It will be challenging to choose recommended music from ceremony until the very last dance.

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