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Wedding Cupcakes Ideas to Jazz Up Your Special Day

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Cupcake Wedding Cakes: Getting confused about what kind of cake to have on your wedding day? A creative wedding cake lends a décor to the overall theme of your party. In fact, many couples take time to choose wedding cakes more than the foods served at the party.

Today’s wedding cakes trend is not just about heavily decorated tiers but now cupcakes are entering white veil occasions, too! Cupcake wedding cakes in bulk are sweet tooth for every guest that appears on your wedding day. They are sweet, tasty, and pretty.

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If you decide to have a DIY wedding cake, it is important to determine the amount of time it takes to bake all of the cupcakes and decorate them. Also, bake in bulk needs measurement too! Prepare ingredients weeks before so you don’t need to rush to the supermarket because you can’t find vanilla extract in the fridge. In case you are going to bake 10 batches, be sure that you have a big oven stand by!

When showcasing the cupcakes on your wedding day, you can group them into a few batches and form cake tiers. It will look gorgeous if you add ribbons or colorful décor to the humble cupcakes.

Beach themed pastries

Cupcake wedding cakes have a lot of themes. One of them is beach themed. You can discover some of the cutest cupcakes for weddings on the internet and you will likely find colorful buttercream or icing on top of it. This part usually takes longer to create.

Beach-themed cupcake is perfect for those having a seaside wedding. Combining sandy texture and blue buttercream simply represents how pretty the ocean is, on your cupcakes! It is also great for garden parties during summer. If you can’t be at the beach, you might as well bring the beach to your garden, right?

Wedding dress cakes are the best cuisines in bridal showers. It is actually a batch of cupcakes that looks like a wedding dress. It is fairly easy but the output is gorgeous because you normally use two or three colors to create cupcake wedding cakes that look like your wedding dress.

For those having time for DIY cupcakes, this is a must-bake cupcake on your special day. Some inspiring ideas include wedding shoes and princess dresses. This adorable sweet tooth will make everyone loves it!

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