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Wedding Card Messages Ideas for Your Lovely Guests

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Wedding Card Messages

After receiving the wedding invitation card, we should prepare the cards and what should be written on the cards. Whether you are planning to attend the wedding, or not, it’s a matter of showing enthusiasm for the couple. Sending wedding card messages is easy for some people, but hard to write for others. You can send a quote, poetry, or song lyrics, but it will be something special for the couple if you send wedding card messages with your own words.

Sending wedding card messages can be so personal. It depends on your personality and your interaction with the couple before their marriage. It can be in hundreds of formats and styles. Here are some examples of how to write in wedding card message :

Formal Wedding Messages

• It is an auspicious moment for both of you. May the love and happiness you feel today shine on your new life together.
• All I can do is to ray that your smile always lightened up your marriage with happiness and joy.
• Sometimes you come across difficult situations in life. don’t give up. I really wish both of you a life full of happiness.
• People always come and go, but not your love.
• We wish you full of happiness for the life you both share.

Wedding Card Messages Ideas for Your Lovely Guests
Wedding Card Messages Ideas for Your Lovely Guests

Funny Wedding Messages

• I might wish you have the skill to say, no, don’t buy it. Unfortunately, you don’t.
• The Best wishes to see the same person when you wake up for the rest of your life. This usually happens after marriages.
• You may get old, but age is always the number. However, please stop growing up.
• Congratulation, you both get stuck with the boss around you guys.
• It is a very good job, brother. You’ve made it to the last.

Religious Wedding Messages

• it was destined for both of you. Stay blessed always.
• May God bless your marriage, and your lives, and deepen your love throughout the future.
• There are many occasions where you feel low. However, may God enlighten your marriage strongly. Amen.
• Thank you God to give them love to complete their life.

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