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Wedding Cake Ideas

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Wedding cake ideas are one of the details to go into the long list of things. It contains a big list to prepare for the big day.  A wedding without a wedding cake is just like a car without a driver. The wedding cake itself is a very special one, something that people will admire. It will definitely cover both sides, the way it looks and the delicious taste of it.

Here are some wedding cake ideas that are really worth choosing for the couple who are planning their wedding day sometime in the nearest future:

Cake with delicate ruffles

It definitely will give a pretty look on the cake with the ruffles. However, this gives the illusion of a layered cake.
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Cake with elegant branches

This kind of cake works great for a wedding party with a nature theme. Piping will be used on the cake to give the look of a branch of a tree elegantly.

Cake with fresh flower

There is no mistake in using fresh flowers to decorate the cake. This is one of the most beautiful options that the couple can have for their wedding cake. Therefore, flower checking also become an art. Be careful in selecting the flower. Although look for the flower not treated with insecticides and pesticides. As a result, this might be harmful if ingested.

Cake with artificial pearls

Give the elegant look to the cake with artificial pearls. It can be made from real artificial pearls that need to be removed before the cake is cut or it can be made using specific techniques at a party to make edible pearls.

Cake with fruit fillings

A wedding party in the summer will be perfect with a wedding cake that is filled with fresh and delicious fruit.

Gold wedding cake

Why not have a wedding cake with the color gold? It definitely has the expensive look that will wow everyone.

Cake with laces

Break out the boring traditional white cake by adding lace to the cake at a party. The lace can be anything from white, blue, or even black laces.

Colorful cakes

Play with color on the cake whether it was on the shape of the cake or on the decoration of the cake. A wedding cake doesn’t have to look plain, add some writing on it, colorful flowers, or even an abstract design that will make it look extraordinary.

Some wedding cake ideas are more intricate than others in parties. Therefore time is look after. This is to get the design and order before the big day arrives.

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