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How to Buy the Right Vintage Wedding Ring

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What is a vintage wedding ring?

There are always themes and styles in every detail of wedding preparation.  A ring also has a lot of styles. A vintage wedding ring is one of them. Decided to propose to your soulmate with a vintage style is a unique way. They have history and character as opposed to the modern ring.  The ring is also more valuable because it has higher quality diamonds and the ring’s design is more difficult because it is made by hand. Not like a modern ring that cut diamond with a laser, the vintage wedding ring is difficult to replicate.

If you purchase a vintage wedding ring, make sure that you feel comfortable wearing it. You’ll wear it for the rest of your life. You have to make sure that you buy a ring that suits you.  A vintage wedding ring styles have a huge scale of looks, materials, and stones. Knowing what to buy spending time and budget to buy your dream wedding ring.

Steps vintage wedding ring        
  • Find out the differences. They are called vintage because they are old rings based on the period when the ring was made. Therefore, should be more than 50 years old.
  • Set your budget to buy the ring. You can buy less than $300 dollar, but still, you can buy more than $10.000. Although, it’s all up to you.
  • Consider the cut. See the cut of the ring. A modern ring cut by laser, a vintage ring cut by hand. Quality of the cut refers to depth and dimensions.  They have a huge impact on diamonds’ sparkle and luster. Therefore, the better the cut, the greater the value
  • Consider the color. Ask your bride what color she loved.  They have diamonds that have color. It doesn’t actually refer to the whole color but is a scale of color. The clearer the diamonds, the greater the value
  • A carat is a unit of weight.
  • Most diamonds have inner and outer flaws, which are measured as known as diamond clarity. Thus the clearer the diamond, the greater ring will be

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