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Vintage Wedding Ideas

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Vintage wedding ideas will never go out of date. People love the idea of having a vintage theme. they want to add this to some aspect of their life including the wedding day. The vintage theme with its classic feel brings a sense of elegance and an intimate feeling. However, this will help to make the wedding feel more sacred. On the other hand, it also will be so much fun. People will definitely enjoy something different from their daily modern routine.

There are many things to do that will make a wedding feel more vintage along the way and here are some of them:

Use a vintage theme on the wedding invitation

Start the whole thing by having a vintage wedding invitation design. There are so many wedding invitation cards with vintage themes to choose and this is a great way to clue the guest about the kind of wedding they are going to attend.

Use a cloche over anything

Want to get an instant feeling of vintage? Use a glass cloche and put it on everything. That really means everything from figurines, desserts, flowers, and so on.

Use vintage items from the local vintage stores as wedding décor

There are many vintage items that can be used as wedding décor. Some of these items can be hanging around as part of the decoration or even incorporated for better use such as flower vases or similar things like that. Vintage frames display old family photos while vintage mirrors hand on the wall. There are many vintage items that can be found in vintage stores and those items are really worth being put as part of a vintage wedding.

Lace as part of the wedding

A vintage wedding is not done without lace. Vintage and lace are inseparable so make sure to use lace on everything. It is a part of the wedding dress for the bride. Lace is a part of the wedding chair, used for a table cloth, and also for anything else.

Vintage gifts and favors

Start the whole thing with a vintage wedding invitation card, and end it all up with a vintage gift, and what could be more vintage than teapots, complete with pots and tins. People can use it to serve the drink at the party.

Vintage wedding ideas are endless and simple. There is always something that should meet every couple’s wish. Also budget, in order to make their dream wedding come true.


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