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Best 5 Unique Wedding Invitations Ideas

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Unique wedding invitations that are worth to be kept and not wasting away in the trash bin by your guest, would surely make your wedding more exciting and interesting! Marriage is a beautiful thing, so you must have some unique wedding invitations to be given to your guests. In some other cultures, marriages have deeper and more emotional meaning as merely a symbol of the beginning of a new life.

People have various ways of celebrating their marriage. The purity of a wedding may be very important for some couples, but that does not mean that it has to be kept traditional. Spice up your wedding by adding these unique wedding invitation ideas that could reflect your love journey.

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So basically these unique wedding invitations focus on how to bring priceless memories to your wedding, by having the beautiful memory as a theme of the unique wedding without making the wedding less pure.

Here are 5 unique wedding invitations ideas for your wedding


The Tropical Wedding Invitations

What is a tropical-themed wedding without pineapples, palms, coconuts, and bamboos? This kind of tropical wedding theme screams for paradise. You do not have to be having a wedding in the Mediterranean as the tropical vibe will get your soul there. You could simply add a vibrant touch to the wedding invitations too by making your guests happy with the pretty tropical printed wedding invitations. These kinds of tropical wedding invitations are perfect. Especially for those of you who are living in a tropical country or area.

The Enchanted Wedding Invitations

No one is too old for fairytales, because every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. A fairytale wedding is a perfect way to appreciate the magic of love.

The Ocean Wedding Invitations

Princess Ariel is out of the water! What is more beautiful than a wedding by the beach? But firstly, you have to match the wedding invitations as well of course. Throw away the traditional envelopes and change them with some cute little bottles, so your wedding invitations come in a message in a bottle. How cute is that?

The Ticket Trip Wedding Invitations

Who does not love a getaway trip? Everyone does! Make your guests feel like they are going on a holiday trip. However, in fact, they are going to your awesome wedding by wedding invitations. Wedding invitations in the form of passports could be very cool as well! Your guests would keep this kind of wedding invitation until the end of time as a cute memento of your special wedding day.

The Pop-Up Wedding Invitations

These kinds of pop-up wedding invitations are just extra cute! It would make your guests feel like they are reading a storybook before bed for their children. Not just the adults who would smile in fondness at the pop-up wedding invitations. However, their children would surely love this kind of wedding call.

The wedding invitations could have any pop-up you want. A wedding cake, a cut out of you and the love of your life dancing together, or even a castle. As long as it matches the whole concept of your wedding.


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