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Unique Wedding Ideas for Special Day

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Unique wedding ideas are definitely something that the soon-to-be-married couple must adopt. This provides them to use these ideas if they want to have a memorable and unforgettable wedding day. Using unique things on the wedding day is something that most people will never expect to see. Guests might not even hear or taste at a wedding party will leave a deeper impression on everyone who is present on that day, especially the happy couple.

Wondering what kind of unique wedding ideas to try on the big day? Here are some of those unique ideas to consider:

Get a unique way of serving the food to the guest

When it comes to food on the wedding day, it is usually served on the table where the guest can take their pick and eat it on the spot. Why not try something different such as having one food truck or even more that serve various kinds of food. This is definitely something that most people won’t expect to find at a wedding. Want something more intimate? Get a long table where the guest and the couple can sit and have a meal together just like dinner time with family, and serve something special for everyone to enjoy


Play different games on the wedding day

Have fun with everyone by playing games. The options are endless such as cootie catchers, search words on the napkins, Wheel of Fortune, flip cup game, and so on. Playing games like this will break the ice and makes everyone feel more relaxed

Have someone special to be the flower girl

Flower girls are usually little girls, but actually, there is no age limit in this special job. Everyone can be a flower girl including the grandmother of the bride and groom if they are willing to do it

Use a unique way to capture the moment

Having a photographer to capture every single moment on the wedding day is very common. Why don’t add something different such as having an artist paint the ceremony? The painting can be framed and hung on the wall of the couple after the party. A sketch of the ceremony, as well as caricature sketches of everyone who is present at the party. It is also a great idea to try.

Use different methods of guestbook

Instead of an ordinary guestbook, why don’t use something different such as asking the guest to write something on the available card? And insert it in the piñata that the couple will open on their anniversary? Don’t forget to save those wedding cards in a book with binders as a sweet reminder for the couple

There are endless unique wedding ideas to choose and those are only a small part of the things that will the big day an unforgettable day.

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