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Choosing Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friend

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Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are a meaningful part of a wedding anniversary. A couple celebrates their wedding anniversary using these gifts. The gift comes with different meanings for each year. And Don’t be curious about every gift every year. This is the list of traditional wedding gift anniversaries. Perhaps, it can help you in choosing the right give for your wedding anniversary.

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First-year: Paper

Second-year: Cotton

Third-year: Leather

Fourth-year: Fruit and Flowers or Linen and Silk

Fifth-year: Wood

Sixth year: Iron or Candy

Seventh year: Wool or Copper

Eight years: Bronze

Ninth year: Pottery

Tenth year: Tin or Aluminum

Eleventh year: Steel

Twelfth year: Silk

Thirteenth year: Lace

Fourteenth year: Ivory

Fifteenth year: Crystal

Twentieth year: China

Twenty-fifth year: Silver

Thirtieth year: Pearl

Thirty-fifth year: Coral

Fortieth year: Ruby

Forty-fifth year: Sapphire

Fiftieth year: Gold

Fifty-fifth year: Emerald

Sixtieth year: Diamond

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, and 50th Anniversary

On the first traditional wedding anniversary, gifts are paper. But it feels so old style if you just give a piece of paper. It is the same even if you gift a bundle of paper because a gift’s value is its meaning. So you need to be creative to choose your first-year traditional wedding gifts. You can get many gift ideas made from paper. Here are some gift ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

  • Letter;
    the letter is a classic gift using paper. Even if it looks simple but contents of the letter will make it more valuable. Try to write a letter which expresses your deepest feeling. Then your first wedding anniversary will be memorable.
  • Map;
    the map is made from paper, so it is a brilliant wedding anniversary gift. But what map you should give? However, you can choose a certain country which both of you want to visit. Also, use the map for your planned holiday.
  • Question and Answer List;
    first wedding anniversary you may still to questions about some things. So just make it as a Q & A-List and give it as your wedding anniversary gifts. Hence, it will unveil anything and also make you and your partner closer.

The fifth traditional wedding anniversary gift is wood. Giving woods as a gift is so unique and fresh. But in modern days, woods are not something we could get easily. So, for the fifth wedding anniversary, you can choose other stuff which is made of wood. Therefore, the gift ideas below are a list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the fifth-year celebration.

  • Wooden Glass;

    glasses made from wood are very highly recommended for gift ideas. It is useful and can be costumed to match your demand. Maybe you want to add your initials or another kind of picture. And make the wooden glass more exclusive for you and your spouse.

  • Functional Art    There are many kinds of stuff available from wood. But going for functional art which can store your other stuff in one place can not go wrong. It looks classy and elegant and easy to get.

The tenth traditional wedding anniversary gift is tin or aluminum. Also, tin or aluminum stuff is identical to many house appliances stuff. So, the tenth wedding anniversary momentum can be used to restore and change some house appliances. Here are some ideas about gifts made from tin or aluminum.

  • Tea Set;

    The tea set is not available in glasses. There is a tea set that comes from aluminum. Moreover, this tea set has to use for daily occasions and can also be in your collection.

  • Briefcase;

    A briefcase that comes from tin or aluminum is a great gift idea. However, it is useful and useable. You can get it matching for you and your spouse. So that both of you can travel around with matching briefcases.

    Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gifts are silver. It can come in any form of silver. Commonly people gift silver to their spouses. It also has a design with your initial embedded in it. It is the same with fiftieth wedding anniversary gifts. People usually give golden jewelry or nowadays it can come as a watch. Therefore, it is very valuable and expensive as 25th and 50th wedding anniversary is a special occasion.

This is the end of the list. However, the point is to keep creative. Therefore, even if the gifts are in traditional belief but you can make them modern and valuable for you and your spouse.

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