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The Best ways to use Pink lipstick

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Pink Lipstick is one of the first cosmetic products in human history. She’s come a long way from a time when red berries were the only way to tint her lips, to a modern lipstick with dozens of ingredients. Each make-up manufacturer has its formula for lipsticks, but there are key ingredients that are present in each product.


The Best ways to use Pink lipstick or red

The lipsticks are packaged in a stylish leather case. On the sides are metal plates, which end with metal “spikes” with embossed company logos. The case, made of black leather, is quite heavy, it is pleasant to hold it in your hands. Its leather surface makes it easy to open. At the same time, the cap is held tightly and you can not be afraid of spontaneous opening in your purse or pocket. These cases attract the eye and draw attention to themselves. The consistency of the lipstick resembles a light cream. They have a rich color and give a clear outline. They have a subtle pleasant scent.

Types of Pink lipstick or red

Moisturizing lipsticks

You should use moisturizing lipsticks that have dry lips because it keeps lips soft and smooth. These lipsticks moisturize the lips due to vitamin E, glycerin, and aloe vera. These lipsticks are moist and very shiny lips.

Matt lipsticks

Matte lipstick is the perfect choice for women looking for a colorful and pleasing shade. These lipsticks have the effect of flat and non-shiny lips. Your lips can look younger with matte lipstick. It is also to recommend combine products with vitamin E and aloe with mate lipstick.


Liquid matte lipsticks

Often matte lipstick gives our lips a dry feeling that is not comfortable. Liquid matte lipsticks are the solution for this. They are magically easy to apply, like a gloss but give the full effect of a matte lipstick.

Cream Pink lipstick

Women should use cream lipsticks who have small lips. Creamy formula lipstick has a smooth effect on the lips. You can use lip gloss if you desired. It contains more wax to protect the lips, but can also cause dry lips.

Pearly matte lipsticks

Matte lipstick makes lips sparkle and shine. This lipstick reflects light and makes a very shiny effect on your lips. Negative effects can cause lips to feel chapped and dry. It is used to moisturize your lips before using this lipstick.

Glossy lipsticks

Glitter is very popular among women with thin and small lips because it makes the lips shiny and increases the size of the depth. It can combine with traditional lipstick.

Long-lasting matte lipsticks

It can use as a long-lasting lipstick for those who do not have time to apply lipstick. These lipsticks have a formula that keeps your lip color perfect for 4 to 8 hours. They keep for a long time until you eat something greasy or oily. Some of them contain moisturizers to balance dry lips.

Properties of Pink lipstick


Lipsticks are aiming at nourishing the lips with the help of natural oils and medicinal herbs. Therefore, owners of dry skin can safely use them daily. For the sake of their sparing properties, the pigment of such lipsticks practically does not stay on the lips, which makes them apply more often than we would like.

Increasing volume

Lipsticks aimed at visually increasing the lips work on the principle of skin irritation. The spicy elements and menthol contained in them slightly inflame the skin, causing it to swell. Existing irritation is softened by nutrients and hyaluronic.


Lipstick hygiene helps maintain a healthy condition of the lips. It nourishes them with the necessary moisturizing ingredients. Directed against the effects of adverse weather conditions and peeling. Even men use such cosmetics, for example, applying them to the skin of the lips in cold weather.



This type of lipstick with additional caring ingredients that support skin nutrition and hydration. Wax, glycerin, oils, lanolin, and vitamins contribute to this action. Such products are useful for lips and are ideal for daily application.


Long-lasting Pink lipstick, on the other hand, is not suitable for daily use, as they are extremely resistant to external influences and are difficult to wash off. It’s all about the special protective layer that this look has, thanks to which this lipstick does not leave marks and lasts unchanged for 12 hours.

How to Choose Lipstick with color type

Owners of fair skin can choose warm palettes for themselves. The skin will benefit from pink, beige and golden shades. With dark skin, saturated deep colors will look good: shades of plum, and chocolate. And delicate creamy nude tones can favorably emphasize tanned skin.

How to store Lipstick

  1. Today, there are many systems for storing cosmetics: cases, acrylic boxes, and special cases. All this can be not only beautiful but also functional if lipsticks are stored in a dry, dark place.
  2. You should not install a convenient acrylic case in the bathroom. Steam and humidity do not contribute to the integrity of the product. Soon the lipstick may exfoliate and lose its properties.
  3. It is no coincidence that collectors send lipstick to the refrigerator. Cold air keeps it fresher and better. However, this storage method is not convenient. It can be frustrating to put cold makeup on your lips, as well as go to the kitchen to make up your lips.

Removing Pink lipstick

It is also a whole ritual. Before going to bed, lipstick must be removed completely, since the coloring substances contain in it penetrate the mucous membrane of the lips. Lipstick categorically cannot be washed off with soap and water – soap dries the delicate mucous membrane, and the lips begin to crack.

Make-up from the lips is removed only with the help of fat-containing products. You can use regular milk to remove makeup, but it is better to use special products for removing lipstick. To remove lipstick, blot your lips with a napkin, and remove the residue with a special tool. At the end of the procedure, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer to the lips, which will protect them from drying out, or better, a nourishing lip balm.

Top 10 Pink lipstick or red

Velvet Matt Liquid Lipstick

With this liquid matte lipstick, your lips will be soft, like velvet violet petals. With the help of a convenient applicator, the color is applied the first time, without streaks and bumps. The manufacturer has created such shades so that every girl can choose the perfect lipstick for her eyes, hair, or skin tone. If the skin of the lips is prone to dryness and peeling, then use a special balm or oil before applying.



If you haven’t used Smashbox Always On Cream to Matte yet, then you probably don’t know anything about matte lipsticks! Saturated shades, creamy-powdery texture and mega durability (yes, this baby, unlike your figure, is not afraid of numerous snacks) have long won the hearts of top beauty bloggers. For 12 hours, Smashbox lipstick does not fade, does not crumble, does not spread, does not smudge, or roll.


Urban Decay matte lip mousse is easy to confuse with an eyeshadow or blush refill because the product is packaged in the same miniature puck case. The tool has a creamy, densely pressed texture and is easily distributed with the help of a complete sponge. The lo-Fi lipstick palette includes 8 trendy bright and muted shades for every taste. All of them present variable coating density and many hours of durability. At the same time, even several layers of mousse lie on the lips with a thin veil.

CLARINS Joli Rouge Velvet

The new matte line of lipsticks in sticks comes with 10 highly pigmented shades. Due to the dense texture, the product is difficult to distribute, but it forms a uniform and rich coating on the lips. Although, the product does not require fixing time and immediately gives a matte finish. However, another advantage of this lipstick is its 8-hour durability and the absence of marks on the dishes.


Classic creamy lipstick in a stick contains a lot of multi-colored metallic particles. However, it glides easily on the lips, leaving behind a dense matte finish with an unobtrusive metallic sheen. Therefore, the Pure Color Envy palette features 5 trendy shades suitable for everyday looks. And the weightless formula does not dry or irritate delicate skin. In addition, the tool has good durability and does not require too frequent renewal.

TARTE Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint

Tarte liquid lipstick with a discreet lacquer finish is ideal for everyday elegant looks. Above all, the collection is presented in 8 shades – mostly nude, although there are a couple of more daring options. However, the moderately thick and non-sticky texture of Tarteist Glossy smoothes the lips, while attractive gloss visually increases their volume. Also, this lipstick nourishes, moisturizes, and softens dehydrated skin, as it contains beneficial minerals and a special caring serum. And here there are no fragrances at all. Another advantage of the product is its 5-hour durability, which will be appreciated by active and busy girls who do not have the opportunity to regularly touch up makeup.

Pink lipstick

Shiseido, Modern Matte

This lipstick melts on the lips, transforming into a powder for a dense coverage of rich color. However, this is an exact reflection of the Japanese approach to the art of form! In addition to beauty, the pointed edges guarantee the precise application of the product without the use of a lip liner.

Pink lipstick

Artiste Sabo

Three pillars on which the benefits of this flirtatious beauty are based: hydration, comfort, and freshness. Also, add here the perfect application, noble colors (from delicate nudes to bold scarlet), and an exquisite aroma where you can catch notes of currant and champagne – and you get the perfect lipstick for every day.

Sensai Rouge Vibrant Cream Color

High-quality pigments multiplied by a creamy texture give a lasting rich color and a cool moisturizing effect even with a single application in a thin layer. Also, the lipstick is not afraid of rain and wind. Therefore, this lipstick has no taste and smell. It does not streak, does not roll, and does not spread.

Pink lipstick

Laura Mercier, Rouge Essentiel

This lipstick with a satin finish is a must for anyone who appreciates weightless coverage on the lips. You know, without this feeling of film and stickiness. Its advantages also include Mediterranean seaweed extract, which moisturizes and smoothes the skin, creamy texture, and gives durability for up to 6 hours.Pink lipstick

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