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Straight your hair at home without heat

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There are tons of procedures to straighten your hair at home without the use of heating tools. In this article, we will talk about how to straighten your hair at home. After reading this article you will be able to straighten your hair without the use of any irons and styling tools. let’s discuss how to straighten your hair at home. Which is the most effortless way. Straighten your hair at home without any use of chemicals and styling tools. 

Straight your hair at home without heat

I know you are sick and tired of ironing and different styling tool to straighten your hair. These tools may give you straight hair but it is temporary and leave your hair dull and frizzy. This frizz and dryness make your hair terrible. your hair will look horrible after the intense use of heat. Then you start thinking that is there any other way to get straight hair naturally without making them dry. There are a ton of procedures to straighten your hair.  There are different techniques to make your life easier and will protect your hair from harmful tools and chemicals. In this article, we will talk about how to straighten your hair at home without using heat tools. 

straight hair without tools

There are a lot of tools to allow you to straighten your hair at home like blow dry, and flat iron but they will give tour nothing but damage and dead hair. Even there are chemical treatments that are supposed to provide you with the desired hair texture and style. But this contains a harmful and dangerous chemical that will damage hair easily. Our hair is a very sensitive part of the body and the use of harsh chemicals can leave permanent effects on it. But there are enough ways to give you straight hair you just need to get information about it and then implement it. Here are some ways and tips to get straight hair naturally at home without a heating flat iron.

Hair wrapping

Hair wrapping is one of the most satisfying techniques which will give you flat straight hair. This is the first heatless method to straighten and also a safe way without damaging hair. In this method, you will need a lot of hairpins. Make sure the hairpins are very strong and long so that can easily hold your hair. A hair scrapes and it should be made up of silk because silk is extremely good for hair. Silk-made scrapes do not absorb the moister and natural oil of your hair and keep it hydrated throughout the process.

When you want to straighten Hair Curler Style through this method take a shower and let your hair dry. It is important to not dry your hair completely but your hair should be 70-80% dry. Because this technique work best on damp hair and the hair will easily be straight. Now brush the hair gently and take a comb to wrap the hair around your head.

Take a comb and start wrapping hair from one ear to another. Wrap your hair from the ear side and go to the upper part of your head and end it on another ear. Now take it to the end of the head and keep wrapping until you reach the ear you started. Wrap all your hair like this and secure it with Bobby’s pins. When you secure it now wrap a scrape around your hair and tie it so it should not open. Now leave it overnight and remove everything the next morning. You willstraighten your hair at home without using any heat styling tools.


It is might sound like heat styling but it does not damage your hair as heat can damage it. We will use a blow-dry in a way that will not leave your hair dry this is the heatless method to straighten your hair. Blow-dry can damage your hair but we have a tip that does not damage your hair and you can use it every day without any problem. When you are using blow-dry fix it on clod air this will straighten your hair at home without any damage. hair gets dry and frizzy because of the heat that we are using on hair.

Using clod air instead of hot air will straighten your Hair Curler Style without leaving any harmful effects. While using blow-dry keep it 5-6 inches away from the hair and fix the cold air setting. Make sure you apply hair conditioner on your hair so this will give you smooth and shiny straight hair.

Straight your hair at home without heat

Essential oils

Essential oils can fix rough hair texture and make it manageable and soft. Curly hair open has a rough texture and the use of essential oil will work best on such hair. Use Essential oil when you blow-dry hair this will protect hair and coat around it which decreases the chance of damage and frizz. This was the use of essential oil to protect hair from heat but you can also use it to straighten your hair through it. Essential oils are more viscous than normal hair oil so when you use them put a few drops of them on your palm. Wait for a few seconds and rub your palm this will heat the oil and it will start melting. Now put the oil on your hair and try to avoid roots this will slowly turn your curly or wavy hair into straight hair.

Essential oils have a pleasant scent and will make you keep relaxed and calm throughout the day. this will also add shine to your hair. Do not overuse it, the pea-size oil is enough for hair. Essential oils will not only straighten your hair but will also repair damaged, dry, and frizzy hair.

Go to bed with wet hair

This step is an extremely simple step you do not need to do anything just sleep with wet hair. It is a bit difficult to sleep with rollers or wrapped hair but this technique works like a wow. When you wash hair tie it in a loose ponytail and make sure it is 50% wet. Then take another pony and make a bun and secure it. Leave it overnight and open it in the morning will achieve flat straight hair. This wet hair will make your pillow wet and eventually the friction of the pillow with your hair will decrease this will give you flat hair. Huge damage is a cause because of pillow we sleep on if you want to avoid it use silk made pillow. Silk pillowcases have zero percent friction and keep hair healthy and smooth.

Hair mask

There are lots of homemade remedies that claim to give you straight hair and these remedies work. But if you know how to use these homemade solutions. In homemade remedies, oils are one of the greatest methods to relax your hair and make it smooth and frizz-free. Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then apply it all over your hair and massage it gently this will also improve blood circulation and fasten hair growth. For excellent results, you can add a few tablespoons of fresh Aloe Vera gel mix it well, apply it on hair then leave for 25 minutes.

You can also change the number of ingredients according to your hair length. apply it all over hair including roots and leave for a few minutes then rinse with your favorite shampoo. Do not over-wash hair because this will remove all the natural oil. With the use of these remedies, you can achieve smooth flat hair. the hair mask is the most efficient way to get straight hair without heat.

Huge rollers

Huge plastic hair rollers make hair smooth and provide volume to the hair. Use large-size hair rollers and wrap hair around it this will provide a little wavy hair with a straight look. If you have unmanageable and rough hair this method will magically straighten hair. Spry water on your hair to make it damp not too much wet but little damp. Then wrap hair around rollers section by section. When the wrapping process is done leave it for about 5-6 hours then remove all rollers from the hair. When you wrap hair around the roller secure it with bobby pins to keep it in place.

The science behind using large rollers is that this will make large waves in your hair which almost looks like straight hair but has a little wavy texture that looks more attractive. This kind of styling looks excellent on the beach and gives beach waves.

Straight your hair at home without heat

Hair straightening products

There are uncountable products that are meant to straighten hair without heat. Such as leave-in conditioner and it is most importantly used by people who have curly hair it does not only provide moisture but also gives smoothness and protects from frizz. There is also some shampoo in the market that will slowly turn your curly hair into straight hair. With the continued use of these products, you can achieve straight hair but you have to keep patience. This will not give you results with only one use but you have to make it a routine and add these products into your hair care routine. You can use some hair serum according to your hair texture and condition. Start using the serum on hair but first analyze hair type and texture and then use the desired serum.

The markets have tons of serums that claim that they will give you healthy and hydrated hair. These products will relax your curly hair and eventually turn it into straight hair. These products coat around your hair and your curls will start turning into straight hair.

The mistake that stops you from getting straight hair

here is some mistake you are doing to make hair curly and stop you from getting straight hair. 

wrong shampoo

you may be using a shampoo that is making your hair dry and leaving it dehydrated. if you have curly or wavy hair you should use sulfate-free shampoo. because sulfate is made to remove oil from hair and curly has a low oil quantity. when these shampoos stripe all the natural oil and moisture from hair the hair looks dull and brittle which opens and looks curly.  

wrong conditioner 

conditioner acts as a food for curling hair and if you are using it wrong then no one can stop you from getting frizzy hair. deep conditioning is the most crucial step to getting straighten your hair. apply a decent amount of conditioner or your hair then wash your hair only with water. it is better to use a leave-in conditioner, there is no need to rinse it again and all the product stays on your hair till the next hair wash. 

this was all about getting straight hair at home without spending lots of money in salons and experimenting on your hair with lots of chemical treatments.  

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