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Engagement ring

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Every couple has definite plans to get married after spending on an engagement ring in 2019-2020. It is their life’s big decision to decide about the right time in planning marriage. Before marrying, every couple needs to undergo an engagement step. A marriage is a kind of promise after an engagement held between two people. Moreover, an engagement is a kind of time bracket before marriage. However, to complete the engagement, a ring plays an important role. Therefore, an engagement with a ring is a promise to each other in tieing a knot.


The ring is worn to indicate love and passion for others. It also shows the couple is going to be married soon. In every country, there are different traditions of wearing rings on engagements. However, in western countries, the traditions are a bit different from other regions.

Selection of Ring for Engagement

Couples select the engagement rings themselves from the market. They usually buy them together and decide when they should put them on. Moreover, they can decide whether they need an engagement event or not to embark on their planning of a marriage.

Purchasing the Ring

Back to the topic, so how much should I spend on an engagement ring? The answer is depending on the discussion and decision made by the couple themselves. Everyone has a different budget and capacity to choose their engagement ring. However, you can decide your budget by checking out the average cost of an engagement ring.

For example, the average cost of an engagement ring in the United Kingdom area is range from 1200 GBP up to 2000 GBP. Meanwhile, in the United States this engagement ring’s average costs around 4000 USD.

The difference in cost of an engagement ring depends on the quality of the gemstone and its styling of it. A rare gemstone will increase the cost and the same with a hard-to-made ring. A man spent two months of his income to buy the engagement ring.

After knowing the average cost of an engagement ring, you should find the best place to buy it. However these days you can also look at the market online as well. The price is not the factor in selecting an engagement ring. Factors like emotions and sentiments should be kept in mind.

Because of that, you should choose the place with the best services that match your needs. There are many products available for buying engagement rings. Some of these available in the market are James Allen, Tiffany Co, Brian Gavin, and Kohls.

Price Range

There is a wide range of prices for engagement rings. Every ring comprises some special gemstones and special skills. The list below will explain three categories with their price.

The first category is the rings under 2000 USD. However, young couples in middle-class society go for an engagement ring under the 2000 USD budget. They choose this range for an engagement ring to keep impressive because they are social class but still keeping the budget low and below the average.

Next are the affordable engagement rings under 500 USD. There are many rings with a price hike of almost under 500 USD. Young couples from low-middle class society buy this kind of category. They focus to get an affordable ring, but still with minimum impressive styling they got.

The last category is the cheap rings for engagement under 100 USD. However, it is really cheap for a price of a gemstone. Young couples from low-class society usually bought this such rings. They tend to save as much as possible money. So, the ring they got has only simple styling and a minimum size of the gemstone.

That is all information and choices you got about how much should you spend on a ring. May it can help you greatly in planning your dream marriage concept.

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