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Simple Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding Day

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Just when you think you know everything about simple cakes, it turns out that it won’t be that simple to decide! Of course, the more informed, the better for you because a simple wedding cake is in right now. We’ve got everything covered here.

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While the others want colorful and tall wedding cakes, there are couples who prefer rather down-to-earth cake décor when it comes to wedding cakes. These inspirations will give you ideas on how you can make simple wedding cakes.

Cakes to make at home

If you have a passion for baking cakes, why not make your special day, really special with cakes you make at home? Have your bridesmaids or your neighbor come by and help you out. It gets easier when you bake simple wedding cakes by yourself because you really know exactly what you like, what it is going to look like, and what flavor you want to add. Another plus is that you know exactly the ingredients you pour into the bowl.

When making wedding cakes at home, you may not have that artistic talent but this is how simple cakes come to life. You will only need to beautify the cake as it is, using natural and simple décor like fruits and nuts or chocolate syrup. Or, playing with the colorful rainbow cake that will look beautiful without any buttercream to cover.

Simple pancakes without fondant

Some people just don’t like fondant. If you are not planning to use fondant, you can use many other alternatives. That is just as delicious as the sugary coat. For instance, chocolate or meringue – both lend that sweetness and are also great decoration ideas for your cakes. It is also simple but gorgeous. Today these cakes are literally naked without being covered by decoration.

When baking this type of pancake, it emphasizes the layers and the texture of the cake. When opting for naked cakes, you can have many options and themes from vintage to minimalist modern cakes. Another choice is to soak the cake in syrup. That way, the cake can absorb the sweetness of the syrup and create a glossy or rusty look. You can also top the simple wedding cakes using fruits or flowers and sandwich the buttercream on each tier. Make sure it is neat and you might want to use your piping bag for this.

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