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What about short wavy hair? Is it a blessing or a curse? However, if your hair is naturally straight, you probably envy all those curly beauties who are struggling to figure out how to style wavy hair, which isn’t always as neat and fun as it appears in photos. Therefore, another question is whether short haircuts look good on wavy hair. Because many women are tempted to cut their naturally curly hair shorter for summer, but many are hesitant because they are concerned about style concerns. We’ve selected the greatest short hairstyles, thus for wavy hair enjoy and be inspired by the images below!

  • Shaggy Curly Brunette Bob:

Short-to-medium hairstyles are highly fashionable these days. However, long, shaggy tendrils divided in the middle are, therefore, an excellent way to show off your natural, wavy hair.  And with its disheveled chocolate brown curls, this wash-and-wear cut looks easy and summer-ready all year.

  • Curly Pixie with V-Cut Nape:

Pixie cuts are not typically chosen by natural curly-haired females. Therefore, the secret is to keep your strands moisturized and frizz-free. However, this is accomplished by using water-based leave-in solutions and then sealing with a dry serum comprising argan, coconut, or macadamia oil.

  • Sexy Tousled Wavy Bob for Brunettes:

A ruffled beach wave is a classic short curly hairstyle that will never go out of style. However, it offers hair a bouncy, voluminous appearance when matched with a short haircut. Therefore, using a tapered wand to add definition to two- or three-day-old hair revitalizes it. And loosening waves with your fingertips relax your hair.

  • Jaw-Length Curly Messy Bob:

A jaw-length cut helps to define round and oval features by producing a halo that extends the contours of the face. Tight curls offer height and/or width where needed without the need for additional product or manipulation because of their inherent voluminous nature.

  • Messy Curly Pixie Hairstyle:

Longer pixie cuts look great on curly-haired women. The style is perfect for ladies with controllable looser waves. Cut adorable side bangs to let your thick, curly curls flow softly without irritating frizz.

  • Voluminous Short Curly Bob:

A poofy jaw-length bob will complement your short, naturally curly hair well. Part your thick, broad curls to the side or in the center to give a wonderful rounded form that flatters tiny ladies. Subtle highlights will add dimension to your lovely curls.

  • Nape-Length Curly Balayage Bob:

One of the best things about curly hair is that it has a nice texture with less effort and allows you to show off color variance with balayage. Because the lighter portions are interlaced and merged with the darker base, any highlights seem more natural with curly hair.

  • Brown Curly Hair with Highlights:

This retro 1980s hairstyle is making a comeback as more women cut their long locks and opt for short, thick wavy curls instead. Those with naturally curly hair, which can be readily styled with a decent hair product, will have the best success with this. A perm would be a low-maintenance alternative for people who do not have a natural kink in their hair.

  • Cute Pixie with Curly Bangs:

You’ll be surprised at how thick and healthy your natural waves can be if you shape your thin tresses into one of these elegant short hairstyles for curly hair. The pixie cut with a lot of height on top and sharply trimmed sides are stylish and trendy. For a more feminine look, add some long, side-swept curling bangs.

  • Curly Pixie with Shaved Nape:

Women with curly hair look for styles that can withstand changes in humidity and temperature throughout the day. A short curly pixie with sideburns and some height will never let you down. The shaved geometric motifs on the neck are a stylish and surprising feature.


  • Short Bob with Whipped Curls and Babylights:

Because monotone colors tend to obscure texture, a light highlighting job emphasizes each ringlet. Adding texture to a hairdo with a sea-salt spray and a light-hold hair mist makes it more fascinating.

  • Angled Brunette Bob with Messy Curls:

Layers and angles look great on naturally curly hair, so if you’re thinking about cutting your hair short, consider the angled bob! This hairstyle’s form maintains the unruly untamed curls in order and under control.

  • Jaw-length Curly Brown Bob with Highlights:

A well-shaped short bob will complement both thick and thin curly hair. Highlights will make your dark brown hair look more dimensional. For extra shine and eye appeal, add some subtle copper highlights.

  • Lob-to-Bob Transformation:

An overdone bob is so easy to turn into a versatile short hairstyle. By removing a bit long enough to get rid of damaged ends, your curly hair will grow back immediately. The slightly inverted shape and matching bangs are subtly sexy.

  • Jaw-Length Curly Brown Bob:

If you are looking for an easy-to-style haircut for your curly wavy hair, opt for a classic jaw-length bob with layered curls. The side parting helps control volume, and a cute little hair clip strategically placed in the front keeps long bangs out of your eyes.

  • Wavy Sassy Bob:

Curly hairstyles are elegant for showing off cute trendy cuts associated with salon dye jobs. The highlights and lowlights are like elegant swirls. The key to the present look is an angular cut, elongated towards the front, thus be clear once describing to your stylist precisely how you expect the hair to border your face.

  • Soft Brown and Caramel Wavy Bob:

There’s a lot you may do if you have quick wavy hair. The comfortable texture of your waves appears remarkable whilst reducing right into a bob. Add in caramel highlights to sincerely accessory your curls and convey lifestyles to the reduce. If you wish, you may upload aspect bangs that body your face nicely.

  • Short Curly Hairstyle with Long Face-Framing Pieces:

In this quiet cut, wildness borders with accuracy, and the herbal brown color is brightened through copper highlights. The elongated sideburns are a further element that permits you to make the coiffure certainly considered one among a kind.

The angled haircut has a fashionable but spunky vibe. It barely lifts the nape segment for an extra geometric form of the reduce that’s nevertheless softened with the aid of using curls. Short wavy hairstyles have by no means been extra female and classy.

  • Dark-Blonde Short Curly Hairstyle

Bronde hair colors are nice mediate shades that don’t need an excessive amount of commitment or maintenance. Therefore, pairing this hair with bangs and “wet” styling for wavy hair is certain to show heads.

Short curly hair

  • Inverted Bob for Black Curly Hair

A favorite preference of short, curly haircuts is a bob. However, this helps in shaping hair and keeping them straight. The jaw-period reduction is subtle and at the facet, and the long, bouncy facet bangs upload a sassy aptitude for your look.

  • Simple Short Hairstyle with Scrunched Curls

Not everybody has time within the morning to pay twenty minutes styling their hair to perfection. those that live on the go can appreciate an easy cut that enables them to air dry hair and acquire a cute hairstyle. you’ll use a special dry product, merely scrunch to form your ringlets and so get on your way.

   Black Tapered Pixie for Wavy Hair

Also, if you’re searching out short, wavy haircuts for girls with thick, hard-to-tame hair, attempt a short, tapered pixie with a voluminous top. The intently cropped nape facilitates managing quantity, and the outgrown bangs and aspect sections paintings with the fluffy waves to have fun with their quantity and unruly nature.

    Nape-Length Blonde Curly Bob

Blonde curls have dimension and definition like no alternative color. However, blondies are additionally the primary color to exhibit signs of damage. So deep condition once per week to repair the health of your hair.

    Short Bob with Long Edgy Layers

You ought to constantly attempt to place a bit little bit of your character into your hairstyle, so if you want to stay at the edgier facet of things, also choose lengthy choppy layers with a pixie to reduce. Therefore, if your hair is wavy, its stunning and low-upkeep reduce as a way to attempt in your subsequent salon appointment.

    Bouncy Curly Black Bob

Also, bouncy curls characterize moisturized and pampered locks. However, to acquire this coiffure for quick curly hair, scrunch in a lightweight leave-in conditioner with aloe vera or glycerin, therefore at the same time as the hair continues to be damp. After, gently diffuse with a blow-dryer on low heat.

   Curly Rusty Red Lob

If you want to embrace your wavy, crisp hair by belongings it grows out long. However, associate in Nursing full, you would possibly still need to {stay} an overall shape. Therefore, a center-parted inverted lob can stay slightly weighed down if you let the curls grow long enough. And the inverted angle offers you that sense of freedom and confidence that curly-haired ladies thrive on.

  Soft Curly Inverted Bob for Shorter Hair

Also, subtle caramel highlights cascade over a chocolate-brown base, therefore conveying a summery experience to any season. However, accompanied by gentle curls, this appearance is female and gentle. And sprinkle a salt spray and tousle with hands for a beach-equipped vibe.

Short curly hair


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