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Rustic Wedding Invitations Ideas

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A rustic wedding is identical to its rustic wedding invitations. Nowadays, more and more people choose a rustic theme as their wedding big theme. A rustic wedding theme usually uses nature for the decorations and details. No need for glitter and sparkling stuff, even just a green yard and wooden nuance could be enough. So this wooden and natural wedding theme also influences the wedding invitations. These rustic wedding invitations will complete and complement this theme.

Rustic wedding invitations are low-budget events than other kinds of invitations. Its simple characteristic helps much for the budget-saving. Overall, rusting wedding theme with its invitation is deeply connected with the go green campaign. So, rusting wedding invitations are much recommended for everyone.

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Rustic Wedding Theme Elements

As has been said before, a rustic wedding theme gathers big intention and more people are already planning their rustic weddings. But, there are still many people who need to know what the focus of the rustic wedding theme is, and what elements that represent the rustic wedding theme are.

So, here are three elements that must be present in the rustic wedding theme.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Rustic wedding themes are indoor events. It is really far away from expensive concepts such as weddings in hotels or other landmarks. The outdoor wedding venue is chosen to represent one of the elements of a rustic wedding. Usually, the venue is in a place with lots of trees or on a beach, it gives rustic vibes abundantly.

Wooden Decorations

Many wedding decorations are expected to match the whole theme of the wedding. So, if a couple chooses a rustic wedding theme then they need to prepare the right decorations. The decoration that represents an element of the rustic wedding the most is woods. As an example, rustic wedding invitations can be decorated with wooden cards or wooden designs. It can depend on your preference, of course.

Dried Flowers

The use of dried flowers is a must. Dried flowers speak about and represent nature directly. It also gives natural vibes. The use of dried flowers in decoration is from the start. To make the invitations look more beautiful.

Create Invitations

To create rustic wedding invitations, you don’t need a high budget. Honestly, if you have enough time you can make rustic wedding invitations by yourself. Creativity is the essence of preparing rustic invitations for weddings. But don’t leave these three ingredients to make your own rustic wedding invitations.


This ingredient is a must for rustic wedding invitations. You don’t need a plastic seal invitation; you just need twine to tie the invitations. But now, it can use to give a special vintage vibe matching the rustic wedding invitation theme. Twine is less expensive than another kind of tie or rope. You can just tie your invitation and decorate it with a simple heart symbol or maybe dried flowers. Twine is the symbol of marriage as tying the knot of two people. It is simple yet gives so much meaning, isn’t it?


Burlap is a fabric that uses grains sacks back in the day. But you can not just think it was unworthy. It is beautiful if used correctly. If you want to use a large piece of burlap, you can use it as a back layer of paper. It gives pretty contrast and vintage vibes. How about if you only want a small piece of burlap included? You can just use a strip of burlap and use it as a tie to bind all components of the invitations. Lastly, you could also use burlap as an envelope. In any way, burlap is really a good choice of ingredients to make your own rustic wedding invitations.


Lace is not a stranger to wedding decorations. But in rustic wedding invitations, lace can provide a balance between burlap and twine. You can use it in any way possible to tie, wrap, or maybe just to be a layer.

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