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Rustic Wedding Ideas

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Rustic wedding ideas may sound like the perfect option for a couple who are soon to be married. One of the great things about this theme of the wedding is that it doesn’t demand the lavishness of a traditional wedding. For instance, it should be held in big building such as hotels or specific landmarks. In other words, a rustic wedding is a more budget-friendly concept that is easy to create the perfect wedding.

Now, rustic wedding ideas are all about using nature as the one thing that inspires every aspect of the wedding. It could be anything as long as it has the nature name written all over it. Now, here are some of the ideas that are pretty easy and very much achievable to do for the couple.

Wedding cakes

A simple wedding cake with white frosting and decoration is the best cuisine. Natural ingredients are for this process. However, natural things such as bark and leaves are served on top of the wood table for rustic wedding ideas.

Wedding favor

Leave a better impression to everyone who presents at the wedding with simple, useful, and of course natural wedding favor or gifts such as handcrafted wood key chains, necklaces with wooden crafted pendants, or something else that made from a natural material

Wedding lights

Even if the wedding party doesn’t take place in the evening, having the arrangement of natural and of course, rustic wedding light is very possible. A simple paper lantern or string light with branches will add the touch nicely and they don’t even have to light up to create the effect.

Wedding decoration

A rustic wedding is very budget-friendly. The material is easily available and also is not heavy on the pocket for decoration. The couple can use tree trunks, twigs, branches, pine cones, dried flowers, hay bales, wheat, Mason jar glasses, and vintage touch.

Wedding guestbook

Stop using fancy guestbooks and use recycled material as the guest book. A book from recycled paper is of great use. This can also be anything from vintage plates and quilts.


Wedding centerpiece

The couple doesn’t have to spend tons of money to buy expensive flowers arrangement for their rustic wedding. They can use simple, natural, and minimalist centerpieces.

These are examples of easy rustic wedding ideas. They are not that hard to do and yet it has the same impact on creating the perfect wedding for the happy couple.

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