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reddish brown hair

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Reddish-brown hair colors are the popular hair colors of the season, ranging from subdued tints. Like chestnut to vivid colors like ginger beer. Still not convinced? Make your own decision. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest reddish-brown hair colors to try right now. We wouldn’t be shocked if you make an appointment with your colorist to tint your dark brown hair before you finish.

reddish-brown hair, also known as red-brown hair. It is a combination of numerous reds and browns, including auburn, mahogany, burgundy, copper, and chestnut.

The possibilities for combining red and brown tones are limitless. This multi-tonal hue goes beyond the basic red to create a more dramatic and rich combination that may instantly brighten and refresh your style!

Red browns have a wide color range, making them an extremely versatile color that may suit various skin tones. Shades that are browner rather than redder fit lighter skin tones, while those that are more on the red side of the spectrum suit tanned to dark complexion tones. Find red-brown hair color tones ideas for your next color session!


It’s not just one color. Red-brown hair comes in a wide range of colors, from fiery brunettes to coppers Opens in a new tab with a deep, cocoa texture.

Some clients like a whole head of a single red-meets-brown tint, while others prefer brown roots with red balayage Opens in a new tab.

Redish brown hair


There are a few guidelines every colorist should know before mixing the dreamiest autumn-ready hue, no matter what reddish-brown tint you’re making. Opens in a new window…


Assume you have dark brown hair. You want to add a touch of red to a new tab; in most situations, you’ll need to pre-lighten the portions where you want the red to show.

Try Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder as a basis for all-over lighting, which delivers up to seven levels of lift. Sweep Blondor Freelights through the mid-lengths and ends to get red-brown balayage. This freehand hair lightener is our go-to for easy-to-apply painterly accents.


There are several color options available for creating red-brown hair. Choosing one is determined by your client’s desired finish and amount of commitment. If they want a demi-permanent that fades smoothly, consider Color Touch, which features a range of Vibrant Reds and Pure Naturals that may be combined.

Color Fresh semi-permanent is suitable for ammonia-free color enhancement, whilst permanent Koleston Perfect and Illumina Color provide a longer-lasting, more powerful finish.


Before you mix up their perfect shade, discuss the degree of grey covering Opens in a new tab they desire with clients who want their red-brown hair to conceal silver strays. If complete, opaque coverage is desired, use Koleston Perfect, making sure to blend the appropriate amount of Rich Naturals or Pure Naturals into their target shade.

As a rule of thumb, apply 13 of a Naturals shade to hair that is 30 percent -50 percent grey and 12 of a Naturals shade to hair that is 50 percent -100 percent grey.

Best reddish-brown hair colors to try in 2022:

  • Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is the season’s trendiest reddish brown hair color, and once you see it, you’ll understand why. Ginger beer hair color is a wonderful combination of vivid ginger and deep brown, resulting in a warm and lively hue.

Because hair this vibrant can be difficult to manage. Therefore, we recommend replacing your usual shampoo and conditioner with the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner.

The shampoo is specially created for high-maintenance hair colors. So, gently cleansing to retain the brilliance of fast-fading hair colors, and the acidic conditioner thoroughly nourishes color-treated hair.

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  • Copper 

For anybody wishing to rock a reddish-brown hair color, copper hair color is the gold standard.

It’s the more subdued sibling of ginger beer hair color, and it’s ideal for anybody searching for a more subtle approach to appreciate red hair.

  • Soft Copper

If you like the appearance of copper hair but prefer a more subdued color, go for mild copper.

You’ll still receive the warmth of copper hair color, but with some much-needed brown undertones for depth.

  • Crimson

This crimson tint combines equal parts rich brown and vivid flaming red to create a unique color.

  • Brunette-To-Red Ombre

If you like reddish-brown hair hues, you’ll adore this precise interpretation of the trend. Secondly, Choose a brown-to-red ombre for a finished appearance that incorporates all of the reddish-brown tones.

  • Chestnut 

Are you looking for a reddish-brown tint that leans towards a brunette? Chestnut is the ideal color for you.

Light brown colors can get brassy after a few weeks, so replace your usual shampoo and conditioner with the Matrix Total Results Brass Off system to help keep undesirable brass away.

  • Chocolate Cherry

If you like red but aren’t ready to part with your dark hair, try chocolate cherry. Begin with a dark chocolate base and have your colorist hand paint tones of vivid red onto your strands using the balayage method.

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This is mahogany. Mane of dreams opens in a new tab. Color Touch in 7/73 + 7/0 + 7/4 is to get this glossy, glowy appearance.

Toning in a loose wave merely enhances the high-shine finish, with each curve and curl catching the light most beautifully.


It’s the first color that comes to mind because it hits the perfect blend of chocolaty depth and burnished crimson.

Saara Johansson Opens in a new tab utilizing Color Touch 5/1 + 5/97 + 5/75 + 1,9 percent (1:2) through the roots, followed by Koleston Perfect 6/7+5/43 + 1,9 percent (1:2) in the lengths for this auburn hair Opens in a new tab color. Therefore, Color Touch 7/73 + 9/97 + 1.9% (1:2) was used to generate those delicate lighter parts, giving dimension to the overall image.


It appears that a Color Touch combination of 4/5+1,9 percent (1:2) and 77/45+1,9 percent (1:2) swept through locks, resulting in brunette roots and deep red ends.

Finally, Color Fresh CREATE in Next Red uses to add a pop of color. So, clients who try this look at home may keep it bold with the temporary Color Fresh Mask in Red.


We’re smitten with this brown-to-red balayage since it’s always in style. Millie from The Hair Room Melbourne Opened a new tab started with Blondor, washed it off, and then used Color Touch as a toner, using 20g 7/43 + 10g 6/4 + 60g 1,9%.

This recipe smoothes all over and is left to dry for 15 minutes. Resulting in a striking contrast between the deep, brown foundation and the coppery accents.


Red-brown hair becomes ultra-dark in these cherrywood waves, which are demi-permanent Color Touch.

If you want to try 7/73 + 7/4, then allow it to develop under mild heat for a burnished brown that’s beyond brilliant.

reddish brown hair


Amanda Leaman calls it “sun-kissed sriracha.” This light red-brown hair color contains chocolate, spice, and everything pleasant – with a little Color Touch tossed in for good measure.

For a scattering of lowlights, she used 7/0 + 7/73 + a line of 7/43. For instance, it opens in a new tab before glossing over with 8/73 + 8/43.


Maintaining reddish-brown hair is a collaborative effort from both you and your customer. Give them the color-reviving recommendations they need and suggest they schedule touch-up sessions every six to eight weeks.

If you’re wondering what items to recommend and we’ve compiled a list of three that make DIY maintenance simple. Here’s what they require…


INDIGO Color Brilliance Shampoo, that pH-optimizes particularly for colored hair, helps red-brown locks stay longer.

There are two designs available for every wash. So, one for fine or regular hair and one for coarser strands.


The color-depositing INDIGO Color Recharge Conditioner is available in three shades. Moreover, Red, Warm Red, and Cool Brunette – are ideal for weekly touch-ups.

Help your customer choose the appropriate treatment for their red-brown hair color based on whether it is more brunette or burgundy.

COLOR FRESH MASK for Reddish brown hair:

The Color Fresh Mask, which is brand new and beautifully bold, is available in 12 colors. Also, provides the ideal combination of deep conditioning and color-depositing.

There are two brown shades and two vibrant reds. Therefore, each with a bit of a tint that can rejuvenate your client’s hair at home in less than 10 minutes.

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