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Face Compact Powder

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Face Compact Powder

This compact powder evens out skin tone and conceals flaws. It gives a long-lasting, soft, and covering texture. Its non-comedogenic and fragrance-free formula makes it ideal for sensitive skin and makes it possible for the skin to breathe freely.

The powder is fine and silky, with a compacted texture, silky touch, and no powdery effect.

It creates a light make-up that leaves no traces. This product uses the most up-to-date lipophilic and hydrophobic technology to provide powerful oil control techniques while not absorbing water from the skin, giving you 12 hours of oil-free makeup and preventing makeup flaking. Setting powder is applied to blur fine lines and pores, giving you an embossed look.

It is best for daily use and easy to carry.

Matte Powder – With this moisturizing powder that absorbs excess oil, you can effortlessly achieve matte coverage. Our Powder has a light coating that helps to reduce shine without interfering with makeup.

Complementary Puff: 

It includes a powder puff for each user; it has a stronger powder grasping force and a more uniform powder extraction. A soft PU leather surface with ribbon is available for dry and wet cleaning. This has more consistent powder extraction and higher powder gripping force. It makes your makeup more delicate and enlightening with this high-density hard sponge that is pleasant to the touch. It is comprised of polyester with one layer of cotton; it’s a dense, high-density puff that is gentle to the touch, perfect for delicate make-up and laying down.

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