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15 Recommended Nordstrom Mother of the Bride Dresses

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nordstrom mother-of-the-bride dresses become another type of mother-of-the-bride dress you can look up to. The style is quite popular right now and the fact that many mothers like to wear it more than others is gaining attention. What is the reason behind the love this type of dress gets in the past days? Maybe it is the design? Or maybe it is the materials? You need to find out more about it.

There are many types of dresses for the mother of the bride. But only some of them are often used at a wedding party. It can be the hesitation of some of them to choose a new style of dress that becomes the reason not many of the mothers of the bride wear Nordstrom dresses.

Nordstrom Mother of the Bride Dresses

But start from here, you can consider the use of a Nordstrom dress for your mother. There are many people you can check as designers’ mothers of the bride dresses. If you don’t have any recommendations before, you can follow through with the explanation in the next part.

There will be a recommendation about Nordstrom dresses for the mother of the bride. Make sure to read until the last part to make sure you already found the best dresses for the mother of the bride. Here it is!

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15 Recommended Nordstrom Mother of the Bride Dresses for You

No need to talk about it more, let’s find out some recommendations we have compiled special only for you.

1. Adrianna Papell Lace Gown

One of the dresses from Adrianna’s papell lace gown matches the definition of a mother bride’s evening dress. This dress is a floor-length gown. So it is perfect for an evening party.

2. Alex Evenings Embellished Illusion Sweetheart A-Line Gown

Alex Evenings is one of the dress brands that produced many types of mother-of-the-bride dresses. Like this embellished illusion sweetheart A-line gown which is the perfect fit for almost every woman.

3. Alex Evenings Embroidered Sequin Sheath Dress

Another dress from Alex Evenings that can be fit for the Nordstrom mother of the bride dresses style is embroidered sequin sheath dress. It has three-quarter sleeves so comfortable to wear by the mother.

4. Alex Evenings Lace Yoke Ruched Gown

The next dress still comes from Alex Evenings’ brand is a lace yoke ruched gown. This dress was made perfectly for an evening to a nighttime wedding party. The style of ruching at one of the sides can disguise your unflattered tummy and give curves elegantly.

5. ASTR the Label Lace Midi Dress

ASTR also has a Nordstrom-style dress for the mother of the bride. It is named the label lace midi dress. The floral lace fabrics become the materials of this dress. And the use of eggplant color is a great touch of elegance for it.

6. Asymmetrical Spaghetti Dress

Some of the asymmetrical dresses come with Nordstrom style too. Like this asymmetrical dress with a spaghetti strap for example. It is really good to give the mother of the bride feminine and young vibes.

7. Bardot Midnights Lace Dress

If you want another recommendation brand, you can check out Bardot. Bardot released many types of Nordstrom dresses and many of them were created by designer mother-of-the-bride dresses. It gives a modern look to the mother of the bride.

8. Bardot Shadow Stripe Faux-Wrap Midi Dress

The next recommendation from the Bardot brand is this shadow stripe faux wrap midi dress. The midi-length along with its high-waisted style flattering for anyone to see. This brand is a good brand for a modern look dress.

9. Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Longina Trumpet Gown

The mother of the bride can also try to wear this type of trumpet gown. This dress comes from the Chiara Boni brand from Italy. The dress is made from high-end fabric and has a good cut for the mother.

10. Eliza J Ruffle Hem Sheath Dress

So come to the tenth recommendation of Nordstrom dress for your mother of the bride. It is a dress from Eliza J Ruffle style with a hem sheath dress. Also, the flounced sleeves are great to embrace unflattered arms and the ruffled hem can make the movement easier for the mother.

11. Embroidered Midi Dress

You can also check out this embroidered midi dress from JS Collections. Maybe mother will love these three-quarter sleeves dress more.

12. Pisarro Nights Beaded V-Neck Lace Illusion Gown

Another type of mother bride evening dress is this beaded v-neck lace illusion gown. It is from lace materials which comfortable to use. Moreover, the plus point is you can get the plus-size dress here.

13. Soutache Lace Midi Dress

As a mother who prefers a midi dress, you can also check this lace midi dress from JS Collections. Soutache applique makes great patterns for the dress, so when the mother wears it in pink she will look younger and lovely.

14. Soutache Mesh Dress

Have you ever checked out this soutache mesh dress? It also comes from JS Collections. However, the dress was made to embrace every woman’s body type. So, the trumpet-cut dress along with cap sleeves will make a perfect look for every mother.

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15. Vince Camuto Ruche Body-Con Dress

The last recommendation for the mother of the bride with Nordstrom style is Vince Camuto ruche body-con dress. Therefore, this dress is especially for mothers with a plus-size body. So don’t hesitate to choose it to wear by the mother of the bride.


That is all we have compiled about Nordstrom mother-of-the-bride dresses for your recommendation sources. Do you find any dress you can suit the mother of the bride? And if you think you want to make some change, you can any dress above as inspiration and model.  So, don’t take any longer and go make the mother of the bride dress now!

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