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Mother of the Groom Dresses

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A wedding is a party for all members of the family. It’s not only the couple who want to look perfect, but both their mother also wants to look stunning at the party. A wedding picture that looks nice is something important to be memorized for their grandchildren in the coming years. There is some traditional etiquette for the mother of the groom to find the right dresses:

  • The bride has to choose the wedding dresses first, to find out the wedding dresses theme and gift
  • After the bride chooses the dress, the tradition called the mother of the bride to pick the dress first, then confirms to the mother of the groom to choose the dress that doesn’t have to be the same but complements one another. It’s an important step to avoid clashing dresses
  • Match with the wedding theme’s color. Both color and style. I suggest you not wear a white, bright color and similar color to the bride or bridesmaids dresses because people’s eyes have to focus only on the bride. The mother of the groom should dress not wear a black dress. Tradition etiquette said not to wear black color because it shows sadness

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Mother of the groom dresses
  • Mother of the groom’s dresses should match with wedding dress length and formality. Whether you want to have a formal gown, a shirt dress for a beach party, long dresses for a conservative wedding, and a skirt or jacket ensemble for an informal wedding, they should be compromised with the mother of the bride, and of course, the bride. Remember, the dresses are based on the theme!
  • It’s good if you bring the bride’s gown material when you go shopping, so you have a description of the bride’s dresses. So, the mother of the groom’s dress will match the bride’s dress. Remember, it will be good in the picture if the whole family has the same theme dresses
  • Order your dress six months from the big day, or at least 2-3 months. Two weeks before the wedding, the mother of the groom’s dress is already.
  • Don’t forget to prepare shoes and jewelry to match the theme. A long necklace is perfect with a simple shirt dresses

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