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Mother of the bride dresses

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At most wedding parties, how the mother of the bride’s dress should be can be a challenging thing. Some people said a mother of the bride’s dress should not be brighter than the dress of the bride. Some said it must be something that is motherly. But one thing is for sure, the wedding will also be a special moment for the mother because it is her daughter’s wedding.

There are some tips to have a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride dress. Moreover, it is important for wearing a beautiful mother-of-bride dress because the mother will need it for the family photo session.

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Ask the concept

The mother of the bride’s dress should be similar to the couple. How formal its dress should be, what color palette they thinking about, and how is the style they go for. Usually, they use a pastel color, a soft violet, or a green mint for weddings. Avoid white, broken white, or similar neutral dress matching that are too close to the bride’s dress so the bride will look stunning on the show.

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Communicate with the mother of the groom

In a traditional way, the mother of the bride picks her outfits first and then sets the tone for what the mother of the groom should wear. Nowadays, who buys first doesn’t really matter as they are comfortable with the dress. The mother of the bride also has to communicate with the mother of the groom to make sure they don’t clash. They should not be the same cutting, but make sure if the photographer takes their picture together it will look match. Remember, they will get a lot of pictures at the wedding.

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Choose your style

Before the style is chosen, make sure to take the weather and cultural customs into account when finding the dress. Today, the ceremony takes place on the beach. It is okay to have a strapless dress, something that you wouldn’t wear at a wedding ceremony. Make sure the style is based on the concept the couple wants even if it’s still representing mom herself.

Scheduled the time

It is really important to recommend starting to make the mother of the bride dress six months earlier. The couple’s dresses should be done when the mother of bride dresses starts to make. There is a lot of time to manage with the couple, how the dress gonna be in the attire, to shop, to design, fit, and to make the mother of the bride dress look perfect on the show.

Match it

If the mother of bride dresses are already complete, what should be thought of is accessories. Don’t forget, accessories may look small but it’s complete the whole look. Make sure that accessories match the mother-of-the-bride dress concept and represent the mom style itself. Pick the simple and elegant to fit with the dress. When accessories have done it is important to think about the hair, makeup, and shoes. Make sure that everything matches the concept.

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