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Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

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Long sleeve wedding dresses are the best option a bride with a petite bride can choose for her wedding dress. This is one of the gold tips you have to know, especially for you who always have trouble finding a dress for your petite body. But that is not the only problem.

Sometimes, a woman with a petite body also has trouble balancing some parts of her body shape. This is why you always have to think carefully before choosing your wedding dress. There are some types of wedding dresses that can accentuate your petite body greatly.

All those dresses are the type of dresses which we will learn from this explanation. So, all of you petite brides out there can know which wedding dresses are best for you. Especially for this type of long sleeve wedding dress which is very great for a petite body.

So let’s find out all the dresses from the list below!

10 Best Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Ball for Petite Brides

As you have known from the first explanation above, long sleeve wedding dresses or ball gowns may be the best option you have for your petite body. Moreover, it also has many types of cuts and designs. So you don’t have to worry your body will not suit the dress.

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There are 10 dresses to be recommendations for you. All of them can be found on the list below. May the recommendations can help you in the preparation for your wedding day.

1. A-Line Knee-Length Square Long Sleeve Dress

This dress is a knee-length dress, so it is good to make you look taller. And the long sleeve can balance your upper body part.

2. A-Line White Satin V-Neck Long Sleeve Backless Wedding Dress

Another type of dress you can wear with your petite body is this A-line dress. It is made from satin material and the backless makes your body look even greater.

3. Bateau Long Sleeve Sheath Dress

You know bateau dress right? It is a dress with a Sabrina neckline and become one of the long sleeve wedding dress ball gowns you can choose. So it showcases more part of your neckline. Surely great for petite brides like you.

4. Boho White V-Neck Two Pieces Lace ¾ Sleeve Wedding Dress

If you are hesitant to wear long sleeve dress, this ¾ sleeve can be an alternative. It also has a boho style which is suitable for today’s trend.

5. Flowy Illusion Tulle Pleated Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

A pleated dress with a flowy illusion can also be your best option for a wedding dress. It is made from tulle and creates an illusion of a more balanced body shape as one of the long sleeve wedding dress ball gown types.

6. Ivory White Mermaid Lace Long Sleeve See-Through Dress

The long sleeve of the dress can also be customed so it doesn’t look boring. For example, you can create a long sleeve with see-through materials. And of course, it will be even greater as one of the long sleeve wedding dress mermaid type of dress.

7. Ivory White Tulle Sequins Mermaid Long Sleeve Backless Dress

This dress is also made from tulle materials. The mermaid shape of the dress can also accentuate your sexy curve greatly.

8. Light Champagne Mermaid Round Neck Long Sleeve Lace Dress

Another long sleeve wedding dresses mermaid cut you can find is this light champagne mermaid dress. It has a round neck and makes your pretty neckline showcase beautifully.

9. Mermaid Lace Beading Long Sleeve Dress

The long sleeve of the wedding dress can also be made with beading material. This is what can you do to your wedding dress too. So you can get the best spotlight on your wedding day.

10. Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Backless Lace Wedding Dress

The last recommendation you can get for your wedding dress is this shoulder long sleeve backless wedding dress. It is a very great dress for your petite body, so consider this option carefully.

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That is all the 10 recommendations of long sleeve wedding dresses. If you are wearing one of the dresses above on your wedding day, you will surely awe everyone who sees you. Be the bride who catches everyone’s attention as it should be

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