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How to use scalp scrub: why you should use a scalp scrub

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scalp scrub

You probably heard about face scrub and body scrub but have you ever heard about scalp scrub? In this article, we will briefly discuss what a hair scrub is? Why you should use hair scrubs. Different types of hair scrubs for different types of hair according to their needs. What kind of ingredients are present in the scrub to get excellent results and give great results. How to choose the best scrub for your hair to prevent hair-related problems. Understand your hair type and pick the best scrub to cure hair-related issues.

probably you have been washing your hair and conditioning your hair since you are born until now.

Both scalp health and hair health are different from each other and how to go take care of both is very important. 

Some products are made for hair and you can not use them as a scrub because these contain different properties. 

Scalp scrub cone into play the time you are introduced to it. It could be used for any reason like dandruff, oily scalp, irritated scalp, and dry scalp. We will talk about hair problems that can be cured through scalp scrubs. But you need to know enough about scalp scrub to choose the best scrub according to your requirements and get excellent results.

What is scalp scrub?

As the name indicate the scalp scrub can be used on the scalp as an exfoliator to scrub hair and remove dead cells. Just the way we use a body scrub to exfoliate skin and remove dead cells from our body. Body scrub also removes dirt, and excess oil and leaves the body smooth and soft. Scalp scrub has this same benefit as we use body scrub but these scrubs are made differently. You should use scalp scrubs on the scalp and body scrubs on the body.

scalp scrub

Why you should use a scalp scrub

Typically the glands on the top of the head function similarly to be able to the glands in your face. That they produce oil that maintains the fitness of the hair and skin area. But if this kind of oil builds way up to excess, shampoo or conditioner might not exactly be sufficient to be able to clean it most away. That’s in which a physical or perhaps chemical defoliant will come in. In this kind of way, scrubs support reduce potential soreness and dandruff due to excess oil. Until you manage the scalp by taking away dead skin cellular material and buildup, the hair growth may be stunted. This can bring about early hair loss. Even more, scrubs can remove build-up due to hair goods — particularly if you don’t rinse your hair daily or use dried shampoo.

scalp scrub

Your top-of-the-head concern or kind of hair decides your key component

So you’re prepared to purchase ahead scrub? First, you have to determine your head type to ensure that a person can tailor your scrub for your requirements. Not to point out, some ingredients that will work for greasy scalps might not be the very best for those with dried-out scalps. If a person understands more compared to one scalp scenario, you may discover it useful to alternate with or even rotate the suitable products in your routine.

Defoliants may be boiled straight down into 2 main categories: physical plus chemical.

Physical wash

These are created using ingredients that scrub the surface area of your pores and skin or scalp.

Including, but not limited to:

  • sodium
  • sugars
  • charcoal
  • clay-based
  • nut products
  • plant components
  • fruit pits

The particular larger the defoliant pieces, the greater intense the scrub will certainly be. This will be why some are concerned that more harsh scrubs could trigger micro-tears in the particular skin if utilized vigorously. However, a few find that smaller-sized physical defoliants are usually gentler on the particular skin than something else.

Chemical defoliant

These are created using ingredients that chemically slough off lifeless skin cells. The particular major chemical defoliants you’ll find are usually alpha hydroxy stomach acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs).

These ingredients can sometimes be available in typically the form of:

  • glycolic chemical p
  • lactic chemical p
  • salicylic acid

When you’re DIY from home, you have got nothing more things to take into account

Not sure you need to invest in the scalp scrub coming from the store? A person can simply make your mixture from home.

But you will want to end up being careful with just what you use  DIY body scrubs are often too tough for the top of the head, so pay awareness to the materials.

Ingredients to apply

The following happens to be all okay to be able to use as defoliants:

  • finely ground sodium, including sea sodium,
  • brown or granulated sweets
  • clay

Just make sure you pair them having an oil platform to lessen typically the abrasiveness. For case in point:

  • sweet almond engine oil
  • jojoba oil
  • argon oil
  • coconut oil

Also, you can add baby or aloe to be able to help soothe soreness.

Ingredients to stop

Extremely coarse salts, peanuts, and seeds may create micro-tears. Undiluted essential oils might cause burns or soreness. If your frizzy hair is colored, possibly be careful to not use anything acid, such as lemon juice, which could change your dye. When you have a skin ailment, talk to your doctor before use

Talk to your doctor before utilizing a scrub when you have:

  • acne pimples
  • dermatitis
  • open pores

These types of conditions can help to make your scalp a lot more sensitive to the peeling off, resulting in a lot more irritation and swelling.

Use your clean hand instead before you shampoo in the shower.


Takes place fingers to softly massage the clean at the beginnings of your respective hair together with rinse out having water. Make confident to follow way up to your scrub by having a conditioner or perhaps a hair mask. Precisely how often you employ your mask can be totally up to be able to you and just how the scalp feels. In the event you wash your mane often, you could only have to be able to exfoliate once just about every few weeks. In the event you use many hair products or else you don’t wash your mane regularly, try removing dry skin once a full week. Avoid exfoliating even more than once or perhaps twice a full week, as this may end up frustrating your scalp.

To assist maximize your effects

You can even add a great exfoliating brush directly into your routine. Treatment is frequent among thick or even coiled types of hair.

Scrubs, the two physical and chemical substances, slough off the particular product buildup, excessive oil, and deceased skin cells that will shampoo isn’t in a position to. While perfect for some, scalp scrubs may well not be your current best guess in the event you have a fundamental skin condition. Generally, talk to some sort of doctor should you have virtually any questions or considerations. In case the scrub brings about an irritation, discontinue applying until you’re ready to speak having a dermatologist or perhaps other doctors.

is there any difference between a Clarifying Shampoo or a conditioner?

Scalp scrubs and clarifying shampoos are two different categories. A remaining hair scrub focuses on exfoliating your remaining hair and promoting a healthy base. However, make clear shampoo on a deep head to clean the hair.

remaining hair scrubs are a much more intensive version of your clarifying shampoo. The greatest difference is the fact scalp scrubs use ingredients from the skincare world and may specifically increase remaining hair health. 

The remaining hair scrubs are great for scalp arousal, but be certain to never over-use them as this could make the remaining hair sore and young. Over-scrubbing can do more harm than good. Neither product should provide daily. It’s like proceeding to a spa to get a facial. use these products at most 2 times a week. For anyone with a more sensitive scalp, purpose to use a hair scrub once a month.

how to Make a DO IT YOURSELF Scalp Scrub

Coconut Oil and Honey Scrub


  • 1.25 cup of coconut oil
  • 3/4 glass sugar
  • 5-6 droplets of peppermint petrol
  • 1 tablespoon apple vinegar, use apple beer vinegar with care as it can cause an itching scalp due to its acidic properties.
  • 1 tablespoon darling

First, the sugars act as a natural defoliant. A good essential oil, like peppermint, is an all-natural inflammatory, plus soothing to the head. Finally, adding calming honey helps calm the scalp while minimizing dandruff.

Avocado and Himalayan The particular sea salt Wash


  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 2 tablespoons raw sugar for an exfoliator
  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil for moisture
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil for moisture

“Overall, with DIY masks, the molecules of natural ingredients are so large that they often don’t permeate the hair strands to offer maximum benefits. But, when making a DO-IT-YOURSELF mask, look for exfoliating and adding nourishment to ingredients that you observe in your preferred tresses masks.

Avocado and Tea Tree Brown-sugar Scrub


  • 0.5 teaspoon brown sugars
  • 1 teaspoon avocado essential oil
  • 2 teaspoon of tea woods essential oil

It works Incredible as a hair oil treatment and is great to include in your preferred hair face mask. notes to miss out on green tea tree oil if your current hair shampoo already includes it.

When should We use a head scrub?

When you use a head scrub depends upon hair type, how much product you’re using daily, and how much build-up you have. In common, it’s safe that you should use a head scrub once per week.

 this is an excellent tip on how to use hair scrub and what it is. 

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