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How To Use Lip Pencil Perfectly

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Lip Pencil

A Lip pencil is used to explain the contour of the lips. It also extends the durability of the lipstick. It prevents the lipstick from spreading. You can easily correct the shape of the lips by using a pencil. Lip pencils are colorless. Colorless pencils are often called invisible sketches. Contour pencils are hard, wooden, and well sharpened. So it is easy to make clear contours. A thin and thick stylus will clearly show the shape of the lips. A thicker pencil will thicken the lips and create a more stained make-up effect. The pencil line must be shaded to achieve a natural effect. The shade of the pencil should be darker if you want to intensify the color of the lipstick. You should cover the entire surface of the lips with gloss if you want to make the lips plumper.

Lip Pencil

Types of lip pencils

Silicone or wax-based

Its composition includes wax, silicone, and natural resin. It aligns the skin of the lips and makes them smooth and soft. It changes the face well and is suitable for those people who use pastel shades, or for age-related makeup.


This is a very tough pencil that will require an expert to apply. It stays on the lips long time. You don’t have to set it several times a day.

Pencil stick

It completely looks like lipstick. So it is so easy to apply and pulls the contour well. This lipstick pencil is also the best choice for instant makeup.


Lip pencil (like any other) can have a different density – from hard to soft. If you need a pencil every day, a medium-density cosmetic product is the best choice. It is comfortable to work with, it blends perfectly and holds lipstick or gloss.

Lip Pencil


The pencil must contain safe ingredients. Given that the lips do not have a protective lipid layer, they are more intense than the rest of the face are exposed to external influences. When choosing a suitable cosmetic product, pay attention to the presence of care components in the composition: beeswax, vitamin E, aloe extract, as well as various cosmetic oils (coconut, castor, etc.).

  1. With the help of oils (coconut, cocoa) you can moisturize and soften the lips. They are suitable for those who have dry, flaky lips. Additionally, they may include vitamins A, E, and aloe vera.
  2. Waterproof pencils contain silicone. It is responsible for the perfect contour, and also fills the skin of the lips, removing bumps.
  3. Soft and wide pencils contain many softening and nourishing additives that care for the lips. Therefore, they have such a delicate and soft structure.

Benefits of Lip Pencil

  1. It will not allow lipstick to spread.
  2. They can outline the desired contour of the lips.
  3. You can create the perfect shape of the lips and visually reduce or enlarge them.
  4. This is a good base under lipstick or instead of it.


How to use a Lip Pencil

Separate your lips slightly then apply lip liner by using short strokes. Try to follow the natural shape of your lips for a more natural look. If your skin starts to tingle as soon as you draw a pencil on your upper and lower lips.

Follow the upper and lower line of your lips with the help of lip liner. Then blur it on your upper and lower lips with the help of your finger so that there are no noticeable lines behind. Lip liner works as a base coat to prepare your lips for lipstick. After applying your lipstick, soften the edges with a lip liner to blend everything.

Why lips pencil

It makes a perfect contour and is ideal for people whose lip contour is vague or non-existent. Also, a lip pencil straightens the shape of the lips. However, it serves as a base for lipstick. Therefore, this product can be used instead of lipstick and helps in not spreading the color of lipstick.

mirror makeup

How to properly Line Lips-Lip Pencil

First, you should powder your lips or cover them with a tunnel foundation.

Gently draw with a pencil along the contour of the lips, with a thin stroke. However, outline the upper lip first, then the lower lip. Although you need to start from the center, then from the corners. Therefore, you do not need to press too hard. Try to make the lines a little visible. You should pay attention to the center of the upper lip. Perhaps, blend the pencil from the inside with a brush or cotton swab and apply lipstick or gloss.

Top 10 Best Lip Pencils

1. Kate Von D Everlasting

In a palette of 50 shades, both the modest and the notorious rebel will find their ideal color for lip makeup. However, the automatic pencil has a precise tip for detailed contour drawing. Therefore, the product itself has a dense creamy texture and an excellent level of color rendering, guaranteeing a bright and uniform result in one touch. Due to its water resistance, the product is not afraid of snacks and tea parties, while it can be easily removed by any make-up remover. The pencil has a natural semi-matte finish, but if you are using it as a base color, prep your lips carefully. Otherwise, Lip Liner will treacherously emphasize wrinkles and peeling.

Lip Pencil

2. NYX professional makeup Slim Lip Pencil

NYX lip pencils are well applied (although you will have to get used to the creamy texture), they emphasize the lips favorably. As part of coconut oil and Shea (shea), you don’t have to worry about delicate skin. Even waxes of an organic origin; cosmetics do not cause peeling. There are as many as 32 shades to choose from – even a very picky customer will find “their” color! The manufacturer offers matte and pearl effects. Alas, when sharpening, the lead can be smeared; this makeup is not for beginners. In general, it is praised for its richness of color, softness of application, and lasting power throughout the day.


3. Sensai Silky Design Rouge-Lip Pencil

Sensai’s multifunctional product combines the properties of a contour pencil, lipstick, and lip balm. The stick has a pointed shape, which simplifies contouring, and thanks to the silky creamy texture, the product easily and evenly lays down on the entire surface of the lips in a dense layer. The lipstick contains sunflower seed oil and silk extract, thanks to which it intensively nourishes, softens, moisturizes, and smoothes lips. The tool is present in 5 basic shades with a muted cream finish, among which a representative of any color type will find her ideal option.


4. Sothys Lip Contour Pencil

Sothys Universal Liner Pencil is the perfect complement to any lipstick. The elastic transparent texture is enriched with waxes and oils, which endows the product with optimal softness and ease of gliding. The product leaves behind an invisible transparent barrier that will keep the created ideal shape of the lips throughout the day. The tool does not provoke stickiness and rolling of the main product and has excellent durability. A pencil in a wooden case does not break when sharpened, which makes it economical.

Lip Pencil

5. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil

The product is a plastic case, requires sharpening, and has a soft creamy texture. The tool easily falls on the lips with a uniform, dense and bright color. Instantly hardening, the contour does not tighten or dry delicate skin thanks to vitamins A and E in the composition. The product with a matte finish is present in 15 universal shades, some of them contain a micro-shimmer. Urban Decay Waterproof Pencils have received top marks from professionals for their comfortable gliding formula and amazing staying power.


6. Shik Lipstick Pencil

A lipstick pencil created by a Russian make-up artist will highlight the attractiveness of your lips. The tool in a wooden case has a dense creamy texture, thanks to which it lies on the skin in a rich and even layer with one touch. The Shik Lipstick Pencil palette features 5 universal shades with warm and neutral undertones, each of which will perfectly fit into any makeup. Lipstick with a natural semi-matte finish lasts up to 6 hours and does not accentuate peeling. The formula of the product is enriched with shea butter and castor oil, which nourish, soften, moisturize and protect delicate skin from adverse external factors.


7. C’est Moi Luminary Lip Crayon-Lip Pencil

The texture of this lip liner is very creamy and hydrating, which means it acts like a tinted balm. Also, line and fill in the crease, then relax knowing the formula is 100% vegan. The dermatologist tested and clinically for hypoallergenic, and free of toxic ingredients like mineral oil, talc, and propylene glycol. Because the last thing you want is toxic ingredients on your lips.

8. Dior Rouge Ink Lip Liner

With Dior lip ink, even a beginner can handle the accurate study of the lip contour. Also, the tool in a plastic ergonomic case is equipped with a thin felt tip. However, the Rouge Ink Lip Liner palette contains six predominantly cold shades for evening make-up with an emphasis on lips. Moreover, the product has a liquid yet elastic texture that quickly sets to the skin without fading even after snacking, kissing, and contact with liquids. Therefore, the highly pigmented liner with a matte finish easily and evenly lays on the lips without emphasizing imperfections, and the contour retains its ideal look until make-up removal.


9. Bourjois Levres Contour Edition

The creamy texture will take some getting used to if you want a smooth contour. But otherwise, this is a real gift for practical and caring girls. Provides an even matte finish. However, it is useful in autumn and winter with their sudden precipitation. Also, the manufacturer promises durability during the working day, although reviews say otherwise. Another nuance is that it grinds quickly, and requests a refrigerator for storage, and subsequent sharpening. Therefore, there are 14 colors to choose from for any lipstick.

10. Babor Lip Liner

It’s not just a lip liner; Babor Lip Liner is a professional contouring product. On one end there is a stylus, on the other a brush for shading. A good tool for traveling masters and beauty salons! Although the composition contains caring sunflower oil, vegetable waxes, and vitamin E. Such cosmetics do not dry the skin, do not roll at the end of the day, and are suitable for anti-age makeup. However, there are 4 shades to choose from, the palette is closer to natural shades (nude). Creamy texture, after a classic finish (radiance). Also, the manufacturer promises a waterproof effect, but there is no exact information about the composition (and fixing substances). Therefore, before sharpening, it is better to hold it in a cold place so that the stylus is not lubricated.

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