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How to Use Hair Serum Perfectly

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Hair serum is usually a thick substance, often with an oil or gel structure, and comes in a small bottle. It is the essence of powerful repairing and nourishing ingredients. Therefore, its task is to instantly improve the appearance of hair. However, the serum acts not only on the cuticle but also on its surface, nourishing damaged, unruly, frizzy, dry, and weak hair.

hair serum

What is Hair Serum

Hair serum is a product of silicone, which covers each hair like a film, making it smoother and protecting it from the environment. However, unlike oils, serums, for the most part, do not penetrate the hair and do not change its structure. Therefore, there are a huge number of different types and brands of serums on the market these days that you can try and decide which serum suits you best. It is a treatment that makes the hair manageable and gives it softness and shine. Also, good hair serums should provide hair with reliable protection. Therefore, it helps against ultraviolet rays, dust, atmospheric pollution, and other negative environmental influences.

Types of Hair Serum

Serum gel

The gel-like texture is characteristic of serums for scalp care. However, these products have a moisturizing and refreshing effect. Although they contain appropriate components (plant extracts or special molecules), they can promote hair growth.

Serum oil

The most common format is a light oil concentrate, which may include oils, fatty acids, and silicones. However, this envelopes each hair, giving curls shine and creating protection, including from dehydration.

Serum lotion

It is a liquid with active ingredients, the action of which is aimed at increasing the density and strengthening of hair. However, it is best for the scalp.

How to choose Hair Serum

Several main types are used in choosing a hair serum.

1. To restore shine

As a rule, such a tool with keratin and oils smooths the structure of the hairs. However, it is produced most often in the form of a spray.

2. For growth

It contains vitamins with minerals that provide good nutrition.

3. For moisturizing and restoring

It is suitable for dry ends and is helpful along the entire length.

How to apply

1. You need to require a few amounts of drops of serum into the palm of your hand. Also, then carefully rub the serum between your arms. It relies upon the period and thickness of your hair. So that you will want six drops of serum. Therefore, the serum is best implemented on slightly damp hair after washing.
2. Tilt your head forward so your hair hangs down in the front of your face. start applying the serum to the hair, passing it between the palms of your hands, and gradually moving from the tips to the roots.
3. Pull your hair again, apply a few extra drops to the scalp, and rubdown it thoroughly.
4. Rub a couple of greater drops of serum between your palms and again stroll thru the entire period of the hair.



Even the healthiest and strongest curls are negatively influenced by environmental factors. However, it often loses strength and becomes thinner, brittle, and ugly. therefore, serum for hair restoration allows you to have a complex effect on the shaft. It fills the voids inside. Serum smoothes the bristles and makes the surface smooth. It prevents further destruction and gives a beautiful appearance.


Hair needs proper moisture. If there is not enough moisture, then they lose their color, becoming dull, brittle, thinner, and can become more tangled. To eliminate this problem, you need to use a moisturizing hair serum with special components. It can saturate the rods with moisture and retain them for a long time.

Elimination of brittleness

Weakened and thin strands tend to break. This is not the best way to affect the beauty of the hairstyle. In addition, you have to cut the tips more often to improve your appearance. Serum for split ends can get rid of this problem by strengthening and restoring the structure.

Giving smoothness

The splendor of the hair does not always speak in favor of the high density of curls. Sometimes thin hairs with an irregular porous structure lead to its formation, which now and then get tangled with each other. It becomes electrified and very often split. In such cases, Revitalizing Hair Serum helps smooth out the bristles, making each hair smooth and flowing. It eliminates the dandelion effect. As a side effect, the curls become more shiny, like delicate silk, and acquire brightness.

Thermal damage protection

Blow drying, curling with tongs or flat ironing, washing in hot water, sunlight, or frosty air. All this can significantly impair the structure and appearance of the hair. A special serum helps to have a protective effect that envelops each hair and prevents its destruction.

Top 10 Best Serum

1. Alterna

The cosmetic product stimulates hair growth, activating hair follicles and reducing their loss. At the end of the procedure, you can notice that the strands have become more dense, elastic, and nutritious. The composition includes growth stimulants that nourish the bulbs and accelerate the development of healthy, strong hair. It improves microcirculation which significantly contributes to the absorption of active ingredients. The serum does not contain parabens and artificial colors. The consistency is not too sticky and oily. So it does not settle on the hair skin and rinsing occurs without problems.

2. L’Oreal Paris Oil

Get six times more shiny hair with this luxurious oil-based serum from L’Oreal Paris. The light formula instantly transforms your dry and lifeless curls, making them soft and smooth. A nourishing blend of six rare flower oil extracts to strengthen hair in all weather conditions. Coconut, sunflower, and soybean oils deeply hydrate hair strands and seal cuticles to prevent moisture loss. Use this versatile formula before prepping shampoo or after shampoo to tame frizz. Just 2-3 drops of this serum leave your hair frizz-free, manageable, shiny, hydrated, and fresh.

hair serum

3. NEXXT Salon Treatment Care

The formula of the drug is based on vitamins A, E, and group B, which are a source of youth and vigor. Strengthening serum for hair growth nourishes damaged areas of curls and reduces brittleness. It gives hair a natural shine and smoothness. Serum can be applied both to whole strands and only to the ends, which greatly facilitates combing. In addition, the active substances strengthen the natural protective barrier of the hair. The product has a delicate smell and a convenient dispenser that ideally distributes a light consistency.

hair serum

4. L’Oreal Mythic Oil

The product is intended for all types of hair. It provides intensive care with grape seed and avocado oils. They penetrate deep into the strands and restore damaged keratin bonds. Hair regains softness and elasticity. Oil complexes nourish the skin and hair follicles. It provides the necessary ingredients for the accelerated growth of strands. Professional hair serum creates a protective barrier on the strands that prevents free radicals from entering the fibers. This significantly slows down the aging process of the hair and allows them to maintain a healthy look.

hair serum

5. Moisturizing NEXXT Serum

It is designed to strengthen and activate hair growth. The effective composition protects against the action of free radicals. It prevents less water with regular use of hairdryers, curling irons, and irons. It includes special components that fix the coloring pigment. This product prevents it from fading and washing out. Bamboo extract and onion juice improve blood microcirculation in the skin and relieve dryness and discomfort associated with it. They are excellent preventive and therapeutic components. The vitamin complex regulates hydro balance. Wheat proteins even out the keratin layer, make the hair smooth along the entire length, and remove the split ends.

hair serum

6. Mending Infusion Moroccanoil

Serum Mending Fusion is not only a way to wrap yourself in a pleasant loop, but also real salvation for split ends. In addition to the classic ingredient in all Moroccanoil products like argan oil, vitamins, baobab extract, and quinoa proteins. It is added to the serum which intensively nourishes even the most damaged hair. Thus, this makes it silky and healthy-looking. Such nutrition is not always beneficial for thin hair and there is not a trace of volume left. It gave the curls shine without weighting and help to postpone the next haircut. The serum is applied to dry hair at any time of the day.

hair serum

7. OLLIN Professional serum

It is designed to pacify naturally curly, hard, naughty curls. However, the tool does an excellent job not only with external defects. Also, it restores years of damage in all layers of the hair. Moreover, the serum has a mild formula that does not contain parabens or synthetic colors. Perhaps, it evens out the cuticles and creates a coating. Therefore, the coating thickens and protects from the effects of styling tools and sunlight. Also, conditioning substances facilitate the process of care after washing. Curls do not push, do not get confused, and the appearance of elasticity that is easy to fit. Also, the main ingredient is flax seed extract. However, it has an allergy and contains a large number of acids and vitamins and enzymes.

hair serum

8. Hair Serum La’dor

The composition is safe even for sensitive people. Also, the tool prevents tangles, removes the static effect, and facilitates combing. However, it makes the hair obedient and is suitable for creating any hairstyle. Therefore, the formula is based on peptides, amino acids, keratin, argan oil, and vitamin E. Moreover, this set provides quick results and healing even of super-damaged strands. Because, the texture fills the voids in the structure and creates a dense, weightless coating on the hair. Therefore, this protects it from other, negative natural factors, styling tools, and styling products.

hair serum

9. ArganiCare Serum

Argan care oil nourish, restores hair, and eliminates dandruff. Also, it restores natural color and a healthy shine. However, the tool can be applied to the ends of the hair so that the ends do not split. Also, argan oil acts as natural thermal protection, reducing the effects of sunlight, and wind, as well as a hairdryer or ironing.

hair serum

10. Natural Formula Keratin Intense Serum

The presented novelty in the field of beautiful curls contains keratin, enriched with a dual-action formula. Because it restores the internal structure of damaged curls and elasticity. Moreover, it forms an external protective coating and restores shine and softness to the strands. Perhaps, the Panthenol in the composition of the product prevents brittle hair and protects them from exposure to high temperatures and chemicals. However, the formula does not contain sodium chloride. Therefore, when using this product you will see curls that will shine with health.

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