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how to step by step makeup

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how to step by step makeup

One of the most important things in makeup is the preparation of the skin, so that the skin is clean, without excess oil or too dry. Clean your skin with a face soap adapted to your skin type, wipe your face with a facial towel with slight swelling, and follow the following steps according to your skin type and how to step-by-step makeup.:

  • serum
  • Moisturize the face
  • eye cream
  • Primer – a base before makeup that is customized according to the type of skin

Great tips on how to step by step makeup?

Tip number 2 – the perfect base for your skin tone

In order to choose the matching make-up shade, today’s make-up companies produce close to 40-80 shades in different undertones.

So the selection created a little confusion for us. In order to match your skin with the matching shade, put a little dot of the make-up on the cleavage area and slightly blur the swelling, as soon as the color disappears it means it is suitable. If it is light or dark it does not fit at all.


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Tip number 3 – concealer

One of the biggest dilemmas is when to put concealer on, so let’s sort it out. Concealer is from the word “to hide”, to hide the defects on the skin, such as darkness, pigmentation, etc. In order to hide the darkness, we choose a concealer in the shade of the stain, the darker the skin tone or the darker the stain, the more orange the chosen orange will be.

Place the concealer in a spot and on top of your make-up shade. Some claim that concealer is put after make-up and then they quickly produce illumination. Which actually takes us immediately to the next topic, highlights and shadows.

Tip number 4 – highlights and shadows

Today in the world of cosmetics there are many products for highlighting and shading, you can find them in sticks, and pencils, and you can do it with concealers or with dark and light make-up.

In the beginning, lay down the dark shades so as not to create gray transitions. And then put the light shades in the center of the face.

Tip number 5 – choose the perfect shadows

You can choose a variety of your favorite shades, but in your busy daily routine, you want to do it quickly and beautifully.

Put it on the entire eyeball and blur with a 10 or 206 blur brush, thereby creating some dimensions in the eye.

Tip number 6 – Mascara is the whole story

This is the step that should make all the difference, choosing the right mascara, so let’s set a few things straight, although the companies put different polymers into the mascaras to “round” the eyelashes, those who have straight eyelashes must circle eyelashes on a daily basis.

There are many types of mascaras “and promises” that lift, circle, curl, and lengthen. Choose the good mascara by the parameter that it doesn’t stain and is durable and without having water resistance written on it. This will make a big and significant difference.

Tip number 7 – perfect lips

The most difficult choice of all is the shade of ruby, keep a few shades that you like in order to match the outfit or the event to be finished. For everyday make-up, choose a natural and delicate lip shade, or a gloss with a pigment of color.

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