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How to get thicker and stronger hair naturally

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There are some ways to make your hair thicker, stronger, and healthy. Hair types vary from person to person some have thin hair some have thick hair. Our hair becomes thin due to some reason or some bad hair routine. When our hair becomes thin it is more prone to breakage and damage. Eventually, our hair starts falling and lost its volume. Even sometimes hair start breaking in the middle and hair tips look very dull and dead. Some hair is naturally thin and in this case, you should take care more to keep it healthy and prevent breakage.

In this article, we will give you tips for the take care of your hair and making it healthier, and protecting it from any kind of issues. There are some ways you can get beautiful hair like you should take minerals and vitamins. Some hair products and hair masks will work on your hair. Here are all the tips for you to get beautiful and maintain your natural hair texture.

What exactly Thick Hair is?

Thick hair appertains to the denseness of hair plus the number associated with follicles of hair. It is mistaken concerning coarse hair.

Rough hair implies the particular circumference of every hair strand. Just put, the volume of the ponytail informs how thick your hair is. The particular average thickness is associated with human hair. Anything below this particular standard is regarded as thin hair, whilst anything above this is considered solid hair.

Possible Leads to For Thin Tresses

Thinning hair can be a consequence of

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Bad diet
  • Harsh tresses products
  • Chemicals
  • Health concerns
  • How well carry out you know your current hair? Make work with this locks quiz to know your current hair type and its particular unique requirements.

here are the complete guidelines on How to get thicker and stronger hair naturally.

Hair trimming

girls with long hair should trim their hair to fasten the hair growth. Usually, long hair have dead hair ends and it is important to cut them off. The dead and damaged hair end stops the hair growth and your hair looks dull at the tips. This is a significant trick to get strong hair and protect hair from split ends. Once you remove this dead and dull hair section your hair will be smooth and shiny. You will lose hair volume if you are not supposed to trim your hair. There is no need to cut a good amount of hair but just 1-2 inches of hair to get rid of damaged hair.

Hair trimming is an instant way to prevent hair from breakage. This is important to trim your hair after every three months. Our hair becomes thin at the tips to make hair thicker it is important to trim the thin layer of hair to make hair thicker and stronger.

get thicker and stronger hair

Reduce repetition of color

hair treated with bleach before applying any color. This bleach is harmful to your hair and makes hair cuticles weak. Eventually, hair growth reduces and sometimes hair fall issues arise. Do not dye your hair with this kind of harsh treatment and if you still want chemical treatments go for mild chemical products. When you color your hair after some time it looks dull and frizzy. Try to avoid chemical treatments but if you have already done this make sure you give your hair 6 months to get another treatment. This will reduce the chance of getting dry and frizzy hair. Also when you dye hair use shampoo which is made for dyeing the hair to protect your hair.

Before going to bed brush your hair

leaving your hair open on a bed is not good for hair this will start friction with your pillow and eventually will be a break. You should tie your hair before going to bed do not leave it open. Brush hair gently do not apply pressure on it, then tie hair in a loose braid. This will protect hair from breakage and your hair be moister throughout the day. It is better to brush hair with a wooden comb with a wide tooth. 2-3 strokes of the wooden comb are enough to detangle hair then loosely tie your hair. For hair growth and to make them thick massage hair with hot oil and leave overnight then rinse hair with your favorite shampoo. Hot oil massage increases blood circulation in your had which makes hair much stronger and thick. Hair massage also reduces stress and makes you fall asleep easily.

Essential nutrients for thick hair

A good hair care routine is not enough to make hair healthy and thick but you have to eat healthily. What we eat has directly affected our body including our hair. It is necessary to eat healthy to get enough nutrients that we need. Our hair is made up of proteins such as keratin we should include this protein. Not only protein but we should eat multivitamins to prevent body and hair from environmental pollution. You should include eggs, meat, fish, and nuts in your diet to get thick hair. Milk is rich in protein you should drink one glass of it on daily basis. Vegetables and fruits contain essential nutrients that make our bodies function. This kind of diet is not only good for hair but also excellent for the body.

Forgot about styling tools

intense use of styling tools is extremely dangerous for hair it makes hair dry and absorbs its natural oil. The use of a heat styling tool without protection will leave hair dry, dull, frizzy, and damaged. You should use heat protection on hair before the use of any styling tool. This habit will stop hair growth and hair become thin. If you want to get thick hair forgot about the styling tool or even use heat protection spray before styling.

Stop taking an everyday shower

the everyday shower will strip natural moister from hair. Getting a shower on daily basis is not a good regime for hair even everyday hair wash leaves hair dry. Because natural moister is dry out with wash and it is important to take a break from taking a shower every day. Once or twice hair washes in weak are enough for hair. Keep your hair moister and hydrated and quiet everyday hair wash if you want to think hair. When you are washing hair apply shampoo only on the root do not apply on hair tips because hair becomes dirty at the root. The dust set into the root and using shampoo on hair tips will make them dry. Apply conditioner to your hair after shampoo.

Cold shower

try to take a cold shower not a hot shower because a hot shower makes hair and body dry. Hot water absorbs all the natural oil from hair and body and leaves us dry. Coldwater or room temperature is good for a shower this will keep hair moisturized and prevent breakage. If you use oil before taking a bath wash your hair with shampoo twice if you don’t use oil one wash of shampoo is enough. A cold shower protects hair from things and we get thicker and stronger hair. 

Deep conditioning

conditioning your hair every month because it makes a coat around the hair to protect it. Deep conditioning as much as important as washing hair. People with curly or wavy hair must use conditioner after every shower and do not use a brush when hair is wet. Curly hair is naturally dry and thin and it is a little hard to manage. If you want thick and strong hair use a conditioner and do not brush wet hair. conditioner makes a coating around your hair make it thicker and stronger.  

get thicker and stronger hair

Tackle a Stress and Hormone Imbalance

hormones can impact the thickness associated with your hair. Women along with thyroid imbalances brand new mothers, and menopausal women in specific may experience hair loss. “Optimal amounts of female help to develop full, thick hair while low the particular amount of female result in thin plus stalled hair development, eventually leading to hair loss.

While some points are out associated with your hands, with or without medication. there are methods to help reduce your stress hormonal production and keep your hair healthier, better, and therefore heavier. Consult your physician about supplements along with adapting genic herbs, such as Ashwagandha root plus leaf extract, plus proteins to assist keratin production.

Hair regrowth & Protection hair mask

If your hair is extremely dry or even damaged, then you will need some rearrangements about moisturizing your hair.

That’s exactly where Hair Growth and Protection Mask is available. Formulated with conditioning vegan micro-proteins in addition to natural moisturizing components, this hydrating remedy results in even more resilient strands which grow long with no breaking off.

Could you be positive If You Have got Thick Hair?

A person can understand the particular thickness of your current hair using a basic trick. Pluck your current hair strand, in addition, to comparing it using a sewing thread. If this measures similar to the thickness of sewing thread, your current hair is regarded to be thicker.

Can Thin hair Become Thick hair?

If you have got genetically thin frizzy hair, you really can not do much regarding it. But if the hair thinning is because of poor diet, tough hair cares together with chemicals, you can easily adopt all involving the above techniques to make the hair grow larger.

Can be Thick Hair Better Than Thin hair?

Hair thinning induced due to outside factors is not a signal of healthy frizzy hair. Thick hair can be visually appealing as soon as compared to slender hair. But in the event you have genetically thin hair, an individual does not will need to worry about hair health.

Wrapping Up


Whilst you can not magically make frizzy hair follicles, with all of the above approaches you can make your frizzy hair appear thicker together with healthier. If an individual is allergic to be able to the of typically the above-mentioned materials, avoid using these. When you experience quick thinning hair or loss, a fundamental condition could be the lead. Please seek health-related help.

 this was the full guideline of how to get thicker and stronger hair naturally without taking any chemical treatment for hair. 

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