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How Foundation Protect Your Skin

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The foundation is a beauty product that helps hide skin imperfections like redness, inflammation, and pigmentation. Until high technology reached the world of beauty, everything was limited to this, but now tonal foundations are capable of more. Products with different textures and properties are being created that not only hide skin problems but also successfully solve them. Today tonal foundations are also caring products that can provide the skin with hydration, nutrition, protection, and restoration.


Tonal Foundation

The tonal foundation for the face is an integral part of both ordinary everyday and luxurious evening makeup. The main role of this tool is to create an even and smooth foundation for the subsequent application of cosmetics.

Before creating makeup, the face must be properly prepared. As you know, every girl has certain skin problems. It express in different forms. Someone has small mimic wrinkles, a pinkish rosaceous mesh near the nose, various rashes, excessive dryness, or peeling. All these imperfections can be hidden and partially eliminate with a foundation that can be use daily.


Oily skin

A matting tonal base is produced, which necessarily contains substances that actively absorb sebum throughout the day. These are components such as volatile silicone, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Talc, polymers, and kaolin. Makeup for oily skin should be oil free as it will only add shine to the face.

face foundation

Dry skin

A moisturizing foundation is suitable for her, which should include vitamin A , vitamin E , and hyaluronic acid. These components will retain moisture in all layers of the skin for a long time. Some brands of products contain pigments that have a light reflecting effect and add shine to the face, which owners of dry skin often lack.

Mature skin

The composition of such tonal foundations necessarily includes vitamins A, E, and C, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and grape seed oil. All products contain the necessary minerals iron and zinc.

Types of Tonal Foundation

Cream camouflage

This is a thick tonal foundation that has a very dense texture. It hides even the most serious imperfections on the skin in the form of scars, keloid scars, and intensely colored pigment spots. This is the most resistant tonal foundation, which is desirable to use not every day. But it is use for any bright evening makeup. It is difficult to apply. You need to remove the camouflage cream with a special tool as early as possible because it significantly clogs the pores on the face.


Glow effect foundation

If for some a matte finish is an urgent need then for others it is totally opposite. They want to add a healthy glow to the skin that is fashionable today. They are addressed tonal foundations with special pigments. For example, with a pearl effect.

Moisturizing foundation

New formulas with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, D-panthenol, plant extracts, and oils ensure that the skin remains hydrated and receives the substances it needs for health. These products combine the properties of care and decorative cosmetics.

Matte foundation

These products are characterized by special formula. It is either regulate the production of sebum or absorb its excess. These products eliminates unwanted oily sheen and maintain a velvety skin.

Liquid foundation

It is a pretty broad category, ranging from translucent fluid foundations with a fluid texture to thicker creamy foundations.



At the moment, it is considered the most convenient, compact, and effective tool. This is the best foundation for all skin types. Outwardly, it looks like a powder box. However, there is a hole between the application sponge and the foundation itself, through which it is dispensed. The cushion is suitable for everyday use and is easy to transport as it takes up very little space.

How to choose Tonal foundation

You need to fully understand your skin type, all its imperfections, changes in hot weather, and all kinds of negative reactions to cosmetics. For oily skin, products with the maximum light texture are suitable. It can be mousses and vibes. One of the most suitable for this type of skin is a dry tonal foundation in the form of mineral powder. It will dry your face well and will not clog pores, in which there is already a lot of sebum. Before choosing a foundation for dry, sensitive skin, you should study its composition well. The right product must contain hyaluronic acid, which will moisturize the dehydrated epidermis. It is also desirable that it contains various nutritious oils.

If there are wrinkles on the skin, you should not choose a thick cream or powder. The ideal option would be a mousse or a light BB cream that will not emphasize skin folds but will not dry out the face. There are various shades of tonal foundations. To choose the right tool, you need to test it on the skin of the face, and not on the forearm or wrist. Also, remember that the color of the face is somewhat different from the neck. Therefore, the tone of the tonal foundation should not be darker and little lighter than the face. So that it does not look unnaturally tanned.

How to apply foundation


Do not smear the product on the face, but perform patting movements using fingertips. Thus, the foundation will distribute over the skin more evenly. However, this method has a drawback, with the rapid application of funds on the face, significant gaps may remain. It is best suit for liquid mousses and fluids.


Special sponge

It is recommend to use for apply powder foundation and thick creams. Before taking a little foundation, the sponge should be lightly moisten with water and squeezed out. So he can absorb much more base. The sponge should not just be driven over the skin but slightly press with it. So that all the soak foundation comes out evenly.

Makeup brush

It is best to use a flat duo fiber or kabuki. With a brush, you need to take a small amount of foundation. Then start making gentle movements with it, heading from the central area to the peripheral part of the face.

Top 10 Best Foundations

1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15

The waterproof formula is present in 17 natural shades. It evens out skin tone and protects it from broad spectrum UV rays. It puts a cap of invisibility on pores and pimples. The face looks flawless also due to the moisturizing ingredients in the composition of the beauty product. It is oil free and gives you a smooth look.

2. Lancome Teint Miracle

A foundation that blends with the skin has been found. It deliver moisturizing action to keep skin supple and fresh. It provides perfect coverage to even out skin tone and eliminate redness. The coating density of the product is average and the finish is matte. Its durability is up to 12 hours. There composition are completely vegetable moisturizers, matting microparticles, and vitamin E. It protect the skin from UV rays. It leaves a gorgeous and luminous complexion.

3. Revlon, Colorstay makeup for combination-oily

Look SPF15, light texture, complete masking of wrinkles, enlarged pores, and rashes. The durability of the product is super. You can leave a bottle of foundation at home because it provides durability for the whole day. It is oil free and matte finish. It gives you a naturally flawless and smooth look.

4. Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin

The product has a plastic texture and high covering power. It smoothes the relief and well masks imperfections on the face. The tone formula contains a complex of adsorbents that absorb skin secrets throughout the day. Despite the density of the cream, the coating on the face looks natural, which is facilitated by a matte finish. The fluid does not flaunt wrinkles and peeling, so it is perfect for owners of aging skin.


5. BeautyBlender Bounce Liquid Foundation

The product has a liquid consistency and at the same time it is quite plastic. It is easily distribute over the face and does not leave leopard spots. The tool gives the skin a porcelain matte finish, masks imperfections, and with moderate application it looks completely natural. You can apply the foundation not only with the sponge of the same name but also with your fingers and a brush. The palette of BeautyBlender shades will please with its diversity because it includes 32 shades.

6. Dior Diorskin Forever Undercover

Liquid, but well-pigmented fluid forms a fairly thin coating. While it perfectly masks post-acne and inflammation. The cream does not contain oils, so it does not clog pores. However,  it is suitable for those who have oily and problem skin. Moreover, after its application, the face becomes porcelain matte and does not shine. Also, the tool is easily distribute over the face, erasing imperfections, like an eraser. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply powder on top. Diorskin absorbs excess sebum and stays on the face perfectly throughout the day. Although its Full Coverage Water Based Foundation line includes 15 shades with yellow and pink undertones, which are also characterized by intense pigmentation.


7. Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue

Foundation with absorbent particles effectively absorbs oily sheen in the T-zone. However, the sponge from the kit will allow you to create a layer of the desired density and to even the tone in one layer or to mask serious defects by layering. In any case, the decorative tool will give the face a well groomed and radiant look. Without treacherously shiny areas on the forehead and back of the nose.


8. Armani Face Fabric

Such a light tinting cream can be use at least every day if you have normal, combination, or oily skin. Also, when it is contact with the face it turns into the most delicate mousse. After shrinkage creates a natural semi matte finish. Despite its light coverage, Face Fabric lends itself well to layering. It can also be use to mask blemishes. But applying in one layer will mask enlarged pores, redness, and also give the face a fresh, well-groomed look. The product adapts to the natural tone, does not emphasize wrinkles and peeling, and also has impeccable durability.

9. La Roche-Posay Foundation

It is design for the sensitive skin. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Le Teint combines soothing dermatological efficacy with correcting and covering imperfections. Enriched with La Roche-Posay prebiotic thermal water. This product promotes rapid hydration of the epidermis, as well as soothes and relieves redness. It replenish moisture for up to 48 hours. It is soft, oil free texture and helps to protect skin.


10. Clarins Skin illusion Velvet

This foundation has a comfortable, lightweight serum texture and a very natural, velvety matte finish. It moisturizes the skin and gives a healthy glow without being greasy. This approach is bearing fruit. Beautyholics are ready to sing praises to their pet for hours, focusing on the perfect matte tone, smoother skin, and invisibility on the face.


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