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How Face Powder Helps in Skincare

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Face Powder

When the face powder first appeared, lead, starch, rice, and wheat flour could be found in its composition. Such a composition not only worsened the condition of the skin, severely clogging the pores, but caused irreparable harm to the body. Penetrating through the skin provokes the development of cancer. The lineup has gone through a lot of changes.

face powder


In the composition of the powder, you can find mineral and vitamin supplements, red or white clay, starch, calcium hydroxide, talc, and zinc oxide. Talc is used to improve the appearance of the product. Mica improves the texture, due to its properties, the smallest particles reflect light, matte wrinkles, and small pores. The mineral particles that make up the composition make the skin shimmer and matte tone. The parabens included in the composition kill fungi and increase the shelf life. Magnesium myristate helps the ingredients adhere more closely to the skin and keeps the make-up longer. Magnesium carbonate is responsible for the regulation of perspiration.

Emollients, fats that are part of the powder, allow the components to penetrate deep into the skin. Glycerin alcohols enhance the ability of the components to penetrate the middle layer of the skin. When choosing a product, you need to carefully read the composition. Modern cosmetics do not contain dangerous components. But some cheap products may contain bismuth oxychloride, which will negatively affect the overall properties of the powder.

Type of Face Powder

Loose powder  

It has a light and soft texture. The powder is easily absorbed on the skin and will make your face free from oil. Loose powder is suitable for oily skin. Loose powder is packaged in a jar provided with a puff. The disadvantage of this powder is that it does not last long and is easily washed off.

Compact powder  

Compact powder or pressed powder is loose powder that has been compacted. Generally, compact powder has been formulated with moisturizer and oil. This makes the texture heavier than loose powder. It also makes your face oily 2-3 hours after wearing this powder. Therefore compact powder is recommended for dry skin.

Cream powder

Due to the cruciform composition, it served for deep masking of skin imperfections. The components of such cosmetics do not clog pores, the tone is uniform. For moisturizing and nutrition, the composition should contain aloe extract, vitamins, and minerals. Before applying the skin should be prepared. This texture is capricious when applied, you should first moisturize the skin with a cream. Apply better with a sponge. If the sponge is wet, you can achieve similarity with the foundation, and hide flaws as much as possible. A dry sponge will give a matte finish. It should be applied carefully, avoiding density. It might be a mask.

Ball powder

It is convenient to use. It can reflect light particles, creating a natural shade and softening facial features. The main advantage is the creation of various shades. By removing or mixing balls, you can effectively emphasize the tan or structure of the face. The main advantage is the different shades of balls. So pink can create a fresh complexion. Golden will help remove the bluish tint of the skin. White will help hide puffiness. When applying powder, the brush should be evenly covered with the composition.


The components included in the composition help shade the tan and correct the shape of the face. Such powder is applied to the protruding parts of the face, cheekbones, forehead, wings of the nose, and chin. A proper application will help in modeling the face. Applying correctly, you can achieve an oval face shape, which is considered ideal. There are three types of bronzer. Loose will lie in an even tone, and cope with a greasy sheen. Creamy will lie in a dense layer, able to protect the skin from chapping in the winter. Bronzer in a stick has a bold texture, it is most convenient to use for modeling.

How to Apply Face Powder

Most often, powders come with sponges for application, in loose powders – powder puffs. You can use brushes. It all depends on personal preference and the effect you want to achieve. With a brush, you can apply the powder in a thin layer and layer it as desired. With sponges or puff, it will turn out a little denser.

Choose Oily Skin

  1. Matte powder is ideal for oily skin as it controls excess oil production.
  2. Avoid powders that provide shine and shine as they can make your skin look oilier.
  3. Buying a waterproof powder also helps.
  4. Apply foundation before starting makeup. It mattifies your skin and controls oil.
  5. Use a makeup brush or sponge to evenly apply the compact all over your face. Apply additional coverage to the T-zone.
  6. The main tip is to rub an ice cube on your face before applying the compact. This controls excess oil production and minimizes the appearance of pores.

face powder

Choose Face Powder for Dry Skin

A dry face lacks natural hydration and vitamins. Therefore, the skin is flaky, and to the touch it is rough. Powder for such skin should moisturize and maintain a water balance. If you choose the wrong remedy, then it will dry the skin even more, and by the evening the face will peel off the powder will roll-up. The high-quality powder should contain a large proportion of vitamins, oils, and extracts. They are responsible for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. And since the main task of the powder is to mask uneven imperfections and even out the tone, in addition to nutrition, it should create high-quality makeup and make the face perfect. If after a while the powder rolls, then it does not suit you.

face powder

Top 10 Best

1. Mineral Tone Up Sun Powder

It has a safe mineral composition, a high SPF, and a universal shade that adapts to any skin tone. Thanks to the finest grinding, the powder falls on the face with an elusive thin layer, while masking redness and minor imperfections.  The presence of reflective particles gives the skin an inner radiance and a fresh look. The hypoallergenic product is enriched with caring components, so it is suitable even for the age-related and dehydrated epidermis. Among its advantages, girls distinguish absolute invisibility, uniformity of coverage, and protection against oily sheen for up to 8 hours.

face powder

2. Fresh Minerals Mineral Pressed Powder

Fresh Minerals Compact Mineral Powder is ideal for daily makeup. The product is welfare for girls with dry skin because its composition is a powerful moisturizing and protective component of vitamin E. The powder has a weightless grinding, silky texture, light coverage, and a natural satin finish. The Mineral Powder palette comes up with 11 shades, among which there is a suitable tone for both snow white and mulatto. According to customers, this mineral powder gives the face a well-groomed look, remaining completely invisible, but one should not expect long-term matte skin from it.

face powder

3. No Sebum Pact Powder

Due to the absence of talc, this product will not clog pores, and the extracts of lavender, cotton, juniper oil, camellia and rose water present in the composition will save you from existing imperfections. The product has sebum-regulating, bactericidal, pore reducing, soothing, and moisturizing properties, thereby improving the condition of oily skin. The powder has the finest silky texture, which is easy to pick up even with a soft brush, but at the same time dusty. The fixing and matting properties of Puri Pore are at their best – girls with oily skin claim that with it the shine on the T-zone does not appear until 6 hours.

face powder

4. Enough Collagen Hydro Moisture

Moisturizing powder from Enough Collagen will reliably protect the skin from photoaging in urban conditions. The finely dispersed texture has a decent masking ability, so no one will guess the presence of imperfections on your face. A cocktail of collagen, hyaluronic, Centella Asiatica extract, and beta-glucan in the composition of the product moisturizes, smoothes, tightens, and soothes the skin. The product has a matte finish but does not emphasize peeling and dryness, therefore it is suitable for age-related makeup.


5. Sephora Collection Bronzer Sundisk

A honey-hued pressed bronzer that vanishes painful pallor in just a few seconds. The compact powder is with the sun, and its silky fine texture is easy to pick up on the brush and transfer to the face in a thin veil. A couple of strokes on the cheekbones, wings of the nose, and along the hairline will emphasize the relief of the face and refresh the image. The tool has the right medium brown color without redness, which is suitable for dark-skinned women and snow whites. The bronzing powder is non-staining, easy to blend, and does not fade on the face for up to 8 hours.

6. MAX Puff Pressed Powder

The texture of the powder is classic, finely compressed. It fits perfectly on the skin and gives softness and velvety. However, the ideal shade comes from the mass of variations, ranging from golden to translucent – transparent. The advantages of Max Factor products include the presence of reflective inclusions in the composition, which give the face a delicate glow. Therefore, this tool is suitable for any skin type and is helpful as an addition to the foundation, or instead of it.

7. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

Silky texture, long-lasting finish, flawless tone – all these are not just words, but the benefits of Bobbi Brown Compact Face Powder. And she doesn’t need a second chance to be like. Also, the smart formula adjusts to your skin tone and minimizes the oxidation of your foundation. However, this makes the makeup last much longer. Therefore, there are no oils in the powder, which means that the pores will not clog and the skin will breathe. Another plus is an elegant mini-case with a powder puff.

8. Bourjois, Silk Edition

Long-lasting matte effect and shine guaranteed. The powder is as soft as silk.  However, the tactile receptors affect your skin efficiently. Also, your skin will thank you for the effect of blurry focus and well cover imperfections. All this is in a miniature box with a rotating mirror and a soft sponge. Therefore, this case is a separate work of art that will decorate any women’s handbag.

9. Estrade, Voile Nature Poudre

The tool lays down in a thin layer, does not clog pores, and allows the skin to breathe. However, a separate commendable ode deserves the covering ability of the powder. Also, it easily neutralizes redness and makes the skin perfectly even and matte. Perhaps, contains antioxidants (Vitamin E and tapioca starch) to protect against environmental aggressors and lock in moisture.

10. Lorac POREfection

With this face powder, you will get a soft, silky finish without visibly enlarged pores. However, entrust anti-aging care and skin health care to antioxidants and salicylic acid: they will not fail and will do their best. Therefore, Paraben-free is fragrance-free, non-drying, and friendly to all skin types.


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