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How Eyeliner Gives You a Perfect Look

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Eyeliner is one of the most difficult tools to create a beautiful look. It is worth a little distraction and the arrow on the eyelids will come out uneven or even worse – it will be smeared. But there are beauty secrets that will help every woman draw perfect arrows.


How to use eyeliner

It is easy to use such an eyeliner, you just need to get used to the brush: the key to success lies in clear, practiced hand movements. If you are just starting to use eyeliner, then try to lean on something (toilet table, sink, etc.) so that your hands do not shake and the arrow comes out more even. Also, try to draw the arrow with small strokes, and simply remove the excess eyeliner with a cotton swab or a special makeup corrector until it dries.

How to Choose Eyeliner


Solid eyeliner  

This includes all pencils, felt-tip pens, and other cosmetic products in the form of a stick. They are convenient because they are firmly held in the hand, and they allow you to draw a line evenly. Felt pens generally have a rubberized nozzle with which you can draw a contour. Minus – weak durability. In the heat, the arrows can flow or imprint on the upper eyelid.


Gel eyeliner 

It is a unique product because it comes in stick form and the texture is liquid. The pigment dries quickly on the skin, leaving no marks. Suitable for professional makeup artists and those who have got their hands full. Minus – eyeliner can be packed in a jar, so you need to buy a separate brush for it.

Liquid eyeliner 

It is a classic product with a liquid texture. With a soft brush, you can draw any arrows. Unlike a pencil that needs to be sharpened, it allows you to achieve perfectly fine lines. Minus – the deceit of the liquid texture. One wrong move and you’ll have to draw again.

Color variations

Most often, many women prefer black shades. This color is considered classic and the most sought-after. Well-known beauty brands produce cosmetic products in a variety of tones. For example, natural: brown, gray, marsh. Among the bright colors are emerald, purple, golden, silver, and blue. After applying the eyeliner, the drawn lines on the eyelids can become matte, glossy, and shimmery.


Eye contours are divided into resistant, unstable, and waterproof. The latter withstand extreme conditions and do not spread due to their special formula, which consists of polymeric substances. The manufacturer indicates this on the product packaging.


The eyeliner should contain not only coloring pigments but also nutrients. They protect the skin from external factors.


For everyday makeup, you can choose a pencil eyeliner. It will allow you to make neat and thin arrows. In the evening, a felt-tip pen will be the best choice: it lasts much longer.

Eyeliner according to eye color

Eyeliner can not only make the eyelashes more magnificent but beautifully emphasize the color of the eyes. Choose the right color.


Gold and copper hues will accentuate your blue eyes. Terracotta shades and champagne are also suitable for you. For a bolder look, opt for classic blue. Get a dramatic and expressive look. For a nude look, apply gold eyeshadow to the inner corners to make your eyes even brighter.


To highlight your eye color, choose shades with a slight red undertone. Think also of a pomegranate, an amethyst, or mahogany. For a bolder look, bet on red eyeliner.


Gold, olive, and plum accentuate the undertones of your eyes. Also, the emerald color goes well with brown eyes. For bold looks, look for warm brown eyeliner.


Be sure to pay attention to the release date of the product. If the deadline is about to end, put this eyeliner aside and look for one that has whole months or even years left. In a few weeks, you will not have time to use eyeliner, which means you will waste the money and time that you spend looking for a new remedy.


How to draw eyeliner arrows for beginners

If there is little experience in the make-up of the eyelids, it is advisable not to try to emphasize the eyelids with fluid and cream products. The best eyeliner for beginners is a felt pen or pencil. They are simple and comfortable to apply, and any errors can be easily corrected during the makeup process. When the eyeliner of this form for the eyes will be used to perfection, you can safely switch to gel and liquid cosmetics.



How to remove Eyeliner

The rich texture of the eyeliner is not so easy to remove from the skin of the eyelids. Choose active products for make-up removal: oil, two-phase lotion, milk. Try not to rub your eyes, so as not to injure the eyelids and not stretch the skin. Apply the product, wait a bit and then gently rinse it off with water. The remaining eyeliner can be removed with a cotton swab.

Top 10 Best Eyeliners

1. Benefit Roller Liner

The liquid eyeliner pen is equipped with an elastic thin brush on which the pile does not bend under the pressure of the hand, which makes it easy to create clear and even lines. Highly pigmented, matte finish product dries in seconds. The tool perfectly draws on the skin and shadows, and the created makeup does not spread and fade during the day. But the Roller Liner palette is not impressive and includes only the most popular shades: black and brown. But this liner is suitable for owners of sensitive eyes and can be easily removed with any makeup remover.

2. Lancome Monsieur Big

With the help of the Monsieur Big liner, you can make the look truly feline. A wide, long felt-tip pen with an unusual felt applicator glides easily over the skin, leaving a rich and even line. However, the tool is conveniently located in the hand, which allows you to draw neat arrows in a couple of minutes. Also, the liner does not spread and does not irritate the eyes, remaining bright throughout the day. Therefore, the Lancome highlighter eyeliner is available in black and is suitable for daily and evening make-up.

3. NYX Professional Make-Up Epic Ink Liner

The liquid eyeliner-felt pen received the thinnest long tip of the elastic pile. By varying the pressure and angle of the applicator, you can create both thin lines and wide pin-up arrows. A durable product with a vinyl finish on the eyelids looks very expressive and juicy. The liner does not form streaks, hardens in a matter of seconds, and is not for the eyelids until make-up removal.

4. Sephora Colorblock

The liquid plastic texture of the product uses a thin nylon applicator, forming bright and uniform lines. However, the brush does not bend when pressed, which eliminates uneven lines and the spreading of paint. Also, the product leaves behind a matte finish, hardening on the eyelids in a few seconds. Therefore, only the low durability of the product causes bewilderment. So, without a base for the eyelids, it will last no more than 5 hours.

5. Lancome Grandiose Liner

The liner’s formula is for matte pigments for rich makeup. The latex polymers present are responsible for their durability and prevent the lines from fading throughout the day. However, after drawing the arrows with the Lancome Grandiose Liner, let them dry for 1 minute. Therefore, this will eliminate imprinting and cracking, for which the liner is often for beginners. also, the palette is present in black, brown, and blue shades – for everyday and bright images.

6. Marcelle Velvet Eyeliner

The highly pigmented formula comes up with allantoin, panthenol, and acacia Senegal extract, making the product suitable for sensitive eyes. However, the tool uses a thin felt brush, ideal for creating wide graphic arrows. Also, the long-lasting liner allows you to draw jet-black lines in 1 layer, while they do not smudge or print during the day. Therefore, the eyeliner palette includes 4 basic shades for everyday and festive looks.

7. Rimalan Gel Eyeliner

Rimalan Gel Liner is the perfect everyday make-up tool. The thick and plastic ink perfectly enters the skin and hardens in a few seconds, excluding imprinting. This highly pigmented product has decent durability and safe composition. Makeup stays vibrant all day long but removing it will take time and the use of a biphasic liquid. Rimalan gel eyeliner collection comes in classic black, brown, and blue to create different looks.

8. Art-Visage Eyeliner

The elastic viscous texture of the product is easy to handle. Also, the brush comes along the inter-eyelash line. The tool does not form lumps but provides rich coloring without bald spots. The product does not irritate the eyes and retains its brightness throughout the day, but it will take some effort to remove it.

9. Clarins Eyeliner

The viscous and elastic texture is easy to pick up on the brush and transfer to the eyelids, leaving bright lines without lumps and streaks. However, the product does not require layering and is very easy to use, allowing you to create makeup in just a couple of minutes. The eyeliner kit includes a brush with which you can draw arrows of any shape and thickness.

10. Shiseido ArchLiner Ink

With Shiseido’s architectural eyeliner, you can subtly emphasize the space between the eyelashes or create spectacular wide arrows. Its highlight is the applicator with a thin, curved tip made of a pile, which allows you to work out the smallest details and get a neat result. ArchLiner Ink liquid eyeliner has a highly pigmented texture that does not form streaks and bald spots during distribution or wear. Available in a versatile black shade, its waterproof formula prevents smearing even in snow and rainy weather.

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