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How do choose a makeup foundation waterproof?

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In the summer in the United States, we often find ourselves in situations where our face comes into contact with water, such as the sea or the pool, or even on a typical Miami afternoon, where it is difficult to avoid increased sweating. So how to improve waterproof makeup foundation?

For women who do not want to give up their make-up and well-groomed appearance even in the hot and humid season, many make-up and care products have been developed that are specially engineered for this situation – make-up products resistant to water and increased humidity, with some, even containing a sun protection factor.

What is important to emphasize when it comes to high-quality, water-resistant makeup products that will help us maintain an attractive and well-groomed appearance at all times?

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Start with make-up and moisturizer as waterproof makeup foundation

One of the basic rules regarding how to work with water-resistant makeup products is that before putting them on the face, we want to create a good, high-quality base layer that will help them stay in place and “survive” for long hours.

In this base layer, we would like to put together a moisturizer and on top of that a layer of make-up that suits our skin.

Each and every one of us is aware of the type of make-up that is more suitable for our skin, according to its natural level of oiliness.

A point that is very important to emphasize is that the make-up that we apply as a base for the water-resistant make-up layer will be silicone-based so that it will not spread and come off when our facial skin comes into contact with water.

After we have “equipped” ourselves with a good and appropriate base layer, we can switch to water-resistant makeup products.

These are products that can be obtained at any store that sells high-quality makeup products. Just make sure that on the packaging it is stated that this product is water-resistant.

For the most part, these products will be divided into several categories, according to the expected “moisture level” – products that are resistant to increased humidity and sweating, products that are resistant to real water (which are also good for swimming), etc.

Now we will repeat the same “trick” of the base layer consisting of moisturizer and silicone-based make-up in every area of ​​the face that we want to makeup – the area of ​​the eyes, lips, etc.

It is important to pay attention to makeup products that have expired and only use a waterproof makeup base

Since most of us use water-resistant makeup products mainly during the summer, a situation often arises in which these products lie in our closets without being touched for many months, throughout the fall, winter, and spring.

Therefore, there is a higher chance that you can find water-resistant makeup products in our closet that are not exactly new.

At this point, you should be careful and make sure at the beginning of summer that the durable makeup products we have are still valid. As we know, expired make-up products, both those that are water-resistant and “regular” make-up products, can harm the facial skin and cause wounds, redness, etc.

In order to avoid this, we will make sure at the beginning of the season that the stock of water-resistant makeup products we have is new and fresh…

For many years I searched for the perfect concealer. A concealer that will cover and hide what needs to be hidden, and not create wrinkles that I didn’t know I had.

For the most part, the concealers with the heavier coverage are very opaque, and heavy and therefore enter and create unflattering wrinkles.

And sometimes darkness under the eyes is better than bad-looking, gray, and wrinkled skin, which is the unwanted effect that an improperly adjusted concealer can create.

If you have more challenging skin, this guide is for you:

First, skincare

In order for the makeup to sit well on the skin, skincare is critical! It is important to put on a mask once a week, gentle exfoliation, make sure to clean your skin daily, and moisturize well, it is recommended to find a good eye cream.

Find a cream before your problem, to treat dark circles or a cream to treat bags.

The care routine is important. A good cream at night, that will work well while sleeping, and gentle cream for the day that will sit well under makeup and not give up eye cream!

There are two common assumptions:

1. Make-up must be applied first so that it begins to build the coverage, so we will have to apply a little concealer

2. In order not to overload the eye area, you should not put anything under the eye area except the minimum necessary, concealer.

what’s right?

It’s a matter of preference, be sure to moisturize and eye cream and then apply makeup and concealer according to your preference.

Are the makeup and concealer the same?

Some will tell you that this is the same lady with a change of mantle. I do not agree with this assumption, since the make-up will almost always have a finer texture than the concealer designed to hide darkness and skin imperfections.

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What is concealer and what is it used for waterproof makeup base?

Concealer is a make-up product used to disguise signs of fatigue, dark circles, age spots, and other small imperfections on the skin of the face.

The concealer is similar to makeup but has a formula suitable for full and even coverage.

The concealer differs from the make-up in having a finer and thinner texture, suitable for covering the eye area. Or alternatively with a thicker texture to hide scars or spots on the face.

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Prepare the skin

The first and perhaps the most important tip is that investing in the preparation of the facial skin for makeup is the basis for durable and stable makeup over time.

What to do: clean your face well, and apply a serum or primer that suits your skin type.

Choose a preparation that contains natural ingredients such as minerals that both nurture the skin and give it a uniform and smooth texture so that the makeup that will be placed on it will look better and last longer.

Apply the primer all over the face and focus on the areas you want to make up, for example, the eyes or lips.

Tip: If you have oily skin – you can skip the moisturizer and settle for a primer that contains good moisturizing ingredients that will both nourish the skin and maintain the makeup’s durability.

Choose light but durable makeup products:
Makeup products that provide medium to high coverage will hide every blemish and stain, but the look may be of “heavy” makeup.

It is better to choose lighter products that have durability.

What you need to know: for each durable product, it is stated in the literature for how many hours its durability is guaranteed.

Tip: In order for the make-up to look better and last longer – the way of application is also important. A one-time investment in good makeup brushes with natural or synthetic hair that have a soft touch on the skin will pay off in the beautiful look you will get over time.

So what is a waterproof makeup base?

Liquid instead of matte
Makeup products with a matte texture do last longer, but they have a tendency to “break” and also dry out the skin in general and the lips in particular.

Therefore, it is better to choose preparations with a liquid texture and improve their durability by fixing them with a transparent powder or the same shade as the make-up shade.

What you need to know: loose powder applied in a thin layer over the make-up will set the make-up for a long time. If you don’t need make-up and just want a uniform and glowing texture, you can simply apply the powder directly to the skin of the face.

Tip: Translucent powder can also set the lipstick! Apply a thin layer of powder on the lipstick and another thin layer of the lipstick and the pigment (which is responsible for the shade and depth) will be preserved for a long time.

Eyes – it is advisable to use eye shadows from a waterproof makeup base. Most of the cream eyeshadows are durable and stick to the lid. Place them with the pad of the finger, just to give some color and background to the eyes.

Normal eyeshadows are usually stated to be durable. It is good to place them with a brush in patting so that they stick to the eyelid and last as well as a waterproof make-up base, and of course, add long-lasting mascara.

Those who like can also add durable eyeliner or durable eye pencil to delineate the eye.

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