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.A good set of hair curlers can make all the difference in your hair styling efforts. After all, you do not want to end up with frizz or curls that do not hold for the rest of your day! But how do you pick the best curling wand or curling tong? And how do you get the perfect curls? At Hairhouse, we ensure your hairstyle and hair care are always on point!

What is the curler wand?

The curler actually refers to a variety of tools and products that you can use to dry your hair. For example, this could mean special curling sticks and special curing agents that can be applied to the hair after washing. Very simple.

Classic Curling Wand

Which Hair Curler Is The Best?

you will locate that hair curlers may have specific blessings relying on the emblem you buy. Of path, there are positive things you could recollect before purchasing your hair curler.
First, there are different varieties of curling home equipment you can select from in Australia. No unusual examples encompass the curling iron and the curling wand. A hair curling iron might be nice recognized, as it incorporates a clip that holds the hair in location while the curling happens. The hair curling wand, on the other hand, lets you manually curl your hair.
These days, you may also acquire curling wands and irons with unique shapes. As an example, curling wands with double or triple barrels create a completely unique fashion called wavers. Apart from the so-called hair waver, you could additionally get spiral barrels, pearl barrels, and other more unusual shapes.

Curling wand

One of the matters to look at first is the barrel length of the styler. larger barrel sizes come up with a looser soft curl, while smaller barrels offer tighter ones.
While deciding on a hair curling wand or iron, it’s far without a doubt a great concept to study the fabric they may be made from. Ceramic hair curler appliances are most famous due to their safety and their capacity to hold a steady temperature. However, you may also pick titanium, chrome, gold, rose gold, and steel. Every of those has its personal blessings.
Titanium barrels are exquisite for coarser hair kinds, even as chrome and gold are more low cost compared to other hair curlers. Metal then again is fine for thin hair that does not effortlessly curl.
Similarly to searching at barrel materials and sizes, it may also be really worth considering a cordless tool. A few discover that a stressed-out hair wand or curler reduces their free motion at the same time as curling, so a cordless alternative might be the better desire for them.

A way to Use a Curling Wand:

in case you’ve determined to use a curling wand rather, right here’s how.
1. Phase your hair. Like with a curling iron, you’ll want to begin by splitting off a segment of hair to curve. Don’t forget, that smaller sections create tighter curls while large sections create looser curls.
2. Function your wand. Hold the wand in the hand that’s contrary to the side of hair you’re curling. Then, place it so the bottom of it’s far near the root of your segment of hair with the barrel pointing downward.
3. Wrap around. Using your different hand, wrap the period of your section of hair around the barrel, working your manner down in order that your ends are wrapped around the smallest part of your wand.
four. Wait and release. Let your hair heat up for around 10 to fifteen seconds, then unwrap your hair and pull the wand away to reveal a beautiful, bouncy curl.
Editor’s tip: if you opt for a more natural appearance, curl your hair far away from your face. To accomplish that, wind your hair down and round your curling wand in a clockwise direction on the right and a counter-clockwise course on the left.

Are Hair Curlers Bad For Your Hair?

Hair curlers are everywhere nowadays! you will discover them in gift units, however additionally at the bestseller listing of many splendor shops. However, are hair curlers horrific in your hair?
whilst used successfully, curling iron or innovative curl wand will not do harm to your hair. The trick is to use the right hair products to shield your hair against warmth. However additionally use the right curling iron or wand for a frizz-free end result.
For an instance, in case you use the Babyliss seasoned, select the right warmness setting in your hair. Whilst the hair styler is warming up, follow some heat safety spray in your hair.
Earlier than you begin curling, make sure to comb your hair with a very good bristle brush. Doing so will come up with a miles better result, but also ensures that all the heat safety spray is well saturated within the hair.

There is a gaggle of additional products you could use to maintain your hair healthful, specifically in case you have a tendency to use hot tools for hair styling. Popular merchandise consists of Keratin and argan oil. Of route, hair remedies need to constantly be in step with your hair type and viable problems you have with your hair, in particular for individuals who follow hair dyes and toners to their hair frequently. Additionally, to provide your hair with an extra line of defense, make certain your waving wand or curling iron has proper temperature control.

classic curling wand

Should I Buy A Hair Curler Or Straightener?

Most people generally tend to have a hair roller as well as a hair straightener. However, it isn’t impossible to twist your hair with a hair straightener. In reality, lots of humans have it right down to great art.
Of route, you will get the higher curls with a waving wand or a curling iron. But if you are finding yourself on finance and can’t have the funds for each proper now, then a good hair straightener also can do a good task.

What Are The Best Curlers For Thick Hair?

There are many hair curlers that provide fantastic effects. Of path, a few hair curlers are better for humans with genuinely thick hair. As you realize, thick hair is tough to curl. But, it isn’t impossible with manufacturers which include Silver Bullet, GHD, and Babyliss Pro.
Every other incredible option for thicker hair, and particularly frizzy hair, is the Silver Bullet Fastlane Curling Wands. This logo of curling wand comes in all styles and sizes, from oval to computerized curling to so-known as kinder curls!
The Silver Bullet Fastlane can be a lower-priced alternative to different top-rated hair curlers however this doesn’t mean it performs any much less. In fact, the effects you may get with the Silver Bullet Fastlane are quite brilliant.
GHD hair curlers also are notable for thicker hair. The brand can provide each conventional curl tongs as well as creative curling wands. They may be in a similar fee variety because of the Silver Bullet Fastlane, which makes them a first-rate mid-range preference for people who don’t mind investing in top exceptional.
And ultimately, the Babyliss Curl secret most fulfilling handles thicker hair beautifully as nicely. This device is surely an automated curler, because of this, it wishes very little enter from you to create the best curls. The Babyliss Curl secret surest additionally comes with three temperature settings, an iconic feature, and an automatic close-off.

Classic Curling Wand

What Size Hair Curler Should I Get?

This relies upon the sort of curls you need. As cited in advance, the dimensions of the curls you may get depend on the scale of the barrels.
For long-lasting curls which can effortlessly be maintained, a barrel length of 2.5 – 3 cm is usual. Large barrel sizes will provide you with looser curls, waves, or mermaid’s hair.
And to make your curls extra special, there’s a full variety of anti-frizz hair products at Hairhouse, especially for curly hair!. So, do now not best use an awesome warmness safety spray, use the proper anti-frizz serum for easy and stunning curls!
in addition to size, you furthermore may want to consider your hair kind. When you have extra delicate hair, have a look at tourmaline or diffuser curling irons and wands for extra even heat distribution that is gentler in your hair.
nevertheless not certain which of our curling wands or curling irons you have to add for the checkout? Have a thorough look at the Hairhouse variety and study certain facts. For every product by clicking on the product name or image.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Curling Wand?

A ceramic curling wand can offer numerous blessings that a preferred clip curling iron cannot, such as the ability to fashion the hair directly on the roots. It also removes the not unusual kinks or tangles that a clip curling iron can create within the hair. The ceramic fabric gives a much less unfavorable form of warmth than its steel opposite numbers do. Further to all of these advantages of a ceramic curling wand, an unmarried device can also offer numerous extraordinary length options relying on the kind used.
One of the important blessings of using a ceramic curling wand is the potential to twist the hair in the direction of the roots. In contrast to a clip curling iron, which is used for wrapping the hair. Across the barrel from the ends up in the direction of the roots, a ceramic curling wand is commonly used by wrapping the hair around the barrel. Starting at the roots and operating right down to the ends, making it less complicated to get the wand as near the roots as viable. Even though this approach is likewise possible with a clip curling iron. The sleek layout of the ceramic curling wand makes it notably less difficult to do.

Classic Curling Wand


Some other high-quality factor of this sort of styling tool is the fact that the hair isn’t always clamped to the barrel. This practically removes the opportunity of unpleasant kinks growing within the hair, presenting a perfectly-fashioned, uniform curl each time. Similarly to this, not being capable of clamping the hair within the wand makes it not likely that it becomes snarled. Within the ceramic curling wand, lowering the probability of excessive damage.
At the same time, any sort of warmth styling clearly damages hair. Ceramic in those merchandise help to reduce the quantity of harm brought on for the duration of the styling system. Ceramic is noticeably powerful at carrying out heat, which helps to cast off warm spots which can singe the hair. It additionally enables one to reap a decent, nicely-shaped curl while leaving the hair in the warmth. For substantially less time than one could with a steel curling wand, additionally lowering damage.
The precise form of a ceramic curling wand makes it viable. For each man or woman product to offer a wide range of barrel sizes. As there may be no clip to work around, many curling wands have removable barrels. That makes it easy to interchange one-of-a-kind sizes. In place of having two to a few distinctive curling irons to gain distinct styles. A ceramic curling wand allows one to have one product with two to three one-of-a-kind barrels to gain identical looks.

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