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Hair straightening at home: 5 Basic steps

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The basics of hair straightening are to know your hair type and to choose straightened according to your hair type and texture. Everyone has a different hair type and texture which makes them precious in their way. These hair types vary from person to person some people have straight hair some have curly hair. When it comes to straightening or styling your hair apart from curly and wavy hair. You will need a hair styling tool and a hair straightener. These are the most important tool you will ever need in your life. Pink Beauty Megastar Flat Iron is the most trustworthy hair straightener to buy for your hair and to avoid any damage to protect hair from frizz. Ironing is a tricky process and needs professional hair styling tools and professional advice.

If you want to get professionally straight hair you should follow several steps.

Before using any type of flat iron you will need to apply a heat-protecting spray or heat-protecting gel. This will keep away your hair from damage and harm. Apply a heat-protecting spray evenly on your hairs then start using the flat iron. First, divide your hairs into sections, and then start straightening hairs from the bottom line. Once you finish the first section then make another section of the hairs and so on.

hair straightening at home with a straightener

Here are some basic steps you should follow to get shiny straight hairs.

Hair oil for hair growth                                                                                                                                                           

Apply oil before taking a shower and massage your hair thoroughly. before showering apply your favorite oil to your scalp and gently massage it for a few minutes wrap your hair with a hot towel. Leave it for about one or two hours and then rinse your hair with lukewarm water. repeat this method once or twice a week.

Oil massage on the scalp acts as an exploiter and removes dead skin cells and reduces scalp redness and irritation. The major benefit of oiling is it reduces hair fall and helps in hair growth. Hot oil massage helps in blood circulation and reduces stress, massage your slowly to avoid any kind of scalp problems                                                 

Hair dry life hack                                                                                                                                                                       

Wait to dry your hair completely and try to avoid rubbing hair with a towel this will damage your hair, let your hair air-dry naturally. If you are using a hairdryer make sure to use cool air instead of hot air. Hot air will dry out natural moister and leave hair extremely dry. Keep the hairdryer at maximum distance and lowest temperature this will cause less damage. Low temperature does not affect the drying process this will take the exact time just the way hot air takes time. 

Hairbrush for healthy hair Combine your hair with the best quality brush and detangle hair gently do not apply pressure on the hair. Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Wait until it’s dry 80 percent then comb it. Wet hairs become more elastic than dry hairs which means that the hair starts stretching and leads to breakage. People who have wavy hair should use a wooden comb or wooden brush. A wooden comb is a great choice to detangle your hair and to avoid damage to get manageable smooth hair. Leave in conditioner best fit for people having wavy hairs this makes their hair shiny and soft.                                                                                                       

 Protection of hair                                                                                     

Some basic protection techniques are;

Thermal Protection spry                                                                                                                                                            This is the most important step you should not skip while straightening your hair. This step will protect your hair from excessive heat and make hair shiny and silky. Thermal protectants act as a barrier between your hairs and the styling tool you are using. Doing this step will lock natural moisture and your hair look smooth. Thermal protectant best works on wet hairs and you can apply it on dry hairs also.

Some thermal protectants are available in a gel form some are available and spry bottles. Apply heat protectant on hair section by section so it can distribute evenly. The use of thermal protection before ironing is important and compromising on this step will damage your hair.

The temperature of the hair straightener                                                                                                                                   

Some people thought that it’s not important to monitor the temperature however optimal temperature is the key to shiny hair and not burning your hair. Usually, people wait to heat the straightener to the highest temperature which leads to extreme damage and the hair becomes dull. Before buying any kind of hair styling tool make sure it has an advanced feature to control the temperature. Heat styling damage can lead to dull hair which is prone to breakage.

Sectioning hair for straightening
It is hard to straighten your hair at once or you take big chunks of hair and continue to straighten it. For best results, you will have to make sections and take them one by one and keep straitening until your hair is completely straight. First straight bottom line hair and then straight crown area hair at last. Doing this hair straightening technique will help to make it easier and will have a long effect on hair.

This was the hair straightening method but when you want to buy the flat iron and styling tool you have to ensure some basic features of straighteners before buying. these features are:

The temperature range in the straightener 

A lot of people are unaware that there is a difference between a local hair straightener and a professional hair straightener. Professional hair styling tools have extraordinary advanced features and specially modify their straightener according to the latest technology. The pink Beauty megastar flat iron is designed professionally and has the latest features which make it futuristic. This flat iron comes with temperature control and you can set the temperature according to your hair texture. Everyone has different kinds of hair which require different temperatures to get the desired straight hair.

Thin Hair straitening ideas

There are two types of hair-thin hair and thick hair both need different temperature ranges. Thin hair required low temperature as compared to thick hair. On the other hand thick hair need a high temperature. This is the main reason flat iron needs to have a temperature control system to work on any kind of hair. Thin hair gets damaged and frizzes more easily rather than thick hair. It needs more care to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Thick Hair tips

Thick hair is a little hard to be straightened as compared to thin hair. Those people who have thick hair set the temperature at a high range and wait until the iron heat completely then start ironing hair. Two to three strokes of iron are enough for thick hair. The styling process of thick hair is done quickly due to the higher range of temperature.

Digital display hair straightening

Pink Beauty megastar flat iron has a digital display that has great visuals and leaves a great first impression. The digital display helps to make every piece of information visible and easy maintenance. This flat iron has a strong gripe so easy to glide on hair and does not produce any kind of friction.

Cool touch hair straightening

Some flat iron distributes heat throughout the iron and it makes trouble to keep the grip on the iron as this starts burning the hand. In this situation, you have to wear gloves to protect your hand from burning. This type of straightening hair just makes the person exhausted. The pick beauty styling tools come with cool touch technology and you keep the strong grip and style your hair the way you want.

Best hair straightening plates

Bad quality plates will leave your hair damaged no matter how much you care for your hair protection. Even if you use heat protection spray this is will not help you. Pink Beauty megastar flat iron is equipped with the highest quality plates which not just straighten you but also keep them frizz-free. Top-quality plates allow heat to distribute equally and reduce the risk of burning your hair and straight hair in a single stroke. its extra-large plates are designed for both thin and thick hair and it is suitable for everyday usage.

Elegant hair clips

pick beauty megastar flat iron comes with black hair clips and keep the hair away from your face while ironing. This special design hair clip does not stick in your hair and remove very easily without breaking your hair. These hair clips have a strong capacity for holding hair and do not make them fall during straightening. This flat iron has two hair clips one for the right side and another for the left side. It is very easy to keep hair in shape and make two separated sections.

Curl hair with a straightener

You can also curl your hair with a flat iron for this all you need is a flat iron and hair clips. Pull your half hair up, twist them, and secure them with the help of a hair clip. This will need a little practice to get stunning curls. Take a small section of hair and put the iron just the way you straighten your hair. Then twist them all the way around now gently pull your hair down through the straightener.

When you curl your right side you have to twist the iron toward your face and then pull them down and on the left side. Twist the iron away from your face and pull them down this will make the curl fall away from your face and this firm your face a little better. Practice it and repeat the procedure to get the desired curls.

Automatic shut-off hair straightening feature

The shut-off feature is uncommon in local brand products however professional hair styling tool comes with an automatic shut-off feature which makes life easier. If you are a forgetful person you do need to be stressed over the pink Beauty hair styling tool because it will shut off automatically after every 30 minutes. Only go for professional hair styling tools they know how to deal with your hair. Pink beauty styling tools do not compromise on safety and try their best to equip the tool with the latest features.
The safety features of the pink Beauty styling tool make them outstanding and have great life-saving technologies.

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