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Hair curling tips and tricks: Beginner-friendly

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Curling hair is not an easy job but some small tips and tricks will make it super easy. If you are a beginner you need to know how to curl yours with minimal effort rather than experimenting on your hair. To curl hair you need to get yourself curling tools that suit your hair and give you the style you want. Curling hair is a tricky method and the right curling tool will not even style your hair but also make your personality attractive.
Remember always try to understand the science behind hair curling and straightening. Once you are familiar with the hair curling method you will be able to do it yourself. First, invest money in the right curling tool and start curling hair in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to waste a crazy amount of money in a salon just to get damaged and frizzy hair at the end.
Some hair styling tools give you desired hairstyle with minimal effort. You just need to choose the right curling tool to make your hair elegant. Some essential tips you should follow to get a satisfactory result and to save time. Here are some basic tips and tricks for beginners to curl hair like a pro.

Protect hair from heat

before using hot tools keep in mind you have to protect your hair from heat. Hair is very sensitive to heat and direct heat damage hair as I mentioned heat protection is really important. heat protectants act as a barrier between hair and heat and protect hair from damage. when you wash hair apply a leave-in conditioner for the best result. You should use heat protection spray or heat protection cream which is easily available in any cosmetic store. Apply a small amount of heat protection cream and then start curling.

Hair curling tool

the second step of hair curling is to pick the right curling tool to avoid problematic situations. The hair curling tool decides your hair curling pattern and everyone looks good according to their hair type. some curling tool is made for short hair some make for long hair. people with short hair go for curling rollers and those who have long and medium-length hair should use a curling iron. Some curling tool makes loose curls and some make tight curls. It depends on you whether you want loose or tight curls. For each type of curl, there are different types of curling tools you have to pick according to your desired hairstyle.

Curl pattern

curling of hair has a wide range of curling from slight wavy to thigh curls. for loose curls choose the large barrel hair curling tool and for tight curls pick a small barrel hair curling tool. there are so many options in the market and you have to pick the correct tool to remember hair styling tool is the key to beautiful hair. When choosing the right curling tool then start curling hair. it starting point when you are about to curl wait for the tool to heat up then go further. once the tool heats up make a section of hair and wrap around it but make sure your hair is completely dry.  

dry your hair

when it is dry when you start curling hair make sure your hair is completely dry. The curling tool only works on dry hair, it needs less time to curl hair almost 2 to 3 seconds for each section of hair. Do not curl hair when the hair is wet this will make your hair very dry. Because all the natural moister will dry out with heat and your hair will look dull. if you want to fasten the procedure dry hair with the help of a dryer. do not heat the dryer to its highest temperature try to keep it on the lowest this will not damage your hair. high heat will dry out all-natural moisture and leave the hair super dry and frizzy. 

Optimal temperature

different temperatures work differently on hair and it is essential to pick the right temperature range for the best results. Everyone’s styling tool comes with temperature control and sets the temperature regarding your hair type. People who have thin hair set the temperature from 150°F to 350°F. Those who have thick hair should set the temperature from 360°F to 400°F. maximum temperature can damage your hair try to use optimal temperature for good results. keep in mind thin hair textures need low temperature and thick hair will set high temperature.  

Make sections of hair

now initiate hair curling and take a small section of hair. Make two-part of hair the upper part and the lower part. Twist the upper part of your hair and secure it with the help of a clip. Leave the lower part open and now take a small section of hair and twist it around the curling wand. Wait for about 3 seconds then slowly put the hair downward. Repeat the process and when you curl the lower sections then go ahead and curl the upper part the same way.

Use hairspray

when you completely curl your hair apply hairspray to it to make the curl long-lasting. hairspray does not affect your curls but this will make your curl last longer and keep your curl in shape. If you have thick hair your curls will regain their original shape after a while. All you have to do is to apply hairspray and this will keep your curls fresh. Take a hairspray make and place your hand it 1 feet distance and apply it on every side of your hand. Do not spray it on your hair root just apply it on hair strands to keep the curl nice and elegant. Applying it to your root directly is not good for hair it may irritate. What were all the tips and tricks for beginners who were not familiar with the process?

Curling iron and curling wand

there are a lot of tools available in the market for styling however each of them has different properties. How you will understand their exact functions and will use them for the exact purpose. Curling iron and curling wand are different styling tools. curling tools have different kinds and different designs. The curling iron has non-identical barrels some have large barrels and some have a small barrel. the market is flooded with the styling tool chosen very carefully. apart from these electrical tools, there is also some heatless tool that makes the same curls. curling rollers are a very popular tool and create heatless curls which is the safer way of styling hair. the hair roller will consume a lot of time. There are two main curling tools you need to know about that. One is a curling iron and the other is an automatic curling wand.

Curling iron

this tool contains long barrels in different structures. some curling iron comes in all shapes in one package. A curling iron has further many other models and has the same design but has different shapes of barrels. This curling tool is one of the best and has many shapes of barrels. if you want to transform your hair this ultimate tool work like a wonder. 

one of the most amazing curling wands is the spiral curling wand. It looks like a bubbly barrel you can curl hair by wrapping hair on the babbles. wait for a few seconds until your hair gains beautiful curls. Repeat the process until you curl hair with this magical tool. wear gloves to protect your hands before using any styling tool. 

  • Barrel 

the barrel curling iron has the same shape throughout the barrel. Its whole is barrel equally shaped and produces curls in one shape. This tool has a really common shape and it is very easy to use you just twist the hair around it and get perfect curls. This type of barrel creates only one kind of curl. With the large barrel, you can create loose curls and with the small barrel, you create tight curls.  

  • Tapered barrel

tapered shape barrel has a wider base and gets narrow at the top it is also known as a conical wand. This is a very versatile tool you could make small and large shape curls. When you wrap hair around the wide base you will get large and loose curls. And when you wrap hair near the top you will get small and tight curls. Large hair curls look voluminous and natural.

hair curling

Automatic curling wand

An automatic curling wand is a great option. If you don’t want to put a lot of effort into hair styling. What you will do to get an amazing curl is to just put a small section of hair in an automatic curling wand. it will automatically wrap your hair around and will release hair when the curl is done. There is no need to wrap hair around it this tool reduces the chance of burning your hand. Some curling iron could burn your hair and it is necessary to wear gloves to avoid any problems. An automatic curling wand uniquely creates curls with minimal effort.

how its works

This is a wireless curling tool that comes with a charger. You have to charge it before using it. When the device charge is complete you can use it now. Once you charge the device you can also charge your phone with it and it is travel friendly this feature is pretty cool. These are the most effortless and instant curls. It helps to create and is also the safest tool which makes the styling peaceful. It can curl your hair in two directions toward your face and away from your face. On the right side of your head curl hair towards your face. On the left side create a curl away from the face. this will firm your hair with your face.

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