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Hair care routine for dry hair

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There are so many tips and techniques to provide moisture to the hair and keep it hydrated. These simple tips will help you to cope with dry hair naturally. We get dry hair because of our unhealthy hair care routine we should add some products. When hair becomes dry it feels very rough and when you comb it you can hear your hair breakage sound. It is because it gets sensitive and frizzy and looks very dull. We damage our hair because of some habits which we do not know that these habits will damage our hair. Such as heat styling, using harsh products, sun exposure, do not use of heat protection, chemical treatments, and much more. this article is the complete hair care routine for dry hair to avoid any problematic situation. 

When you make your hair dry and damaged because of any reason it does not mean that it will last forever. In this article, we will talk about some basic hair products and techniques to make your hair healthy. First, quit all the bad habits and stop following a bad routine of hair care. I’m sure you will take care of your hair but if you do not know exactly what product is best for your hair you are using the wrong products. These products will leave your hair dry, damaged, and frizzy. Here are some basic tips, products, and simple techniques to get healthy, smooth, and shiny hair. You don’t need to use tons of hair care products and waste your entire day to get moisturized hair. You just need to use exact products and techniques to wash your hair. follow our suggestions to get healthy and moisturized hair.

Hair trim

Hair trim will help in any situation if you have dry Hair Curler Style if you have damaged hair if you have spilled ends, even if your hair growth is slow down. Getting a trim is an excellent idea to cop any hair issue. This will fasten hair growth and hair will look healthy and fresh. Go to the stylist and trim your unhealthy hair and you will get fresh and healthy hair. The stylist has experience with hair and asks them if they recommend any hair care routine according to your hair type. They will give you professional advice and stick to the routine they recommend because they suggested a hair care routine for your hair particularly. The stylist’s recommendation is always a professional guideline and its works better than anything.


The vitamin balance in our body is important to keep our body functioning. Our body care is the first step towards healthy life and physical appearance. A healthy lifestyle has a great impact on our physical health and keeps us in balance. Some vitamins are responsible for beautiful Hair Curler Style and skin such as biotin, vitamin C, and vitamin A. We need to focus on these vitamins if we want healthy and beautiful hair. You can eat food that is rich in vitamins. Because the deficiency of it will be harmful to hair. And you can also take a supplement that contains that vital vitamin. specifically, biotin supplements are beneficial for hair.

Marine protein

Apart from supplements, you should add marine protein to your diet. This protein will protect your hair from thinking and thin hair is open lose volume and break easily. Taking supplements or adding this to your diet has the same results but taking protein from natural sources is a decent way to avoid any side effects. Here is some protein you can get naturally from Marine sources such as:

  • Tuna fish
  • Salmon fish
  • Sardines 

Some other sources of protein are:

  • beans
  • Broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • walnut
  • blueberry
Hair wash

It could be harmful to wash hair everyday day and this will affect your natural hair oil balance. Washing hair every day will leave your hair dry and brittle. Because the shampoo we are using contain harsh chemical and wash out the natural oil. Sebum is a natural hair oil that keeps hair smooth and soft if you remove it from your hair every day this will make your hair dry. Also if you are not washing your hair properly the sebum level will increase and the hair will look greasy. So it is important to keep balance in taking a bath you can take bath once or twice a week. Do not over-wash hair and also do not leave dirty hair for too long time.

If you are afraid to get dry hair stop washing hair every day wash it every other day. Through this technique, you are not just preventing hair from getting dry but also you can cope with dry hair with the help of this step.

Don’t let hair air dry

Stop using towels and blow dryer the day your hair this will make it frizzy. The hot air of blow dry absorbs moisture from hair and leaves a dry effect on hair. The towel is made for our body not for hair because it strips the natural oil from hair and maximizes dryness. Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair then sleep with damp hair. But when you are sleeping with damp hair use silk made pillowcase this will reduce hair friction with the pillow and your hair will moisturize till the next hair wash. Do not let your hair air dry try to wrap your hair with a microfiber towel or old tee shirt. If you don’t have a microfiber towel you can also use an old tee shirt and the result will be the same.

Take a break from heat styling

Heat styling can be seriously damaged causing habit and you need to immediately stop doing it. Straitening, curling, or blow-drying hair every day will leave a huge bad impact on hair and this will not only dry your hair. but also damage hair and produce split ends. If you use flap iron or even curling want you need to apply heat protection spray to protect hair from breakage. Or even if you use heat protection this will not help you anyway if you use heat styling tools on daily basis. This will still cause damage and frizz but the use of heat protection may slow down it but this does not mean you will not damage hair.

You need to quit this habit if you want healthy and moisturize hair. Also do not use a blow-dry but if you still want to use it set the blow-dry on cold air. This will style your hair and the clod air and place blow dry 5 inches away from hair this will protect hair from dryness. Because dryness is caused by hot air or heat exposure.

Coldwater shower

As I mentioned that hair dryness and frizz are majorly caused by hot air and hot water or being exposed to heat. A clod shower is a key to moisturizing hair because it locks natural oil in the hair and keeps it moisturized. Hot water strip all the natural moister and leave hair extremely dry. Try to take a cold shower this will refresh hair scalp and reduce dandruff. Also, try to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner this will add extra hydration to your hair. Hot water will not only dry your hair. But also it will dry your entire body and white patches will be seen on your body because of dryness.

Sulfate-free shampoo

The most common chemical which is openly used in shampoo is sulfated. This chemical cleans our hair but those who have naturally dry hair should not use it. This will strip oil from their hair and leave dry hair. Because they wash oil from hair which is the most important for hair to keep them moisturized and hydrated. Sulfate-free shampoo is the basic need of hair to avoid any harmful and bad impact on hair. This will protect dry hair and remove dryness from hair. Also after shampooing deep condition your hair. Deep conditioning helps hair to maintain its original texture and also remove dryness.

Hot oil massage

Oil is excellent for hair growth and thickness and dryness are an open cause because of not using oil on hair. Apply oil on the root to make hair follicles strong and reduce the chance of hair fall and hair thinning. Take your favorite oil and a bowl and heat it in the microwave and apply it to hair this will reduce dryness. You can also heat it on the double boiler method do not heat it directly on the stove. Hot oil massage helps blood circulation and hair growth faster. A few drops of essential oil are enough to make hair grow faster and moisturize.

Also, essential oil does not make hair greasy and instantly absorbed by the hair, and is very lightweight. And there is no need to heat it you can just directly put it on your hand palm and rub both hands and it is ready to use and give the best results.

hair care routine

Coconut oil

This oil is incredible for hair and works on every hair type and texture. This not only makes hair soft but also heals damaged and frizzy hair. This can be seen in a single use of coconut oil. And when you use it repeatedly your hair will look incredible. Also, super soft and smooth. Coconut oil is also known as a natural conditioner and it is very lightweight and does not make hair greasy. Apply oil to your root and hair tips. Leave for a few hours then rinse with the shampoo you will see visible results and keep dry hair hydrated. Coconut oil is easily melted in the microwave or oven in sunlight it will start milting.


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