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Why Green Wedding Shoes is Perfect for Your Big Day

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Green Wedding Shoes – White and green are just perfect. A combination of white wedding dress and green wedding shoes will make the bride look stunning.  Shoes wedding color representing the bride personality.   In psychology, green is the color of harmony, balance and hope. It can also presenting rebirth, renewal and peace. The person who likes green has a warmth personality with people around them. They have a unique and flexible personality. If they choose green as their wedding color, they are nurturing and compassionate, loving them self and people around them.  They hate details, that’s why they need a wedding planner, to take care of details while they plan the big picture of their wedding gonna be.

Green – Color of wisdom

Green is a combination of blue and yellow. It’s mixed between cool colors (blue) and warm colors (yellow). It’s means that green is a balance of peaceful and stable. Too much green has negative impact. Research have shown that person with too much green has a personality like individuals felt lazy, slow and depressed. They have a up and down mood. So, it’s a best decision to pick green as moderate. Mix green in other color in wedding party to make the guests feels comfortable.


A green wedding shoes has a color scheme of visual and mental associations. The difference between  one scheme to another can be totally different meaning and personality. A dark forest green can be so manly, traditional and calm. Imagine that how would it be a hunter in the jungle. A bride with dark forest green must be a person who likes nature and adventure.  In other side,  a lime green has a high level of energy.  A bride with lime green wedding shoes is a loving person. She likes to hang out with friends, and will try the best she can to make the guests comfortable in her wedding.


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